Cannabis Dispensary SEO Services NYC

Cannabis Dispensary SEO Services NYC

Cannabis SEO for Cannabis Dispensaries

Are you finding driving traffic to your New York State Dispensary challenging?
Isn’t Spending on Advertising your Dispensary in New York Only to Have Your Ad Accounts Shut Down Hurting Business Growth?
Wouldn’t investing in a proven search engine optimization system for your New York City Dispensary Website Increase Your Business and Revenue Growth?

Now Introducing SEO That Actually Converts for New York Cannabis Dispensaries

Any Marijuana SEO Service Can Increase Traffic for Cannabis Brands. 



Still, few can generate traffic that converts to new Revenue for your Cannabis Business.



Our proven SEO service results in cannabis traffic that converts into new cannabis revenue for dispensaries. That’s because our services start with understanding your cannabis business goals, ideal customer, and products, so we know exactly what your cannabis customer is searching for on Google.


Other services focus on only SEO traffic and technical details before learning about your cannabis business resulting in unqualified SEO traffic that does not convert into new cannabis revenue for your cannabis business. If our team of cannabis dispensary SEO experts is not successful, we will return your money.

Why Do Cannabis Dispensaries Need Search Engine Optimization?

Allow us to enlighten you on the unfortunate realities of the cannabis industry. The unfortunate reality of the cannabis industry is that almost every major social media and advertising platform considers marijuana a drug and bans all advertising of cannabis marijuana on their platform. Yes, even CBD is banned or restricted to the point of being useless from advertising on every major online and offline platform. 


If that wasn’t a big enough mountain to get over, the FDA and FTC strictly regulate cannabis, CBD, and marijuana throughout the USA. On a local level, New York state has strict regulations for starting dispensaries which have driven up costs and made acquiring cannabis licenses challenging. 


SEO is the solution to these unfortunate realities within the cannabis industry. SEO is a cannabis marketing service that decreases costs while increasing revenue and profit margins. SEO has a near-infinite ROI because all Revenue and traffic earned from your investment in SEO continues after your business stops investing in SEO. There are no restrictions or bans on advertising your cannabis business using SEO. 

On average, SEO delivers a 989% return on investment; the only channel that has a higher investment is email marketing.
There are paid and organic search results on search engines like Google.
Paid Search Results:

Paid Search Results

Unfortunately, paid advertising on Google for businesses in the cannabis industry is banned. The only exception is topical CBD, registered with LegitScript and only allowed to be advertised in results for those 18 years old or older. Even more, the advertising results are restricted only to cannabis businesses located in California, Puerto Rico, and Colorado. Let’s say cannabis businesses could advertise in the paid search results on Google in a perfect world.
Would the ROI even be worth it?
On average, costs for paid advertising on your site in Google are increasing by 15% yearly for search ads and 75% yearly for programmatic display ads. The other bummer is when your website stops spending on Google paid advertising is the moment all website visitors, store visitors, and Revenue stop from Google. Paid search is a smaller market, only making up 6% of clicks on Google and only 15% of all website traffic on the internet. 
Organic Search Results:
organic search results
Contrary to paid advertising, exposure to the organic search results for your cannabis company can only be earned, not bought. When you earn exposure using SEO cannabis, all of the Revenue and in-store visitors continue for your cannabis service even after you stop investing in SEO sales generation. SEO is a long-term investment where your costs decrease while you’re in-store visitors, and revenue growth increases indefinitely. SEO makes up 94% of all clicks on Google and more than 53% of website internet traffic.


The only downside to search engine optimization is that it takes an investment over time to receive compounding sales returns for your website and store. Here is a visual representation of how paid digital marketing stacks up against the SEO competition:

organic seo advantage line graph

How SEO Helps Cannabis Businesses Launch New Products on their Website?

Whenever your cannabis club launches a new product or wants to increase sales for a specific product, you could use targeted local SEO to do exactly that. For example, if you just started carrying CBD prerolls, your customers search “CBD pre rolls nyc” online 150 times a month.
cbd pre rolls nyc
The top result is getting 39% of the clicks on average, so roughly 59 website visitors every month want to buy CBD pre rolls in NYC. Even more, 78% of local SEO searches convert to an offline purchase in-store, so you could expect to add 46 new in-store customers every month just for that product alone. There are thousands of cannabis products and keywords your cannabis store could show up for on Google.

Success Story: Proven SEO Results for CBD Ecommerce and Dispensaries

How a Short-Term SEO Strategy Added $1,006,894 of Revenue for a Business in the Industry

In this SEO case study, we detail exactly step by step how we identified the challenges our client was facing and executed a solution that increased their Revenue by $1,006,894. To protect the confidentiality of our client, we have hidden their brand name in this case study. Still, they are one of the largest wholesalers and distributors to retailers of cannabis in the world. If you reach out for a free consultation, we are happy to disclose their brand name to you in private, outside of this full case study for the public. Check out our other seo case studies

What Makes Our Service Different?


  1. Our proven local SEO process and marketing services generate new users, which actually converts into new Revenue for your team.
2. Digital marketing money-back guarantee.
3. Performance-based digital marketing payment process.
4. Proven local SEO marketing and sales strategy for your website proven to inform you exactly on your ideal repeat customers are, how to reach them (even outside of SEO), and how to make your ideal customers an offer they cannot refuse.
5. Proven conversion rate web design analysis industry system increases your conversion rate and average order value.
7. Proven SEO positioning statement for your website proven to help you clearly understand other businesses in your Industry, how you can stand out from other businesses in your Industry, and focus on what makes your products and services better than the competition in your Industry.
8. Proven SEO unique selling proposition for your website that is proven to convert new customers. Your unique selling proposition clearly promises what your competitors cannot or do not offer, making your products or services the best ideal choice for your customers.
9. Proven SEO ideal customer profile for your website proven to focus your marketing and sales efforts on your best customers that are most likely to buy from you now.
10. Proven SEO customer journey for your website is proven to map the best steps your ideal customers take as they interact with your brand, starting with their first encounter and ending with the sale.
11. Proven business marketing and advertising medium channels that are proven to increase your LTV and AOV while decreasing your costs.

Cannabis SEO Services: SEO Reviews from Our SEO Portfolio

$19 Million and Counting Generated for Cannabis Companies Just Like Yours

Here is What They Have to Say About Our Website SEO Marketing Services…

“Their level of professionalism and overall SEO knowledge was impressive.”
“The engagement led to a significant improvement in Google page rank, exceeding the client’s business goals. An accessible team, Seowithdavid communicated well to accommodate questions and inquiries in the workflow. They worked hard to deliver the project in a timely manner.”
“The business website deliverables have continuously improved the partner’s website traffic and website organic rankings. Seowithdavid keeps an organized spreadsheet that tracks the partner’s metrics and sends it with a weekly update. Effective communication and punctuality are hallmarks of their high-quality website work.”
“He delivers on what he says he’s going to do.”
“The amount of website experience and the easy-to-digest website explanations of the company in explaining website concepts were impressive.”
“He either delivers exactly what he promises or beyond what you expected.”
“Seowithdavid delivered beyond expectations. The client enjoys a high website ranking on Google and can expect to see continuous website improvement. David excelled in following up and ensuring seamless communication with the website content writers. He proved that he’s a website professional who delivers upon his promises.”
“They are easy to work with and a great website team.”
“Within 60 days, the client’s website was ranking on the first page of search results. Seowithdavid establishes a smooth workflow to ensure effective collaboration. The team is talented, attentive, and personable.”

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What is Cannabis SEO?
SEO is a proven marketing tactic with a near-infinite ROI once you get it going.
What Does SEO Do?
SEO decreases your costs while increasing your revenue and profit margins over time.
How Important is SEO?
SEO is one of the only unrestricted and not banned marketing mediums for companies in the cannabis industry; it is critical for success.
Can Cannabis Companies Advertise Online?
Nearly every major social media platform and search engine bans advertising online for companies in the cannabis industry. SEO is one of the only not banned nor restricted marketing mediums for companies in the cannabis industry; get a free consultation to learn more.