Top 3 Best SEO Services Providers in Los Angeles

The best Los Angeles SEO companies understand how to separate your business from your competition to increase lead quality and return on investment while lowering the cost of acquiring a customer. You are looking for a seo company that understands your business and customer and converts them into sales organically on Google. Choose a Los Angeles seo agency that combines SEO with higher-level business goals and marketing strategy to separate your business from your competition on Google. 


Of course, choosing the best seo company in San Francisco and Los Angeles that fits your needs is challenging. Today we had our independent SEO experts and marketers review the top 5 best seo services providers in Los Angeles to help make the decision easy for you.

Who Has the Best Search Engine Optimization Services in Los Angeles

Who Has the Best Search Engine Optimization Services in Los Angeles

1. SEO With David – Best for Separating Your Business from Your Competition

For the CEO or Marketing Director of a business that needs efficient increases in revenue to grow and gain market share on their competitors. SEO With David is our top Los Angeles seo company and the only seo agency that focuses on separating your business from your competition—leading to efficient increases in revenue and market share growth. 

Our team stands out from other SEO agencies by focusing on understanding your high-level business goals and then combining them with an SEO marketing strategy focused on targeted traffic from where your ideal customer spends their attention online.  

Not to mention our team has a money-back guarantee and performance-based payment model. Keep in mind that our seo services would not be the right fit for you if you are looking for a quick solution. SEO is a long term solution, and our team is focused on not cutting any corners. Unlike many other agencies that cut corners resulting in fast results and the long term collapse of your business on Google. Our internet marketing agency is focused on proprietary SEO strategies backed by data that follows all of Googles guidelines. You could sleep peacefully at night without fear that Google will ban your website resulting in the loss of all traffic and revenue. Check out our SEO process page for more information.

Conversion Advocates - Best for Conversion Rate Optimization

2. Conversion Advocates – Best for Conversion Rate Optimization

Perhaps your business has completed successful seo campaigns, and your website is already receiving traffic. However, this traffic does not seem to be turning into as many new sales as you would like it to be. In many cases, this is because you are unaware of the untapped revenue hidden in your analytics. 

Conversion optimization with Conversion Advocates helps you access this hidden revenue from your website traffic. Stop wasting money and work with a team to help you identify website conversion leaks you did not know existed. Increase your revenue month over month with data-backed test ideas.

Once you schedule an analysis, their team will put together a 90-day optimization growth plan. The growth plan is designed to accelerate growth with clear and actionable insights into visitor behaviour.

Egumball - Best for Google Maps SEO Services

3. Egumball – Best for Google Maps SEO Services

Local businesses in Los Angeles that are location-based need to have a strong Google Maps presence. The Google Map pack is how your business shows up on Google when someone searches a location-based query. Perhaps you own a Los Angeles based restaurant or plumber service; then your ideal customer may search “Italian food in Los Angeles” or “plumber in Los Angeles” This is when ranking in the map pack is very important. 

Here is an example of what this would look like:

Plumber in Los Angeles

Italian Food in Los Angeles

Ranking in the top few positions in the Google Map Pack depends on increasing trust and rank on Google. Considering 82% of people use smartphones to find what they are looking for on local search engines. Google Maps Marketing is key to helping businesses leverage this traffic. 

Contact to help your business in Los Angeles reach your customers who use smartphones to find what they are looking for on Google.

Frequently Asked Questions When Looking for the Best Los Angeles SEO Companies

Frequently Asked Questions When Looking for the Best Los Angeles SEO Companies

How Do I Find the Best Los Angeles SEO Provider for my Business?

Finding the best seo agency for your business in Los Angeles depends on many factors. In some cases, seo may not even be the best strategy for you to focus on at this time. If your business does not have effective lead generation strategies that permit your company to invest in long term marketing, then hiring Los Angeles seo services will only disappoint you. The reason why is that Los Angeles seo services are a long term marketing strategy. 

Los Angeles seo services take time to see results. You could expect a minimum of a 6-month commitment and at least 6 to 9 months to see some fantastic results. Like social media marketing, SEO is an organic marketing method with the highest return on investment for most businesses with an online presence. 

If your Los Angeles, ca business needs results in the next 1, 2, or 3 months, it may be best to hire a digital marketing company specializing in short-term results.

What Kind of Budget Do you Need to Hire a Los Angeles SEO Agency?

What Kind of Budget Do you Need to Hire a Los Angeles SEO Agency?

Along your search to hire a seo company in Los Angeles, you may have come across many different budgets. The reality is that SEO is a marketing tactic that requires a lot of work in various skilled service areas. Companies that tend to charge on the lower end may be cutting corners to game Google. Working with these companies could result in your Los Angeles based business being permanently banned from Google. Rendering all of the money you invested in seo work is worthless. Do not work with the Los Angeles seo company that charges the least amount for highly skilled labour. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, many seo companies are overcharging for their search engine optimization services. Unless you are an enterprise-level company or require a large amount of seo work, investing $10k or more a month for even the top seo companies does not make sense. 

The best Los Angeles seo experts typically fall around $3,500 to $5,000 per month for online marketing from Google. An effective SEO strategy requires a high-level understanding of marketing strategy, branding, copywriting, content writing, conversion rate optimization, data research, email marketing, technical skill and communication. Without cutting corners to game Google, it is not feasible to expect to pay less than $3,500 to $5,000 per month and achieve fantastic results.

Is a Digital Marketing Agency or SEO Company the Best Fit For You?

Is a Digital Marketing Agency or SEO Company the Best Fit For You?

SEO companies are the best fit for businesses focused on increasing ROI and lead quality while lowering the cost of acquisition over time. On the other hand, a digital marketing agency may be best for companies that need short term results or other digital marketing services. Some services may be mobile app development, video production, social media management, or web design services. 

Working with a digital marketing agency specializing in web design and these other services would be the best fit for early-stage startups.

Types of Digital Marketing Services

Types of Digital Marketing Services

Web Design

Web Design –

Early-stage startups at the beginning of their business development could benefit from working with a web design company. Creating a website is the foundation of creating a strong online presence. Having a presence on social media is great until the social media platform stops being used by your target customer. Websites are evergreen. They are never going away, and once you create one, you will always reach your ideal customer using it. 

Web development may be a great fit for startups who already have worked with a web design company in the past. Your existing website may have an outdated layout that is delivering a negative experience for your customer. Working with a web design company specializing in user interface and user experience could increase your business’s conversion rate and sales.

Video Production

Video Production –

Video production companies are becoming increasingly more important as human beings increase their consumption of video content. Especially if your business could use entertainment to help reach your customer. Then video production services creating entertaining advertisements and content for social could help increase sales.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization –

Similar to web design, conversion optimization is focused on increasing the user experience. Unlike web design, conversion optimization is more than just how your website is developed. Think of conversion optimization as a data-backed researcher that exists to test how they could increase conversions at every stage of your sales cycle. These companies continuously test and improve by working with software companies that have user analysis software and analytics to increase conversions. Website traffic is useless if it does not convert to sales for your business. Working with a conversion optimization company could help increase conversions from your existing organic traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing –

Social media marketing is a long term strategy that could help build a massive brand audience directly where your customer spends most of their time. The upside is that over time, this could lead to a strong following of customers and clients that swear by using your services. Over the short term, social media marketing is not going to deliver results. Organically building a brand and breaking out on a social media platform takes time.

PPC Management

PPC Management –

Pay Per Click advertising is a highly effective marketing tactic that delivers results in the short term. The downside to using pay per click advertising is that the cost of ad spending goes up over time, which means a lower return on investment. Working with PPC management companies could help your business increase sales in the next couple of months. Then in the future, investing in a seo strategy could help lower ad spend and increase return on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Los Angeles SEO Services

How Long Does SEO Take to See Results?

How Long Does SEO Take to See Results?

Los Angeles seo companies are not for you if you look for results in the next 1, 2, or 3 months. Any seo agency that guarantees results in the short term is misleading your trust. Search engine optimization is a long term marketing strategy that takes time. You could expect to commit at least a minimum of 6 months, and around the 6 to the 9-month mark, we tend to see fantastic results in our Los Angeles seo agency for our clients.

The reason why SEO takes time is because of Google’s algorithm and human nature. Google’s algorithm takes time to find your website and index it. Once the website is indexed, it takes time for Google to figure out how your website should rank in Google. Indexing is another word for displaying your website organically on Google search engines. 

If you earn links to the website, it will take time for Google to find the links and count them as a vote to your website. These votes or links are a signal to Google that your website deserves more visitors. 

The human nature component makes the process of SEO take time as well. We reach out to real businesses, blogs, nonprofits, media organizations, etc. These are real organizations that have their publishing schedule. This is why it takes time for the links to go live, and then Google has to find them once they are live.

How Does SEO Affect Our Business Growth?

How Does SEO Affect Our Business Growth?

Is the ROI of SEO worth it? This is a question business owners and marketing directors often ask us. If you are a CMO, Head of the Marketing Department, or a small business owner, you have a lot to worry about all the time. 

Often you have to make tough decisions on where to allocate limited budgets and resources for marketing. Our team is going to help you understand why SEO is worth that resource expenditure. If you are in charge of convincing, then we will give you the numbers to justify that return on investment. 

Let’s take the example of a CBD company that is ranking number 3 for the transactional search query CBD gummies. Our SEO KPIs are organic SERP ranking, search volume, and click-through rate. The search query CBD gummies has a search volume of 235,000 searches per month. Ranking number 3 has a click-through rate of 7%. Once the customer arrives on the page, they have a 10% chance of converting to a customer. At which point, the lifetime value of that customer is $588. At the same time, the average order value is $60. 

Using our SEO calculator, we could see the following results for the current rankings:

SEO calculator #1

The current monthly revenue for this keyword is $98,700, and the total lifetime value is $962,260. Let’s say you would like to run an SEO campaign to increase the rankings of this keyword from position 3 to position two, and it cost $21,000

How would you justify this SEO spend?

Increasing the rankings from position 3 to position two would increase the click-through rate from 7% to 11%. 

Using our SEO calculator demonstrates the following return on investment:

SEO calculator

Spending $21,000 on an SEO campaign increased net revenue from $98,700 to $155,100 a month. This is an increase of $56,400 a month. The lifetime value increased from $962,260 to $1,519,980. This is an increase of $557,720. Unlike advertising, once you spend $21,000 on SEO, the traffic and revenue increases are there to stay every month even if you stop paying.

This means looking at this over an annual basis $21,000 on an SEO campaign resulted in an annual increase of $676,800 for the company. This is an ROI of 3,122.86%.

The most important factor to take into account is that SEO is a long term strategy. Unlike advertising, you are not going to see the return instantly. SEO is something that you should judge based on a minimum of a 6-month timeline and realistically a year-long timeline. Although as you can see, the ROI pays off once it gets going.

What is an SEO Consulting Agency, and How is it Different?

A search engine optimization consulting agency is a type of Los Angeles seo company that helps existing internal SEO teams. Working with a search engine optimization consulting agency is the best fit for businesses with an in-house SEO team. Often there are high-level SEO challenges that your in house SEO team may lack the knowledge or data to solve. In these cases consulting with an experienced search engine optimization consultant may be the best fit for your business.

Which is Better Advertising Services or SEO Solutions?

The answer is neither. Advertising services are best for companies that sell impulse purchases with a low lifetime value of a customer. Working with a Los Angeles seo company is best for businesses that sell a considered purchase with a high lifetime value of a customer. These are two different marketing tactics that, in many cases, work the best hand in hand.

Will PPC Services Help Our SEO Efforts?

PPC Services could help your SEO efforts if you have a brand new website that is not receiving any traffic. User experience is a ranking factor in search engine optimization on Google. This means sending paid traffic using pay per click ads on Google could help enhance the user experience. However, if your website is already receiving traffic from other sources, it will not make a difference.

Does Being a Premier Google Partner Affect our SEO Efforts?

Being a Premier Google Partner does not affect your SEO efforts. Many search engine optimization companies use these easy to get certifications to mislead clients on their ability to rank their websites using search engine optimization. The truth of the matter is that there are no certifications that give you an edge in Google’s eyes when doing search engine optimization. Do not believe companies that say otherwise.

Our team understands how challenging it is to hire a quality search engine optimization service. If you are considering hiring a seo company shortly, then reach out for a free consultation to help you find the best fit. No strings attached.

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