Best Marijuana SEO Company

​Best Marijuana SEO Company

One of the Best SEO Companies for Cannabis SEO


Has revenue growth and profitability become a challenging hurdle for your cannabis business?


Isn’t spending on marketing services that are not converting affecting revenue growth?


Wouldn’t investing in Cannabis SEO that converts help improve revenue growth?

Introducing SEO That Actually Converts Into Revenue

Any Marijuana SEO Company Can Increase Traffic to you. Still, Few Can Generate Traffic 

That Converts to New Revenue for You.

Our proven cannabis SEO system results in cannabis traffic that converts into new cannabis revenue for your business. That’s because our cannabis SEO company starts with understanding your business goals, ideal customer, and products, so we know exactly what your cannabis customer is searching for on Google.


Other cannabis SEO companies focus on only SEO traffic before learning about your business resulting in unqualified SEO traffic that does not convert into new cannabis revenue for your business. If our marketing agency is not successful, we will return your money. No matter if you are located in NYC or anywhere in the world.

SEO With David Was Named One of the Best Marijuana SEO Companies By Best Marijuana Guide

What is Cannabis SEO?


Are you getting in front of your ideal customers less than you would like?


Is every marketing and advertising tactic banned or restricted to the point that it does not work?

The truth is that you have tried everything, and everything you have tried has had little or no success.


  • TikTok is Banned.


  • Snapchat is restricted to the point of being useless.


  • Instagram is banned.


  • Facebook is banned.


  • Google Ads are banned and restricted


You may have had some success with events, trade shows, and direct mail, but your revenue growth has hit a wall you cannot break through. Your business needs new cannabis customers at the lowest cost to continue profitable revenue growth. 


What if we told you there is a marketing and advertising tactic that delivers a near-infinite ROI that is not banned or restricted.


That solution is cannabis SEO which to some may seem like black magic. Still, it is both an art and a science when you have a good SEO agency with a proven process that converts.


Don’t you think investing in Cannabis SEO that converts may improve revenue growth?


For cannabis businesses that are not familiar with SEO, it is an acronym for search engine optimization, which delivers a near-infinite ROI by selling your cannabis products over time. Search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo banned paid digital marketing of medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, and cannabis on their platforms. However, paid search results only make up 2% of all clicks on Google, and 98% of all clicks go to the organic search results.

Paid Search Results

Paid Search Results

Even if businesses in the cannabis industry could pay to promote cannabis in the paid search results, their costs would only increase yearly; on average digital marketing costs on a search engine like Google increase 15% yearly for search ads and 75% yearly for display ads. The moment cannabis companies stop spending on Google is when all their traffic and revenue stop from the paid search results. Only 15% of all website traffic on the internet comes from paid search results across every industry. 

Organic Search Results

organic search results

Unlike the paid search results, exposure to the organic search results can only be earned using SEO. Contrary to paying for exposure, when you earn exposure, you keep all of the marijuana revenue and traffic your SEO generated even after you stop investing in SEO. Over time as you invest in SEO, your costs go down while your traffic and revenue increase indefinitely because even if you stop investing in SEO, you keep all the marijuana traffic and revenue you earned. 


The only downside to SEO is that it takes an investment over time to receive compounding marijuana revenue returns. Compared to paid advertising, where you can generate marijuana revenue immediately, your costs increase over time, which drives down your cannabis profit and ROI. Here is a visual representation:

organic seo advantage line graph

Only hire an SEO company if you can comfortably invest in SEO services for at least 6 months before seeing a return on investment. Typically exponential returns occur around the 8th to 12-month mark for most cannabis companies we work with.

SEO Delivers For Your Direct-to-Consumer Cannabis Company

Ecommerce companies that sell CBD, Delta-8 THC, and Delta-9 THC direct to the consumer can benefit from a 275% average return on investment when using SEO.

SEO Delivers for Your Brick and Mortar Cannabis Company

Dispensaries using local SEO can capitalize on the 78% of location-based mobile searches that CONVERT to offline purchases in-store.

SEO Delivers for Your B2B Cannabis Company

61% of B2B marketers say SEO is their top inbound marketing priority, with the highest conversion rate. Meaning cannabis packaging, point of sale, manufacturers, testing labs, and more can benefit from investing in SEO marketing.

How SEO Builds Trust With Those Who Have Not Tried Cannabis?

People use Google to search for information, learn, find local businesses, and purchase products. The organic search results on Google are key for building trust with those who have not tried cannabis.


About 17% of consumers in the USA believe marijuana has no benefits. There are even bigger misconceptions about CBD, with 26% of Americans believing that CBD is the same as marijuana and 22% believing CBD is not beneficial.


When you invest in SEO, you control the information on Google that shows up when people search to learn about the benefits of marijuana and CBD. Over time this builds trust with consumers skeptical of trying marijuana and CBD. When they are ready, they will choose your business for their first experience with weed and CBD. 

Why Local SEO Services are Crucial for Cannabis Dispensaries?

Dispensaries face steep federal, state, and country regulations for their store advertising. Marketing a dispensary successfully is very challenging. On top of that, regulations from payment processing companies and state licensing make the startup costs of a dispensary very expensive. 


On average, it costs about $1 million to open a dispensary, leaving a strong need for a positive return on investment from an SEO marketing service to succeed in the cannabis dispensary space.


Marijuana dispensary SEO delivers the largest ROI from any marketing channel for dispensaries, increasing profit margin while lowering the cost of acquiring a customer. 78% of location-based mobile searches convert to an offline purchase in-store. 

Examples of Local SEO Cannabis

Local SEO Services are great for driving in-store foot traffic that converts. Cannabis industry studies show 46% of Google Searches are local searches, and 88% of cannabis consumers who search locally visit one of the dispensaries they found that same day. Even more, 78% of those who search locally purchase cannabis from one of the dispensaries they found that same day. Local SEO can help increase sales for your cannabis shop’s new products and product launches. Let’s say your store started carrying Mike Tyson’s Toad weed strain.


To drive sales, you could improve your visibility from local searches like “the toad strain where to buy,” “the toad strain near me,” or “where to buy the toad strain.”


Roughly 90 people search for the toad strain using those phrases every month. Math and statistics tell us that 88% of those 90 people will visit your store the same day, and 78% will purchase from you if you show up at the top of the results.

How SEO Positions Your Company For New Expansion?

The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, commonly known as the MORE ACT, will make marijuana federally legal nationwide. When the act passes and is ratified into law, this will open up the door for new states to offer marijuana licenses, creating new markets for your cannabis business to expand into.


Search engine optimization is the only marketing channel that allows your business to dominate the market in states where marijuana is illegal, so you are first when these states legalize marijuana. Compliance with licensing and regulation takes a long time. Being ahead of the curve in your marketing puts your company in an ideal position to capitalize on the federal legalization of marijuana.

Best Marijuana SEO Company

Marijuana SEO Cannabis Businesses Success Stories

How Short-Term SEO Added $1,006,894 of revenue in this SEO Case Study

In this top SEO case study, we detail exactly step by step how we identified the challenges our client was facing and executed a seo services solution that increased their revenue by $1,006,894. To protect the confidentiality of our clients, we have hidden their brand names in this SEO case study. Still, they are one of the largest wholesalers and distributors to retailers of cannabis in the world. Suppose you reach out for a free SEO audit cannabis industry consultation. In that case, we are happy to disclose their brand name to you in private, outside of this full SEO case study for the public. Check out our other search engine optimization case studies

What Our SEO Company Clients are Saying


“Their level of professionalism and overall SEO knowledge was impressive.”


“The engagement led to a significant improvement in Google page rank, exceeding the client’s business goals. An accessible team, Seowithdavid communicated well to accommodate questions and inquiries in the workflow. They worked hard to deliver the project in a timely manner.”


“The business website deliverables have continuously improved the partner’s website traffic and website organic rankings. Seowithdavid keeps an organized spreadsheet that tracks the partner’s metrics and sends it with a weekly update. Effective communication and punctuality are hallmarks of their high-quality website work.”


“He delivers on what he says he’s going to do.”


“The amount of website experience and the easy-to-digest website explanations of the company in explaining website concepts were impressive.”


“He either delivers exactly what he promises or beyond what you expected.”


Seowithdavid delivered beyond expectations. The client enjoys a high website ranking on Google and can expect to see continuous website improvement. David excelled in following up and ensuring seamless communication with the website content writers. He proved that he’s a website professional who delivers upon his promises.


“They are easy to work with and a great website team.”


Within 60 days, the client’s website was ranking on the first page of search results. Seowithdavid establishes a smooth workflow to ensure effective collaboration. The team is talented, attentive, and personable.

Why Choose Our SEO Services?

  1. Our proven SEO process and SEO services generate website traffic which actually converts into new revenue for companies.


  1. Money-back guarantee.


  1. Performance-based payment process.


  1. Proven SEO marketing and sales strategy for your website proven to inform you exactly on your ideal repeat customers are, how to reach them (even outside of SEO), and how to make your ideal customers an offer they cannot refuse.


  1. Proven SEO brand strategy for your website is proven to define what makes your brand what it is, what sets it apart from other businesses, and how you want your ideal customers to perceive it. 


  1. Proven SEO positioning statement for your website proven to help you clearly understand other businesses in your industry, how you can stand out from other businesses in your industry, and focus on what makes your products and services better than the competition in your industry.


  1. Proven SEO unique selling proposition for your website that is proven to convert new customers. Your unique selling proposition clearly promises what your competitors cannot or do not offer, making your products or services the best ideal choice for your customers. 


  1. Proven SEO ideal customer profile for your website proven to focus your marketing and sales efforts on your best customers that are most likely to buy from you now.


  1. Proven SEO customer journey for your website proven to map the best steps your ideal customers take as they interact with your brand, starting with their first encounter and ending with the sale.


  1. Proven business marketing and advertising medium channels proven to increase your LTV and AOV while decreasing your costs. 

What Makes Our Top Cannabis SEO Business Different from Other Companies?

01 Business Research
02 Create the Customer Journey
03 Content Creation
04 Technical Optimization
05 Earn High Quality Votes

Sales Funnel and Follow Up

Our SEO agency invests hours learning about your company, ideal cannabis customer, and products or services before creating content for your web design. Doing so ensures the seo traffic becomes new revenue for your cannabis company using our seo strategy.

Creating the customer journey marketing strategy enables our SEO agency to reach your ideal cannabis customers with Search from when they have a problem to when they purchase your solution.

Creating SEO-optimized marketing content that shows up for the relevant keyword research phrases your ideal customers are searching on the search engine at each step of their journey. Focusing on when they are ready to buy from your brand.

Speeding up your website and improving the user experience and interface increases conversion rate, organic traffic, and revenue.

Earning more high-quality votes or links is crucial for your cannabis company’s SEO website visibility. Using our proprietary link-building marketing process, we earn votes or links from websites where your ideal cannabis customer spends their attention. Search engine crawlers find these links and count them as votes for your website. The more high-quality votes your website has, the more traffic and revenue search engines award your website.

Lastly, our proven cannabis and CBD marketing process uses the cannabis sales funnel and the cannabis follow-up to ensure your leads convert to sales. We use email marketing to capture leads and nurture those leads until they are ready to buy from you today.

Other Search Engine Optimization Companies Customers Acquisition Website Process

Skipping Number 1
Skipping Number 2
03 Content Creation
04 Technical Optimization
05 Earn High Quality Votes

Missing Sales Funnel and Follow Up

Another SEO agency and seo typically skips the first step of business research and goes straight into SEO tactics. The issue with skipping this first step and going straight into SEO tactics is that you generate seo traffic that does not convert into new seo revenue for your brand. An agency needs to understand your business, customer, and products or services to generate traffic that converts into new revenue for your brand.

Other services and seo companies skip step #2, creating the customer journey and going straight into SEO tactics focused on generating traffic. Services that skip creating the customer journey do not find the terms your customer is searching for on Google. They find terms that they think will work. What ends up happening is that your traffic increases, and your revenue stays the same.

Other seo services create SEO-optimized content that is loosely related to your business. Without the initial steps, keyword research is based solely on guesswork.

Other services perform technical optimizations which are solely focused on SEO. Most SEO agencies do not understand how to improve your website’s conversion rate.

90% of SEO agencies “pay for links or votes,” which could permanently ban your website from Google and erase all organic revenue for your business.

Another digital SEO producer is not a sales funnel strategist and has no follow-up strategy to convert the 98% of organic traffic visitors that do not convert immediately and increase repeat purchases, lifetime value, and average order value.