can you advertise cbd on instagram

Can You Advertise CBD on Instagram? The CBD Ads Truth Revealed…

There is One Way to Promote CBD  and Cannabis Media When Advertising CBD, How to Without Ads But With Marketing.

The direct ad answer to whether you can advertise CBD on Instagram is “yes,” but with specific CBD restrictions for your ad. Instagram’s stance on CBD advertising aligns with Meta’s broader policy on CBD and CBD ads. While the platform does not allow the promotion or sale of THC products or cannabis products with related psychoactive components, there are conditions under which CBD can be advertised.

Specifically, ads promoting or offering the sale of cannabidiol (CBD) or similar cannabinoid products are permitted, but only with prior written permission. Furthermore, Meta/Facebook requires advertisers advocating CBD products to be certified with LegitScript. These certified advertisers must adhere to all local CBD laws, CBD industry codes, and CBD guidelines, including Meta’s targeting requirements. Remember businesses can promote the sale of CBD if the CBD business receives written approval from Meta/Facebook.

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Can You Advertise CBD on Instagram

Is CBD Advertising Products on Instagram With CBD Images in a Post Possible? If You Can How?

Yes, you can advertise CBD on Instagram/Facebook, but with CBD restrictions for your CBD products. Ads promoting CBD products must not contain more than 0.3% THC and should only target individuals in the United States who are 18 years or older with your CBD products. It’s essential to avoid making health or medical claims in your ads about CBD and your CBD products. While we can promote hemp products that don’t contain CBD or more than 0.3% THC in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, if you do you must ensure CBD compliance with all local CBD laws and CBD industry guidelines on and off Instagram/Facebook for your CBD products.

The short answer is you can advertise CBD on Instagram/Facebook, but you cannot mention CBD anywhere in your Instagram ads, including the Instagram copywriting, Instagram images, or Instagram call to actions of your Instagram advertisements on Instagram/Facebook when selling CBD products. The only exception to this Instagram advertising policy is non-ingestible hemp and non-ingestible CBD products, such as hemp topicals; these products can be advertised on Instagram, according to a Facebook spokesperson. 

Posting CBD related CBD content and mentioning CBD in your content is not allowed on Instagram for your CBD products. Even when you are not paying to advocate a post or ad on Instagram, you cannot advertise CBD anywhere in your ad and your CBD products.

You are allowed to create CBD Instagram content that uses the word hemp, but the products cannot contain CBD; otherwise, you will have your Instagram post taken down, and your Instagram account may be permanently suspended.

Instagram’s Community Guidelines address CBD indirectly here, “We also remove content that attempts to trade, coordinate the trade of, donate, gift, or ask for non-medical drugs, as well as content that either admits to personal use (unless in the recovery context) or coordinates or promotes the use of non-medical drugs.” 

Since CBD stems from the cannabis plant, which marijuana a drug stems from, then Instagram CBD content created about CBD is not allowed on Instagram. Since Instagram considers CBD a drug, CBD content about CBD is not allowed on the Instagram platform.

How to Advertise Your CBD and Create CBD Ads For Your Product Advertisements on Instagram?

The safest way to advertise CBD products and create CBD ads on Instagram is to not mention CBD in any of your ads. You could mention heducts that are not paid advertisements for your business account on Instagram is a great way to get potential customers excited amp in your ads but not mention CBD. Posting CBD prond interested in CBD.

Keep in mind you cannot mention CBD in your organic content posted on Instagram, just like paid advertisements for your CBD products. Many brands are skirting these rules and risking their accounts potentially being banned at any moment with their products.

If you are willing to take the risk of building a product brand on Instagram only to have your product brand deleted and lose all revenue from that product account at any moment, then go ahead. If not, stick with strictly mentioning hemp products on Instagram and leave out CBD.

Instagram CBD Policy 2023 For Marketing and to Advertise

Instagram’s product community guidelines reflect Meta’s broader product policy on CBD and related products. The key takeaway is that while CBD products can be advertised under specific product conditions on Instagram, THC products or those CBD products with related psychoactive components cannot be promoted on Instagram. Advertisers interested in promoting CBD products must be certified with LegitScript and have written permission from Meta for Instagram. It’s also worth noting that while CBD educational content related to CBD is allowed on Instagram, it should not offer any prohibited products for sale on Instagram.

Instagram’s product community guidelines in full are displayed here, but the only part of the Instagram product community guidelines that are relevant to CBD is the following:

“We also remove Instagram product content that attempts to trade, coordinate the trade of, donate, gift, or ask for non-medical drugs, as well as Instagram product content that either admits to personal use (unless in the recovery context) or coordinates or promotes the use of non-medical drugs on Instagram.”


CBD is considered a non-medical drug on Instagram. For this reason, advertising and organic Instagram CBD content mentioning or containing CBD will be removed from the Instagram platform. Your CBD brand can’t buy ad space on Instagram unless you follow these product rules. Most advertisers will not promote cannabis and CBD.  Transferring cannabis is prohibited on the site you could try to use non-paid advertisements but those are risky too.

Examples of Ways to Promote Advertising CBD Products on Instagram

While there are no active CBD ads on Instagram at the moment, CBD products brands can still engage with their Instagram audience by creating visually appealing Instagram CBD product content without mentioning CBD. Educating your Instagram audience about the endocannabinoid system without explicitly mentioning CBD products is another approach. Product brands can also showcase the lifestyle benefits of their products without directly advocating CBD. Remember, the key is to stay within the product guidelines while effectively reaching your target audience with your products.

Here are five ways to post products about CBD on Instagram without violating Instagram’s product community guidelines protecting your product brand for the long term –


  1. Create visually appealing Instagram CBD content without mentioning CBD on Instagram when you advocate your CBD products.


Instagram is a visual product platform where users go to enjoy visual CBD content on Instagram about your products. Users of Instagram are not using Instagram to purchase products; they are on the Instagram platform to enjoy visually engaging CBD content that they are interested in and receive gratification and value from experiencing this CBD content on Instagram about your products.

This does not mean users of Instagram will not purchase products from your company and your products. This does mean it is important to understand where users of Instagram are at in their customer journey on Instagram when looking for products. They are not ready to purchase CBD products, yet many may not even be aware CBD exists or your product.

This is an opportunity for your company to build brand awareness about CBD and your products to get users of Instagram excited and interested in the value that your products have to offer their life. Your content needs to demonstrate the value your products have to offer the users of Instagram in a visually pleasing, exciting, and valuable way about your products. 

If you care about your company over the long term, then do not mention CBD anywhere in your posts; use the words hemp instead for your products. Doing so protects your CBD brand’s Instagram account from being permanently suspended on Instagram.


Here is an example of how brands create visually engaging content on Instagram about CBD when you advertise your products:

example of visually appealing photos of CBD on Instagram

Here is an example of what not to do when creating content on Instagram about CBD when you advertise your products:

example of not visually pleasing cbd post on instagram

    1. Create educational reels about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and CBD without mentioning the term CBD when you advertise your products.


    CBD has health benefits since CBD binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Since you are not allowed to post about CBD and your products, you could post about the endocannabinoid system and explain how cannabinoids are beneficial to one’s health due to how cannabinoids positively affect the endocannabinoid system.

    Reels are an excellent way to educate your audience in an exciting, engaging and visually pleasing way about cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. Doing so could help educate those not aware of CBD about the health benefits rooted in science in your advertising. Therefore generating interest in CBD for your brand and website from your advertising.


    Here is an example of some excellent reels about CBD and cannabis brands on Instagram when you advertise:

        1. Create posts that show the ideal customer the life they desire while including your CBD products. Keep in mind, not to mention CBD.


        Instagram is a visual platform where users go to escape their reality on Instagram in images. Often these users will engage with content that they wish their reality had. By using ideal customer profiles to segment your audience based on their needs for CBD, you could target your ideal customer with visually engaging content that demonstrates the life they would like to have and how they could have it using your products. For instance, if someone is experiencing chronic inflammation and chronic pain, they may be using Instagram to look at how a pain-free life feels. Perhaps they have chronic pain in their legs, so they can no longer hike or go to the beach. In this case, they may be watching reels on Instagram about people enjoying the beach and hiking. You could use Instagram to demonstrate how those who use your products can manage chronic inflammation and chronic pain, allowing them to hike and go to the beach again. Therefore demonstrating the ideal life your potential customers are looking for on Instagram and how CBD is a solution that could help them gain their ideal life on your campaign landing page or your brand ambassadors without using the word CBD.


        1. If you are a local business, engage with your community on Instagram. Take photos with happy customers in the community and tag them in your posts to buy CBD.


        Perhaps you are a CBD retailer who owns a storefront CBD shop where local customers could come in and shop for CBD. In this case, you could use Instagram media to show media photos of happy customers that purchased CBD from you. You could tag them in the post about your dispensary. Often when you take photos with your customers and tag them in the posts, they may comment about the wonderful experience at your CBD store. These comments show up on the feeds of your customers’ followers, which shares your CBD store launch with more potential customers and demonstrates to these potential customers that they could trust your CBD store and learn more details about your store using hashtags. 


        1. Encourage your customers to share posts about your CBD for free rewards and discounts and hashtag your brand.


        Creating a viral hashtags following of Instagram followers stems from incentivizing those who use Instagram to benefit by sharing your brand’s profile on social using hashtags. 

        For example, your cannabis brand could run a giveaway using hashtags. Suppose your customers share photos of themselves on Instagram with your cannabis while tagging your company and using your hashtag. In that case, your brand will enter them in a chance to win a large supply of CBD using your hashtags.

        This incentivizes your customers to share your brand on Instagram with more followers, and the more people who see and engage with your brand, the faster your following will grow on Instagram.


        Here are some examples of CBD companies taking advantage of this tactic:

        example of cbd giveaways on instagram posts

        Can Influencers Promote CBD on Instagram? If We Can How Do They Make Posts…..

        Yes, influencers can and do promote CBD on Instagram; however, this does not mean they are allowed to post, promote, and advocate CBD on Instagram.

        Can You Advertise CBD Using Influencers on Instagram?

        If you are interested in advocating CBD products selling on Instagram using influencer promoting, there is a strong possibility that Instagram will remove the posts about CBD products. You may pay an influencer to post ads about your products only to have the ads removed and receive nothing in return when paying to promote the ads using your hashtags to your people. 



        In this case, it is important that you only use influencer promoting on Instagram to advertise CBD products without violating Instagram’s community guidelines and Meta’s advertising guidelines with your ads and hashtags to your people. When choosing an influencer, choose influencers with an engaged following of an audience with a large number of potential customers for your brand to promote on using your hashtags for your people, location, and story. 


        Ask the influencer for analytics data on their audience and the types of ads posts they engage with the most to determine if these influencers share your ideal customer audience for your ads, hashtags, and people on social.

        Can You Advertise Cannabinoids on Social Media in General?

        In general, all major social media platforms have either banned CBD advertising, CBD marketing, and content creation or severely restricted the advertisement of CBD and content posting about CBD using your hashtags for your people on social. 


        The best advertising tactic not banned or restricted online is using organic search on Google and Bing. Directly advocating CBD and advertising is completely unrestricted in the organic search results on search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo without hashtags and social you can reach your people. 


        However, using the one and only PPC or pay-per-click ads to promote weed is currently banned in the paid advertising results on search engines like Google and Bing to reach your people. Organic search has the largest return on investment over time out of all advertising tactics online to reach your people without influencers. 

        The only way to generate traffic and revenue from the organic search results in Search Engines like Google is to use SEO or Search Engine Optimization to reach your people


        This is a process for increasing rapid response traffic and revenue to your website from the organic search results. To learn more about using organic search and SEO to increase traffic and revenue for your company, reach out for a free consultation now and learn more information simply at the click of a button.

        Frequently Asked Cannabis Ad Questions From Brands and a CBD Business Like Yours

        How Can You Advertise CBD?

        Advocating CBD on platforms like Instagram requires a strategic approach due to platform restrictions. Start by creating visually engaging posts that depict the ideal life your potential customers desire, subtly integrating your CBD products without directly mentioning CBD. For instance, showcase users enjoying activities like hiking or beach visits, subtly hinting at how your products might help them achieve such a lifestyle.

        If you’re a local CBD retailer, engage with your community on Instagram, showcasing happy customers and tagging them. This not only promotes trust but also broadens your reach. Lastly, incentivize your customers to share posts about your CBD products with rewards and discounts, using specific hashtags. This tactic can rapidly grow your brand’s presence and following on Instagram. 

        Is Hemp Allowed on Instagram?

        The article primarily focuses on CBD advertising strategies on Instagram, but it doesn’t explicitly address hemp. However, given Instagram’s strict policies on CBD, it’s crucial to approach hemp promotion with caution. Ensure content remains compliant, avoiding direct mentions of hemp or CBD. Instead, emphasize the lifestyle benefits and engage with the community to build trust and awareness. 

        Can You Advertise CBD on Social Media?

        Yes,  you can promote using Instagram ads but with restrictions. Programs like Instagram, under Meta’s policies, allow CBD advertising under specific conditions, such as obtaining prior written permission and ensuring the products don’t contain more than 0.3% THC. Your company can’t buy ad space on Instagram unless you follow these restrictions. Their prerogative is to disallow any “medical claims” from being made in an instagram account or post. This is challenging but it is not possible for everyone for their product sales and related products using the Instagram policy.

        What Platforms Can You Advertise CBD On?

        CBD can be advertised on programs like Instagram, but only with prior written permission and adherence to specific guidelines. They do check everything on their platform. Other programs may have their own set of rules regarding CBD promoting and you can learn more about them on their programs. Research their programs to learn more about what you can and cannot do.

        Why Can’t You Advertise CBD?

        CBD promoting is restricted because it’s derived from the weed plant, which also produces THC, a psychoactive component. Programs like Instagram have policies in place to ensure that only certified advertisers market CBD products, and they adhere to all local laws and industry guidelines. 

        Are You Allowed to Sell Cannabinoids on Facebook?

        Yes, but with conditions. Advertisers can promote or offer the sale of CBD products on Facebook, but they must be certified with LegitScript and have written permission from Meta. They must also comply with all applicable local laws and industry guidelines. 

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