Traffic That Actually Converts

Anyone can increase traffic but few can generate traffic that converts to new revenue for you.

Our proven system results in traffic that converts into new revenue for your business.  That’s because our company starts with understanding your business goals, ideal customer and products, so we know exactly what your customer is searching for on Google.

Other SEO companies focus on only traffic before learning your business resulting in unqualified traffic that does not convert into new revenue for your business.

We are so confident in our proprietary system that we we will return your money if we are not successful.

Who is the Best SEO Agency and SEO Company?


One of the Top SEO Companies and Best SEO Agencies?


who is the best search engine marketing company

Hello! I’m David Freudenberg.

Founder of SEO With David an SEO Company.

One of the Top SEO Agencies.



We will efficiently increase your revenue and market share growth over time by generating search engine optimization traffic that converts. If we are not successful we will return your money.

Why Choose Organic Search Engine’s?

Organic Search Engine Optimization Delivers the Largest ROI Over Time and…

Organic Search Engine Optimization is the Only Channel That Generates Traffic and Revenue When You Stop Investing.

Organic Search Advantage Line Graph

For decades paid advertising has eaten up the majority of brands’ marketing and advertising budgets. The issue with paid ads is over time customer acquisition costs only go up as customers are fatigued by seeing the same advertisements the return on investment goes down. The only solution is to spend more money to display your ads to a new audience or spend more money to change up the ads continuously.

Unlike paid advertising, Organic Search Engine Optimization or SEO lowers your customer acquisition costs over time and the return on investment only goes up over time. Do not allow the short term focus to generate revenue today to torpedo your brand’s long term revenue and market share growth.

Our SEO Process

01 Business Research

02 Create the Customer Journey

03 Content Creation

04 Technical Optimization

05 Earn High Quality Votes

Our top seo company invests tens of hours learning about your brand, customer, and products or services. Doing so ensures the traffic turns into revenue for your business.

Creating the customer journey enables us to reach your customers with Search from the moment they have a problem to the moment they purchase your solution.

Creating SEO optimized content that shows up for the terms your ideal customers are searching at each step of their journey. Focusing on when they are ready to buy from your brand.

Speeding up your website, improving the user experience, and the user interface increases conversion rate, organic traffic, and revenue.

Earning more high quality votes or links is very important. Using our proprietary link building process we earn votes or links from websites where your customer spends their attention.


Other SEO Agencies Processes

Skipping Number 1

Skipping Number 2

03 Content Creation

04 Technical Optimization

05 Earn High Quality Votes

Other SEO Agencies and seo companies skip the first step of business research and go straight into SEO tactics. The issue with skipping this first step and going straight into SEO tactics is that you end up generating traffic that does not convert. If an agency does not understand your business, customer, and products or services then they are not going to generate traffic that converts into new revenue for your brand.

Other SEO agencies and seo companies skip step #2 creating the customer journey and go straight into SEO tactics focused on generating traffic. SEO companies that skip creating the customer journey does not find the terms your customer is searching for on Google they find terms that they think will work. What ends up happening is your traffic goes up and your revenue does not go up.

Creating SEO optimized content that is loosely related to your business. Without the prior steps keyword research is based solely on guess work.

The technical optimizations are solely focused on SEO. Most SEO agencies do not understand how to improve the conversion rate of your website.

90% of SEO agencies “pay for links or votes” which could get your website permanently banned from Google and erase all organic revenue for your business.

What Makes Our SEO Agency Different 

  1. Our Proprietary Search Engine Optimization Process That Increases Your Revenue and Market Share With Search

2. Money-Back Guaranteed

3. Performance-Based Payment Process

What clients say about working with us

What Clients Say About Working With One of the Best SEO Agencies

Read Full Reviews Below

“Good link builder – would use again.” – Alex Cardinal Digital Marketing.


alex membrillo

“We executed a six-month guest post campaign with David and his team. They are very professional, highly responsive to every one of our emails, and knowledgeable about white hat SEO strategies. Our website’s ranking was increased significantly since we started the campaign. They succeeded in ranking our targeted keywords between the 1st and 3rd positions. David’s team reached and many times exceeded the goals (10 live or agreed links). They always welcomed our feedback for improving our strategy along the way.


Furthermore, they hired and successfully managed a team of quality content writers, and they made sure that they followed our company’s standards. I highly recommend their services, and we will continue with a new campaign a few months from now. Thank you very much for everything, David and team.” – Nikos Nereids Aquatic Coaching

Nikos Vasilellis

“He delivers on what he says he’s going to do.” – Dave Martin, CEO and Director of Growth at Nettra Media.

Dave Martin

“David is a hard worker – he gets the job done really well. If you need backlinks, David knows what to do and delivers real results that work. Looking forward to working with him again soon.”

“The amount of experience and the easy-to-digest explanations of the company in explaining concepts were impressive.” – Travis Smith, Social Media & SEO Manager, 7 Eagle Group.

“He either delivers exactly what he promises or beyond what you expected.” 

Case studies and awards

Top SEO Company Case Studies and Awards


seo for swim school

Nereids Aquatic Coaching Case Study

Nereids Aquatic Coaching was Looking to Increase Their Authority Across the Web and Sales Exponentially. Learn How We Scaled Their Organic Search Traffic Through White Hat search engine optimization Link Building Leading to an Average Increase of $1,187,200 in Sales a Year.

seo for cybersecurity

SEO for Cyber Security Companies: How to Increase Organic Clicks by 6,100 in 7 Months

Targeted search engine optimization traffic from search engines where your customer spends their attention online is arguably the most valuable asset to a cyber security company. More so, for cyber security companies considering the majority of their business is generated online. That is why we helped a cybersecurity startup increase organic traffic by 6,100 clicks in 7 months in this cyber security industries notable project.

The best part about this inbound traffic is that the website visitors would like to buy what the Cybersecurity startup is selling, which leads to a lower cost per acquiring a customer, a higher conversion rate, and a larger return on investment.  

Even more, the search engine optimization traffic is coming directly from Google Search, which means that after the Cybersecurity startup stops paying us, the traffic will continue to go to their site and purchase Cybersecurity services. 

Now before we get into the search engine optimization methods, we must understand the principles. To generate this traffic, it required us to get creative and think outside of the box. The best search engine optimization method for coming up with new ideas is the Technique for Producing Unique Ideas.


#1 seo company for b2b

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex process requiring several specialized teams to think strategically. It often raises eyebrows when they discover that SEO With David’s agency is a freelance enterprise. There are many questions about whether this kind of operation can fly.


All those questions are quickly answered because SEO With David’s agency has just been named one of the top B2B service agency’s in Florida by Clutch.

seo for business coaches

Buildapreneur Case Study

The following Buildapreneur search engine optimization Link Building Case Study outlines the exact processs and strategies we executed to scale Buildapreneurs organic search traffic, increased their online sales by 854% and gave them a 3,333% return on their investment.

seo for cbd companies

cbdMD Link Building Case Study

Publicly Traded Company Lacking Behind Their Competitors In search engine optimization Traffic. Learn how we scaled their organic traffic solely from White Hat Link Building by 65% in 3 months.

Our Agency Has Been Seen In

David Freudenberg
A Little About Our Search Marketing Agency and Me

A Little About our SEO Agency and Me


Unlike other search engine optimization agencies and marketing services, our top seo company is focused on increasing lead quality and revenue while lowering the cost per acquiring a customer. I am committed to growing your business through search engine optimization results that achieve high-level goals. All too often, the so-called “seo expert” or “link builder” is too focused on vanity metrics that are not aligned with the high-level business goals of their client.  

Which is how our search digital marketing agency sets itself apart from other seo companies in the internet marketing space during our SEO agency jobs. Every step of our search digital marketing agency and link building marketing process is focused on leading your customer to buy more of what you are selling more efficiently to achieve your high-level business goals.


Our SEO Services

Our SEO Services

  • SEO Marketing Strategy
  • OffPage SEO Link Building marketing
  • On-page SEO marketing 
  • Keyword Research marketing 
  • Links and Amplification marketing 
  • SEO Content Marketing

Our Step By Step SEO Marketing Process

Our Step by Step SEO Marketing Process
Our agency finds what your customer or target audience is searching Google Search. Then our agency determines which search terms directly increase sales the fastest.


Next, our agency creates content to rank for the terms your customer is searching for to buy what you are selling.

Our agency optimizes that content for Google. That way, it shows up when your customer searches for it on Google.

Next, our agency optimizes your website. When your ideal customers visit your website, it gives them a wonderful experience. It guides them to buy what you are selling.

Lastly, our agency earns high-quality votes for your website. Remember, it is not the number of votes but the quality of votes our agency earns.

A vote in Google’s eyes is a link or a highlighted blue text like this the more high-quality links your website has; the more Google will trust your website. As Google trusts your website more, your website’s traffic will increase. Ultimately, traffic turns into sales. Now our agency must earn quality links.

Google has specific guidelines on earning links. The wrong kinds of links could result in your website being permanently banned from Google and losing all traffic and sales.

Using our agency process, our agency earns links from websites where your customer already spends their attention on Search. These links are very high quality, and once our agency earns them for your website, our agency cannot earn them for another website. This means Google will trust these links because they were earned and not purchased using money.

our search marketing firms deliverables broken up into stages

Here are our search marketing firm’s deliverables broken up into stages:

business research on your firm

Business Research on Your Firm

  • Our agency creates a Brand Strategy on your firm
  • Determine the type of purchase your customers make when they purchase from your firm. Considered or impulse?
  • Determine the length of the sales cycle for your firm.
  • What are the CAC costs for your company?
  • What is the average order value at your company?
  • What is the lifetime value of a customer for your company?
  • What is the average conversion rate or closing rate for your company?
  • Is the company b2b, b2c, or both?
Great SEM Product or Service Research

Great SEM Product or Service Research

Top SEO Positioning Statement

  • Our agency creates the Unique Selling Proposition Marketing for your Company


  • Our agency creates the Product or Service Ideation Used for Search Made for Your Company
customer research

Customer Research

  • Your customers’ journey and buying process


  • Creating your ideal customer profile.
Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

  • Compare your company’s search marketing content to your competitors’ company search marketing content.


  • Digital domain comparison marketing against competing companies’ domains


  • Analyze your brand’s web search marketing user experience to increase conversion results from Search


  • Analyze other companies’ best search marketing target audience segments in your industry 


  • Analyze your competition’s marketing Call to Actions (CTAs) and customer journey marketing funnel to identify areas of marketing improvement and marketing differentiation 


  • Analyze your competition’s Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) and marketing positioning statements
Keyword Research

Keyword Research

  • Using the marketing customer journey and buying process that we created to research and choose marketing keywords that directly lead to sales


  • Research and choose marketing keywords that indirectly lead to sales and educate your customer on their journey to stay top of mind when ready to convert. Marketing keywords that indirectly lead to sales typically are used in blog content creation.


  • Determine your marketing search traffic tier to create content that ranks number 1 quickly for the marketing search keywords that we choose


  • Create marketing search topic clusters depending on your marketing search traffic tier to be the authority on the topic
Search intent

Align Content with Search Intent

The search intent is what Google uses to provide the best search result based on why the searcher is using the Google Search Engine for the answer. Your content must match search intent to rank higher in the Google Search Engine. It is important to align search intent with your customers’ journey from a business perspective. You do not want irrelevant marketing traffic from the Google Search Engine that will not convert. To maintain that the marketing traffic converts, we focus on aligning the searchers intent on the Google search engine with your customers’ journey.

How We Evaluate and Measure the Quality of the Traffic

How We Evaluate and Measure the Quality of the Traffic

Within your customers’ journey, there are two sets of marketing funnels. The top of the marketing funnel consists of educational, informational, and helpful content. The bottom of the funnel consists of marketing that is sales driven to convert more users into paying customers and clients. Reaching your customer at every stage of their marketing journey is important from the top of the marketing funnel to the bottom of the marketing funnel, which is why our agency creates both types of content.



However, this is where another seo agency may go wrong. Another seo agency may measure both the top of the marketing funnel and the bottom of the marketing funnel content by the new sales they have driven. Measuring the top of the marketing funnel and the bottom of the marketing funnel by sales is the fastest way to fire your seo agency.


Unlike another seo agency, our agency measures the top of the marketing funnel content differently than the bottom of the marketing funnel content. The top of the marketing funnel content is measured based on engagement metrics such as bounce rate, time on page, marketing conversions such as email newsletter signups, and pages per session.


The bottom of the marketing funnel content is sales-driven which is why we measure it based on sales metrics such as the number of sales-qualified leads, revenue, visits to lead captures or the cart, and anything else directly relevant to monetary value for your business.

Landing Page Optimization (If Needed)
Landing Page Optimization (If Needed)

Landing Page Optimization (If Needed)

  • Rewriting and reoptimizing the marketing product pages and the marketing landing pages
blog content creation

Blog Content Creation

  • # of marketing blog posts needed per month
differentiate meta titles to boost search

Differentiate Meta Titles to Boost Search CTR

One of the fastest wins you could do to increase your business’s traffic, conversions, and revenue is to boost your organic click-through rate. Keep in mind that this only works if you already have organic marketing traffic from the Google Search Engine coming to your site. Even more, the organic marketing traffic needs to be coming from your ideal customer profile, ideally from the bottom of the funnel marketing content.



Click-through rate is the rate at which your website is being clicked organically on the Google Search Engine. Increasing your organic click-through rate on the Google Search Engine increases your website’s organic traffic. An increase in organic traffic from your ideal customer profile through the bottom of the funnel content increases your revenue immediately.

Page Experience and Website Speed Optimization

Page Experience and Website Speed Optimization

  • Changing the digital search engine hosting plan to our digital search engine hosting provider


  • Optimizing digital search engine images


  • Setting up marketing internal linking structure of the digital website.
Off-page SEO and Link Building

Off-Page SEO and Link Building

  • Marketing search engine content ideation
  • Marketing search engine email sequence ideation includes copywriting.
  • Marketing inbox management
  • Guarantee of the number of live or agreed on links
  • All marketing content creation included
How We Evaluate the Authority of the Links

How We Evaluate the Authority of the Links

Marketing and Business Relevancy –



The most important qualifier is that the websites we earn links on the Google Search Engine are relevant to your business and share your ideal customers’ as their audience. We focus on earning links from websites on the Google Search Engine that are relevant to your website and share your ideal customer profile. 


As an example, hypothetically, let’s say you own a shipping software company, and your ideal customer profile is an e-commerce company that ships lots of products. In this case, we may reach out to industry media websites that have e-commerce companies as their target audience. Perhaps we may reach out to packaging companies that work with the e-commerce companies on labels and packaging. The benefit is when we earn links from websites that share your ideal customer profile; those links drive targeted referral traffic that could purchase what your business is selling.


Marketing Quality of Content –


We ask ourselves whether these websites are publishing high-quality content at this stage.

Your brand is important, and where your brand is being shown, your ideal customers will associate these websites with your brand. For this reason, we are only looking for websites that publish high-quality content tailored to your ideal customers. 


Marketing Site Traffic –

Are these websites receiving site traffic from the Google Search Engine? From an SEO perspective, they must be real legitimate websites receiving organic search engine traffic to avoid being banned by Google. The links back to your website must receive click-throughs from the traffic from a business perspective. Over time your business converts those clicks into new revenue.


Ranking for Marketing Keywords –


You do not want links from websites that are not generating search engine traffic. Websites that generate irrelevant search engine traffic from keywords that are not relevant may be doing so to manipulate the Google Search Engine. Earning links from websites that manipulate the Google Search Engine could result in your website being permanently banned from the Google Search Engine and you losing all your revenue and sales. 


Websites that generate search traffic from irrelevant keywords may be doing so to sell links or use the website in a Private Blog Network. Buying links to manipulate Google Search or earning a link to your website from a website in a Private Blog Network could result in your website being permanently banned from Google Search. 


Quality of Digital Search Links –

Remember, websites with more high-quality votes meaning higher quality links are worth more than websites with lower quality votes. When we earn links to your website, we check the links that are pointing to the website where your links are coming from to ensure they are high quality.


Earning links from websites that are participating in link schemes on Search or breaking Google’s Search Guidelines could result in your website being permanently banned from Google Search and losing all revenue. For this reason, we must check the quality of the links pointing to the website before we earn links from that website.


Our company prides itself on developing personal, responsive communication with our clients. Each of our clients is given a day that works best for them each week to call us and talk about the campaign. Our team sends email updates on what we have achieved each week every Friday to our clients. 


Over time our team sends detailed reports in Google Search Console and Google Analytics measuring the search results of the campaign in real business value. The main benefit of an SEM campaign is lowering customer acquisition costs and increasing the ROI of the lifetime value of your customer. Over time our team demonstrates how we lower your customer acquisition costs and increase ROI on the lifetime value of your customer in detailed search reports using Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Who is the best seo digital marketing company

Who is the Best SEO Digital Marketing Company?

The best sem agency starts its marketing campaigns on the Google Search Engine with a strong marketing strategy for your company and your high-level business goals. Most search marketing services start with generating marketing traffic which is why many search engine marketing services underperform and do not meet expectations. The issue with your digital marketing company focusing on marketing traffic over strategy is that they generate marketing traffic that does not reach your ideal customer at each step of the buying process and does not fit your business goals. Unlike other search marketing agencies, our search engine marketing agency focuses on learning about your business, customer, product or services, and high-level business goals before digital optimization.
How to Identify an SEO Expert That is Not Being Honest

How to Identify an “SEO Expert” That Is Not Being Honest

An “SEO Expert” or digital marketing agency that is not honest will make claims they cannot back up. Search engine optimization is a process that takes time. A digital marketing agency is promising you first-page results are lying.


The reality is that ranking number 1 on search engines is something nobody, not even a digital marketing agency, knows how long it will take. We could tell you that our sem digital marketing agency will increase your traffic, leads, revenue, and market share over time using search engine marketing.

How to Identify a US Link Building Company That Is Not Being Honest

How to Identify a US Link Building Company That Is Not Being Honest

Many link building freelancers and link building services guarantee that links go live in a set time frame. Our link building service is here to set the record straight that these link building freelancers and link building services are performing black hat off-page seo.



Guaranteeing links go live in a set time frame is impossible when you reach out to real websites that you have no control over. These are real businesses, media websites, nonprofits, organizations, universities, and blogs with a laundry list of priorities. Often, linking to your website is toward the bottom of their priority list. 


This is why it takes time for these websites to link to you, and it is why it is not possible to guarantee links will go live in a set time frame. Often these link building freelancers are paying for the links, which will lead to your website being banned by Google long term. Ultimately, our goal is to get these websites to agree to link to you and follow up with them until they do. If the links are rejected, we will replace them for free. 


In about 80% of cases, 5-10 links go live every 2-3 months. The more links we earn, the more links go live over time. This is what we call the compounding effect of off-page seo and is why SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a long term strategy.

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency You Can Trust

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency You Can Trust

The number 1 challenge in the search engine optimization industry is the shady work and expectations a digital marketing agency may set with their clients. Do not trust a digital marketing agency that is not focused on learning about your business, customer, and product or service.



 Often a digital marketing agency will make guarantees that are not realistically attained without breaking Google’s Guidelines. When a digital marketing agency performs work on your website that do not follow Google’s Guidelines, this jeopardizes your business reputation. 


Receiving a penalty from Google Search could lead to the end of your website and small business. This means that Google Search will stop showing your website in the search results, and as a result, your website will lose all traffic and sales. Unfortunately, often a digital marketing agency in the search engine optimization industry are misleading their clients.

Our Entire SEO Process for Off Page Link Building

Our Entire Process for Off-Page SEO Link Building

Our digital marketing agency separates your business from your competition to generate lead quality and revenue increases while lowering the cost per acquiring a customer.



Our digital marketing agency does this by figuring out what is unique about your business and valuable to other businesses, nonprofits, universities, media outlets, governments, organizations, and blogs in helping them reach their ultimate goal.


Then our digital marketing agency determines where your customer spends their attention online, which businesses do your customers shop at, which nonprofits they are involved in, which blogs they read, which media outlets they read, which organizations they are part of, etc.


Using our digital marketing services, we reach out to those websites where your customer spends their attention online, intending to use what is unique about your business to help those websites reach their ultimate goal. By doing so, we earn placements from these websites, which leads to more traffic, higher quality leads, and increases in revenue for your business over time.

If we are not successful, we will give you your money back. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

which company is best for seo

Which Company is Best for SEO?

SEO With David is the best search engine optimization marketing agency. Our team is the only search engine optimization company that increases your revenue and market share by creating your customer’s journey with Search.

What is the Best Search Engine Optimization Marketing Company?

Suppose you are looking for a firm that really knows what they are doing. Not just says they know what there doing but shows no results for their work while taking up your time and money. Then SEO With David is the top search firm and seo company because we have a money-back guarantee. If we do not do what we say we will do, we will return your money.

Do you Use Rank Tracker Tools?

Do you Use Rank Tracker Tools?

Yes, we use some of the best rank tracker tools to track output and outcome-based KPIs for your reports. For keyword rank tracking and free SEO audit reports an rank tracking tool could come in handy for expert SEO ranker’s.  Rank tracking tools are not a silver bullet for results. They are software tools to support the development of your digital ranking and improve your site using analytics.

do you do influencer and social media marketing

Do you Do Influencer and Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing and influencer marketing capabilities are not what we focus on. Our agency is strictly focused on increasing your revenue and market share by creating your customer’s journey with Search not social media marketing. If you are looking to increase revenue using social media marketing, we are not the agency for you. Since we do not focus on social media marketing. Some web design companies offer social media marketing but not us.
what is link building? And why is it so important?

What is Link Building? And Why is it Important?

Link building is arguably the number 1 factor in getting more customers to buy what you are selling organically on Google Search. Unlike Google Search Ads, when you increase traffic organically from Google Search, your website will still receive the traffic if you stop paying.  

Link builders and link building services are responsible for earning these links or votes from other websites to your website. Each link to your website is a vote in Google’s eyes that your website is worthy of more traffic. Unlike a political election, it is not the number of votes that matters but the quality of these votes.


The more votes your website has from authoritative, relevant websites, the higher your website will be on Google.

What are the Advantages of an SEO Service Compared to Advertising Campaigns


What are the Advantages of an SEO Service Compared to Advertising Campaigns

What are the Advantages of an SEO Service Compared to Advertising Campaigns?

Advertising campaigns are highly effective in generating increases in leads and revenue over the short term. The challenge is that a business online has to continue to pay to advertise to receive leads and revenue.



Over time advertising costs using a digital marketing agency often increase. Lead quality often decreases over time as consumers receive “ad fatigue” this means what did work before in advertising no longer works now. Top SEO companies know that SEM marketing is a long term strategy. The best SEO companies require a minimum of a six-month commitment to see results.


Unlike a social media marketing advertising campaign, once seo work starts seeing results, your website will continue to receive leads and revenue even if you stop paying for sem marketing work. Leads generated from search rankings using SEO often convert higher than advertising. 

This is why SEO companies, the best link building freelancers and the best link building services doing sem marketing work search engines love is so important to a business online. Achieving results from SEM searching rankings increases the quality of leads because customers trust your business more when they know you are not paying for advertising. The constant desensitization of advertising to the common consumer has resulted in a drastic decrease in ROI from google ads marketing.

 Unlike social media marketing ads, organic SEO link building services increase ROI over time because customers trust your business with their money when they know you earned a spot at the top of Google and did not buy it.

What is onpage SEO?

What is On Page SEO?

On-page SEO is the process of creating content that is optimized for a search engine. This means making optimizations so search engines understand what your page is about and make your page show up on Google for what your customer is searching. Without quality on-page SEO, Google will not understand what your page is about. Your website will not show up for what your customer is searching for.



This is why laying the foundational work by optimizing content is crucial before earning links. Otherwise, we are earning links or votes to your website to increase traffic from searches your customer is not searching. Once the content is optimized, rest assured that when you hire the best marketing link builder to earn these votes, your website will receive increases in traffic from searches that your customer is searching for to buy your product or service.

Could You Help Us With On Page SEO?

Although our agency is focused on high-quality link building in cases where our clients have not performed keyword research and page optimization, our SEM agency team of highly qualified writers can help by performing keyword research and page optimization to support results.

Do you do Monthly Reports

Do You Do Monthly Reports?

Our reporting is focused on the deliverables that we agree to and measuring the results of those deliverables over time on high-level business goals using analytics. We report weekly on the deliverables and work that we have completed and offer to schedule a day where we could speak on the phone as often as possible about anything you would like.


Additionally, over time we report on increases in organic clicks, organic impressions, organic rankings, increases in leads, and revenue using analytics.


How much do backlinks cost

How Much Do Backlinks Cost?

Our team does not pay for backlinks. We earn backlinks for free. Our services start at around $3,500 to guarantee at least ten live or agreed-on links, all content creation, copywriting, inbox management, and email marketing included features. Backed by a money-back guarantee that says if we cannot earn at least ten live or agreed-on links, we will give you your money back. Recently we put together a full breakdown of the average cost of seo for small business here.

Include Services and Deliverables

Included Services and Deliverables. Specifically –



  • Brand Strategy for Your Business
  • Product or Service Ideation and optimization
  • Customer Profile of Your Customer
  • Buying Process of Your Customer
  • Customer Journey
  • Keyword Research and optimization
  • Researching and choosing keywords that will directly lead to sales
  • Researching and choosing keywords that will directly lead to sales to use in blog content creation
  • Blog creation and page optimization [if needed]
  • Landing page optimization [if needed]
  • Page Experience and Website Speed Optimization [if needed]
  • Setting Up Internal Linking Structure Integrations of the Website
  • Content Ideation Development
  • The Best Link Building Service
  • Content Ideation optimization
  • Email sequence ideation includes copywriting
  • Inbox management and development
  • Guarantee of at least 60 live or agreed on links
  • Great Data tracking and research
  • All content creation included

What Does the Money Back Guarantee Mean?

What Does the Money Back Guarantee Mean?

The money-back-guarantee means that we will give you the money back if we do not deliver the deliverables outlined in our agreement.

Do you require a long term link building agreement

Do you require a long term link building agreement?

Working with us is a long-term commitment which means we could not expect to see growth after months one, two, or three. On average, we see the most growth after months 6, 7, and 8.

Stopping the campaign early, we will lose the compound effect of our completed work in months 1, 2, and 3. The reason being is that it takes time for Google to find your website, figure out what your website deserves to rank for on Google and trust your website with more traffic.

Link building the process of earning the links or votes to your website takes time too. We are reaching out to real businesses, blogs, nonprofits, universities, organizations, and media websites during our link building efforts. Each of these websites has a busy schedule, and we are often not their number 1 priority. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that the links go live in a certain amount of time or at all.


However, we could guarantee that we will get these websites to agree to publish content on their website and link back to your website in the article or agree to link to existing content on your website.

what is the difference between white hat link builders and black hat link builders

What is the Difference Between White Hat Link Builders and Black Hat Link Builders?

The line is blurred between white hat and black hat link builders due to massive misinformation campaigns by black hat link builders. These companies mislead their clients to believe they are earning white hat backlinks when in reality, they are manipulating websites to earn backlinks. When link builders and freelancers use black hat tactics, this could result in your site being permanently banned from Google, losing all traffic and sales.


To protect your site’s reputation, you need to know the signs to look out for when hiring a link builder or freelancer to do link building.

Signs a Black Hat Link Builder is Misleading You
Signs a Black Hat Link Builder is Misleading You –
  • They have an inventory of websites for you to choose from. This is impossible in white hat link building because a white hat link builder does not own the websites or pay for links. For this reason, it would be impossible to guarantee link placements on any site. 


  • They do not follow Google’s search engine guidelines.


  • They are focused on seo metrics such as Domain Rating, Domain Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, etc. We do not focus on metrics such as DA (Domain Authority), DR (Domain Rating), TF (Trust Flow), CF (Citation Flow), or any other Page Rank imitator 3rd party metrics. 


These metrics are not used by Google to evaluate links and are not qualified to determine the authority of a website or a link. Third-party metrics came about after PR or Page Rank from Google was discontinued.


In no way, shape or form are these metrics related to the former algorithmic system Page Rank developed by Google to determine the authority of a website or link. In the past, we focused on DR and DA for our links; however, we found that many link and content farms use these metrics to sell links.


In addition, we found that we missed real valuable targets. In one case, we found a site with a DR of 0 and a million site traffic from real relevant keywords. If we were to focus on DR, we would have missed this valuable target. We do not focus on metrics such as DR, DA, TF, or CF for these reasons.


Our main qualifier metrics for a successful link building campaign are as follows:

Relevancy – The more relevant the target, whether directly or indirectly to the site we are reaching out from, the better.
Quality of Content

Quality of Content

Is the website pushing out high-quality content that lacks spelling errors and is comprehensive? Is this content actually ranking for real keywords that are relevant to the website? If the answers to these questions are yes, the website passes our test.

site traffic

Site Traffic

We focus on earnings links from sites with a minimum of 1000 ST (Site Traffic) or more. We do not only include sites with 1,000 ST or more because we consider the other factors listed above and below when qualifying a site. The site traffic must be real relevant site traffic, not site traffic coming from ranking for bogus irrelevant keywords or bots.

Ranking for Keywords

Ranking for Keywords

We target sites that are ranking well for real relevant keywords. No Link Farms. No Private Blog Networks. No Content Farms. Link farms, content farms, and private blog networks are manipulative black hat link-building strategies that could lead to your website being permanently banned by Google. Every website that we reach out to has to be ranking for keywords relevant to their website. If the website ranks for bogus and irrelevant keywords, then the website will not be added.


Quality of Links

Quality of Links – 

We focus on sites with high-quality links pointing to their website, and they do not link out to just anyone. The qualifiers above are the main metrics we look at when evaluating targets; however, we also look at several other small qualifiers.

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