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I remember the first time I tried CBD and cannabis. I felt bliss and an ability to operate and function with focus and understanding I had never experienced before. The moment I first tried CBD and cannabis was the moment that I became a true believer in what they could do. For someone who has struggled with Complex PTSD for years before finding CBD and cannabis.

I have deep empathy and understanding for those struggling with mental health challenges. I chose to invest my time and resources in mastering cannabis SEO marketing because I truly believe in the cannabis plant and what it could do for others. My goal is to help spread awareness of what cannabis, weed/marijuana, and CBD can do for those struggling and needing help. 

Before I started as an SEO expert, I started a real estate investing company, and I mastered SEO to generate leads and revenue for our company. When I saw the leveraged return on investment that our real estate investing company received from SEO investments, I truly believed in SEO.

Similar to my belief in cannabis and desire to help others experience the blissful health benefits I have experienced. I share this same desire to help other companies achieve leveraged returns on their SEO investments, allowing them to grow and employ hundreds of employees who have families and need jobs. 

Unlike other SEO specialists offering cannabis seo services, I have tested our optimization system using my money and time to know exactly what works and does not work for your SEO content. I have been burned by companies who made promises to our firm that they did not deliver. I understand if you have had a negative experience with another specialist or marijuana SEO agency overpromising and underdelivering.

As professionals, we are so confident in our proprietary seo services system that we will return your money if we are unsuccessful. Our proprietary system generates traffic that converts into new revenue for your business. That’s because our cannabis seo company starts with understanding your cannabis business goals, ideal cannabis customer, and cannabis products, so we know exactly what your cannabis customer is searching for on Google.

Other cannabis seo experts focus on only traffic before learning about your business resulting in unqualified traffic that does not convert into new revenue for your business.

We are so confident in our proprietary system that we will return your money if we are not successful.

How Cannabis SEO Marketing Delivers the Largest ROI

How Cannabis SEO Marketing Delivers the Largest ROI

Have unjust laws that vary state by state created a challenging uphill climb for growing your cannabis business?

Are you burdened by high startup costs that make ROI essential to succeeding?

Are you fed up with the strict and unfair advertising guidelines of major social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram?

The solution to breaking free from the strict advertising regulations placed on the cannabis industry is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo ban paid advertising of cannabis in the paid search results. However, the organic search results allow the direct sale of cannabis on the world’s biggest search engines, such as Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. According to GroupM UK and Nielsen, 94% of total clicks go to organic search results, and only 6% of clicks go to paid advertising.

Paid Search Results:

Paid Search Results

Organic Search Results:

organic search results

For years advertisers and marketers have overspent for minimal, highly competitive returns on paid advertising that delivers short-term ROI. Over time, the issue with over focusing on short-term returns is that the cost of acquiring a new customer from paid advertising only goes up as potential customers are fatigued by your advertisements.

Competition increases their spending on ads, which drives costs up too. The only way to compete is to increase your paid advertising budget year after year to outbid your competition and deliver your ads to new potential customers. Long term, this is not a sustainable model of building a brand that retains a massive market share.

organic seo advantage line graph

Unlike paid advertising, SEO lowers your customer acquisition costs and increases your return on investment over time. When you generate traffic and revenue from SEO, you do not need to continue paying to receive that traffic and revenue. Once you have captured that traffic and revenue, it continues for your cannabis business even if you stop investing in SEO.

Over time, this creates a near infinite ROI as your cannabis brand grows using SEO. The only downside to SEO is that it is a long-term strategy best suited for cannabis brands with short-term revenue sources that can invest for a minimum of six months before seeing a return. Do not sell out the long-term sustainability of your cannabis brand by over-investing in short-term revenue and traffic tactics that increase costs and lower ROI over time. 

Cannabis Brands That Have Succeeded With Our Google Marketing



Ananda Professional

What Clients Say About Our SEO Agency

“He delivers on what he says he’s going to do.” – Dave Martin, CEO and Director of Growth.

Dave Martin

They are very professional, highly responsive to every one of our emails, and knowledgeable about white hat SEO strategies. Our website’s ranking has increased significantly since we started the campaign. They succeeded in ranking our targeted keywords between the 1st and 3rd positions. 


They always welcomed our feedback for improving our strategy along the way.


Furthermore, they hired and successfully managed a team of quality content writers. They made sure that they followed our company’s standards. I highly recommend their services, and we will continue with a new campaign a few months from now. Thank you very much for everything, David and team.” – Nikos, Founder, and CEO

Nikos Vasilellis

Give our team 30 minutes or less of your time, and if you do not find this useful we will send you $100 for your time.

​How Do Our Local SEO Services Deliver ROI For a Local Cannabis Client?

Suppose you own or operate a dispensary or local CBD store. In that case, you know from firsthand experience how crucial driving foot traffic to your store is for the success of your dispensary. Local seo services are the most efficient marketing method for driving local customers to your dispensary in-store. According to HubSpot, 88% of consumers who do a local search on their smartphone visit or call the store within the same day. Generating more Google SEO traffic that directly converts to in-store foot traffic at your dispensary is crucial.

Local search engine optimization is the only way to show up first for local searches that cannabis users search for when they need a dispensary near them. Creating and optimizing your Google Business Profile for a local cannabis client is crucial. Creating marijuana SEO content that shows up for the local searches your potential customer base is searching for on Google is key to increasing revenue for in-store purchases.

“David is a hard worker – he gets the job done really well. David knows what to do and delivers real results that work. Looking forward to working with him again soon.”

“The amount of experience and the easy-to-digest explanations of the company in explaining concepts were impressive.” – Travis Smith, Social Media & SEO Manager.

Our Cannabis SEO Services Versus Other Cannabis SEO Companies

Our SEO Process

01 Business Research

02 Create the Customer Journey

03 Content Creation

04 Technical Optimization

05 Earn High Quality Votes

Our seo company invests tens of hours learning about your brand, customer, and products or services. Doing so ensures the traffic from content turns into revenue for your business.


Creating the customer journey enables us to reach your customers with Search from when they have a problem to when they purchase your solution.

Creating SEO-optimized content that shows up for the terms your ideal customers are searching at each step of their journey. Focusing on creating content for when they are ready to buy from your brand.

Speeding up your website and improving the user experience and interface increases conversion rate, organic traffic, and revenue.

Earning more high-quality votes or links is very important. Using our proprietary link-building process, we earn votes or links from websites where your customer spends their attention.

Other SEO Agencies Processes

Skipping Number 1

Skipping Number 2

03 Content Creation

04 Technical Optimization

05 Earn High Quality Votes

Other SEO Agencies and seo companies skip the first step of business research and go straight into SEO tactics. The issue with skipping this first step and going straight into SEO tactics is that you generate traffic that does not convert. Suppose an agency does not understand your business, customer, and products or services. In that case, they will not generate traffic that converts into new revenue for your brand.

Other SEO agencies and seo companies skip step #2, creating the customer journey, and go straight into SEO tactics focused on generating traffic. SEO companies that skip creating the customer journey do not find the terms your customer is searching for on Google; they find terms that they think will work. What ends up happening is your traffic goes up, and your revenue does not go up.

Creating SEO-optimized content that is loosely related to your business. Without the prior steps, keyword research is based solely on guesswork.

The technical optimizations are solely focused on SEO. Most SEO agencies do not understand how to improve your website’s conversion rate.

90% of SEO agencies “pay for links or votes,” which could permanently ban your website from Google and erase all organic revenue for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions For a Cannabis SEO Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SEO Important?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important for the long-term success of your cannabis company. Unfortunately, cannabis marketing is banned or strictly prohibited on nearly every offline and online platform. According to a 2022 cannabis digital marketing survey from the Cannabis Marketing Association, more than 80% of cannabis marketers report challenges getting the right message to the right audience. SEO delivers the largest ROI out of all marketing methods for your cannabis business. SEO is one of the only marketing methods not banned or restricted out of all marketing methods in the cannabis industry. 

What Does SEO Do for a Business?

More than 50% of all web traffic goes to organic search results on search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Small business SEO gives you a competitive advantage against massive competitors with massive marketing budgets. The traffic and revenue you earn from your investments in SEO continues to your website even if you stop investing in SEO. Investing in SEO is a leveraged investment that delivers leveraged returns. When you invest in SEO over time, you receive a compounded return on your SEO investment that consistently doubles and triples as time goes on. 

How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

According to a survey of 1,200 business owners and over 350 agencies, freelancers, and digital firms, the average SEO cost for a small business in the USA is $2,501 to $5,000 per month. 

Does SEO Change For Different Types of Cannabis Like CBD?

SEO principles never change, but the strategy and tactics may change depending on the cannabis you are selling and how you are selling cannabis. A direct-to-consumer CBD company will have a different SEO strategy than a local dispensary driving in-store foot traffic and purchases.

How is Marijuana SEO Marketing Different?

Since marijuana is currently considered a schedule 1 drug in the United States of America, there are specific advertising regulations on what we can and cannot say about marijuana online. Selling marijuana across interstate lines is illegal, restricting your business to your local area and state. However, we could use SEO to build brand awareness online and generate revenue from cannabis tourism. Our in-house cannabis SEO team takes a more creative local approach for these campaigns than our national seo services for the cannabis seo markets.

Give our team 30 minutes or less of your time, and if you do not find this useful we will send you $100 for your time.

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