Arizona Dispensary Internet Marketing

Arizona Dispensary Internet Marketing

The Truth on SEO and Digital Marketing for Arizona Cannabis Dispensaries on the Az Web

Is getting new cannabis customers, cannabis clients, and cannabis sales to your Arizona dispensary challenging?
Isn’t Spending on Advertising your Cannabis Dispensary in AZ Only to Have Your Cannabis Industry Ad Accounts Shut Down Hurting Cannabis Business Growth?
Wouldn’t investing in a proven SEO digital marketing system for your Arizona Marijuana Dispensary Website Increase Your Cannabis Business and Revenue Growth?

Now Introducing SEO Digital Marketing That Actually Converts for Marijuana Dispensaries and Businesses

Any Marijuana Internet SEO Service Can Increase Traffic for Cannabis Businesses.



Still, few can generate cannabis market traffic that converts to new Revenue for Cannabis Businesses.

Our proven SEO digital marketing service results in cannabis traffic that converts into new cannabis customers and clients for businesses like yours. That’s because our marijuana marketing services start with understanding your business goals, ideal customer, and products, so we know exactly where your customer is online and how to reach them using digital marketing.


Other marketing services focus on only SEO marketing traffic and technical marketing details before learning about your business resulting in unqualified SEO marketing traffic that does not convert into new cannabis revenue for your cannabis business. If our team of cannabis dispensary SEO digital marketing experts is not successful, we will return your money.

Why Do Arizona Dispensaries Need SEO Digital Marketing?

Allow us to enlighten you on the unfortunate realities of the cannabis industry. The unfortunate reality for businesses in the cannabis industry is that almost every major social media and advertising platform considers marijuana a drug and bans all advertising of cannabis marijuana on their platform. Yes, even CBD products are banned or restricted to the point of marketing being useless on every major online and offline platform. 


If that wasn’t a big enough mountain to get over, the FDA and FTC strictly regulate cannabis, CBD, and marijuana throughout the USA. On a local level, AZ has strict regulations for starting dispensaries which have driven up costs and made acquiring cannabis licenses challenging. 


SEO marketing is the solution to these unfortunate realities within the cannabis industry. SEO marketing is a digital cannabis marketing service that decreases costs while increasing revenue and profit margins. SEO marketing is one way that has a near-infinite ROI because all Revenue and traffic earned from your digital investment in SEO marketing continues after your business stops investing in SEO marketing. There are no restrictions or bans on advertising your cannabis business using SEO marketing. 

What is SEO Cannabis Marketing for a Dispensary?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a proven form of media marketing on major search engines like Google that is not restricted by any laws for your business. Over 93% of medical marijuana and marijuana consumers use online search engines like Google to find marijuana products and services from a business like yours. There are the paid search results and the organic search results on search engines.

Paid Search Results

Paid Search Results

The paid search results only make up 6% of all clicks on search engines, and the paid advertising services in the paid search results ban the promotion of cannabis. Even if you could advertise in the paid search results, the moment you stop advertising is when all traffic and Revenue stops for your business. The costs of paid advertising in search engines only go up over time on average 15% a year for search ads, and the Google Ads cost per lead has increased in 91% of all industries year over year. 

Organic Search Results

organic search results

Organic search results make up 94% of all clicks on search engines and more than 50% of all internet traffic. The only way to gain exposure to the organic search results is by earning exposure using a process called cannabis seo. Unlike the paid search results, the traffic and revenue your business earns using cannabis SEO continue for your business even after you stop investing in weed internet marketing services.


Nearly 46% of all Google searches are local searches, and 88% of cannabis consumers who do a local search on their smartphone visit or call the store they find within the same day. You must be the first option on Google when your ideal customers search for cannabis near them. Otherwise, your ideal customers will call or visit another store. 


On average, 78% of location-based mobile cannabis searches convert to an in-store purchase from your dispensary. Showing up when your ideal customer searches are the difference between making a sale and not. Failing to invest in local SEO means your ideal customers will purchase from another store instead of yours. 

What is Digital Marketing for a Cannabis Dispensary in AZ?

Think of digital marketing as all digital marketing and advertising, like email marketing, conversion rate optimization web design, social media, and other services. SEO alone can grow your business, but it is better when you use multi-channel marketing that combines SEO with other forms of digital marketing. Even more than that, with a strong marketing and sales strategy implementing these marketing services and tactics, will be more effective. 

What Makes Our Way Proven to Get Results for Dispensaries

  1. Our proven local SEO process and marketing services generate new users, which actually converts into new Revenue for your team.

2. Digital marketing money-back guarantee.


  1. Performance-based digital marketing payment process.

4. Proven local SEO marketing and sales strategy for your website proven to inform you exactly on your ideal repeat customers, how to reach them (even outside of SEO), and how to make your ideal customers an offer they cannot refuse.

5. Proven conversion rate web design analysis industry system increases your conversion rate and average order value.

6. Proven SEO positioning statement for your website proven to help you clearly understand other businesses in your Industry, how you can stand out from other businesses in your Industry, and focus on what makes your products and services better than the competition in your Industry.

  1. Proven SEO unique selling proposition for your website that is proven to convert new customers. Your unique selling proposition promises what your competitors cannot or do not offer, making your products or services the best ideal choice for your customers.
  1. Proven SEO ideal customer profile for your website proven to focus your marketing and sales efforts on your best customers that are most likely to buy from you now.
  1. Proven SEO customer journey for your website is proven to map the best steps your ideal customers take as they interact with your brand, starting with their first encounter and ending with the sale.

10. Proven business marketing and advertising medium channels that are proven to increase your LTV and AOV while decreasing your costs.

More Frequently Asked Questions By Cannabis Businesses on the Web

How Many Dispensaries are in Arizona?

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, there are 143 active dispensary licenses in the state, of which 124 are currently open for business.

How Do I Start a Dispensary in Arizona 2023?

Currently, the state is not offering any new licenses, so you would have to purchase an existing license for around $5 to $10 million. However, the state has recently opened a social equity program for those negatively affected by the war on drugs to obtain a new license. To qualify for the social equity dispensary license, 51% of your company’s ownership must meet one of these requirements:


  • Household income lower than 400% of the federal poverty level in at least 3 of the last 5 years


  • Has been convicted of a crime related to marijuana in Arizona


  • It is closely related to someone convicted of a crime related to marijuana in Arizona.


  • Has lived at least 3 of the last five years in an area disproportionately affected by enforcement of marijuana laws in Arizona (these areas to be identified by the state in September 2021


You are not eligible for a social equity license if you have been convicted of a violent felony or have violated state or federal controlled substance laws that would not have been legal under the new state law and completed your sentence within the past ten years. 


Arizona’s Department of Health Services recently released a statement that they may issue new medical marijuana licenses in February or March of 2023. For medical marijuana dispensaries, you would have to be registered as a non-profit and subject to specific laws for operating a medical marijuana dispensary. 

How Much Money Do You Need to Start a Dispensary in Arizona?

Applying for a license costs $25,000 for the non-refundable application fee and a $5,000 annual renewal fee. On top of all the other stringent guidelines, you could be looking at anywhere from $1 million to $10 million to open a dispensary in the state. 

How Much Does a Dispensary License Cost in Arizona?

There is a $25,000 non-refundable application fee and a $5,000 annual renewal fee to obtain a license in the state.

How Do Dispensaries Advertise?

The foundation of a dispensary’s advertising is built on a strong marketing and sales strategy combined with SEO, email marketing, SMS marketing, and social media marketing is an effective multi-channel strategy. Local event marketing and direct mail could be effective advertising tactics to consider as well.

What are Some Dispensary Marketing Ideas?

There are many different dispensary marketing ideas, but the best way to grow a dispensary is by using SEO which has a near-infinite ROI over time.