CBD Business License Florida

CBD Business License Florida

As of March 22nd, 2021, Florida has an established domestic CBD hemp product program, sometimes referred to as the USDA state hemp plan or Florida Hemp Program. This plan gave Florida authority over regulating CBD businesses within the State of Florida similar to how Tennessee has regulation of CBD Businesses in their state and licensing.

How to Start a CBD Business in Florida?

Depending on the type of CBD business you would like to start in Florida, you will have to comply with different CBD licensing and regulatory compliances. This article covers all the licensing you need to start a CBD business in Florida, no matter the type of CBD business. Learn more about how to get your license to sell CBD from our articles on “license to sell CBD in Tennessee

Hemp Cultivation Licensing

Hemp Cultivation Licensing

The CBD business hemp cultivation license is for any hemp-derived CBD business or business hemp ancillary within the State of Florida that would like to grow industrial hemp. The CBD cultivation license is free of charge, so do not fall for any robot calls or scammers contacting you to pay a fee for registration. 

What does a CBD business need before they apply in Florida?

There is a cultivator checklist and an FAQ for Florida’s CBD licenses that you are advised to read and understand before applying.


The checklist goes over the following for any hemp ancillary business interested in growing cannabis:

Know the rules

Know the rules.

  • As a licensed hemp cultivator, you have specific responsibilities that you are required to fulfill—for instance, reporting crop harvests, consistent environmental containment, and submitting crop samples for THC testing.

Put together a plan

Put together a plan.

  • Start thinking about where you will get your seeds, cultivars, to whom you sell your crop, and the type of cannabis cultivation operation you will have. For instance, growing hemp oil, fiber, or hemp nursery plants are different cultivating forms and require different processes. Selling hemp nursery plants requires you to register as a nursery. You can do this by contacting DPI at 888-397-1517.

submit fingerprints

Submit fingerprints.

  • The responsible person and Control person(s) have to submit a set of fingerprints to a Livescan provider that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has evaluated.

create an account

Create an account.

  • To validate your profile, submit your Hemp Cultivation Application using a valid email address through the FDACS online portal.

Prepare an environmental containment plan

Prepare an environmental containment plan.

Submit Your Application

Submit your application.

  • Review your application before submitting it to ensure all the information is accurate and correct to avoid processing delays. You could obtain property classification and tax parcel numbers from the Florida Department of Revenue website if needed.

Submit Your Confirmation Email

Save your confirmation email.

  • Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation from DPI. Save this email in your records in case you need it in the future.

Look for communications from FDACS

Look for communications from FDACS.

  • Once your application has been submitted, the FDACS team will start reviewing your application. If your application is complete and there is no other further information needed. You will receive an email confirmation that contains your license to cultivate hemp. If your application is incomplete or there are issues, you will be notified by the FDACS team.

Submit Your Application

Save your application.

  • Seed dealers, nurseries, and government officials may need your license number throughout your cultivation process. Save your application and email with your license number.

Know the rules

Know the rules.

  • Congratulations, you are now a licensed hemp dealer in Florida. Holding this license means you have certain ongoing responsibilities, such as posting signage, reporting your anticipated harvest dates, and consistently submitting samples for THC testing. Stay up to date on your responsibilities and requirements. Here is the FAQ on the requirements to maintain your cannabis licenses.

Hemp Seed Dealer License in Florida

Hemp Seed Dealer License in Florida

When selling hemp seed within the State of Florida, different requirements depending on the type of hemp seed dealings you are operating.

Sourcing Hemp Seed and Cultivars

Those who acquire farmer hemp processor licenses could only use the following kinds of seeds and cultivars:


  1. As defined in Section 578.011(8), Florida Statutes say only seeds and cultivars that are certified by an agency. The certified seed has a label with a seal that states the name of the certifying agency and the certification number.


  2. Universities or Institutions are conducting an Industrial Hemp Program approved for seed and      cultivars. The labels will have the name “Pilot Project Hemp Seed” with the identification of the approved university or institution.


Growers cannot plant their hemp crop seeds, clones, or cuttings. There is no automatic certification or approval for the progeny of certified hemp seed or pilot project hemp seed.

Here is a list of pilot project-approved seeds and clones and a list of licensed seed dealers in Florida.

Requirements for Selling Hemp Seed in Florida

Businesses that want to sell hemp seed in Florida must obtain a seed dealer license from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). Use their Seed Dealer Licensing and Regulatory Website to apply for a Seed Dealer License.

Requirements for Selling Hemp Clones in Florida

You must register with the FDACS as a nursery or stock dealer before selling hemp clones in Florida. To register, visit the FDACS Nursery and Stock Dealer Registration page.

Cannabis Food Establishment Permit

Cannabis Food Establishment Permit

Following the recently-passed hemp bill that approved Florida with the USDA to start their State Hemp Program. Any business that sells hemp extract intended for human consumption must obtain a food permit from the Division of Food Safety. This includes brand hemp retailers and extractor hemp brands that are selling CBD oil, CBD gummies, or any other consumable CBD products. 


This includes both retail CBD hemp establishments and wholesale CBD hemp establishments. The manufacturing, processing, packing, holding, or preparing of hemp extract intended for human consumption requires food establishment permits, whether for retail or wholesale.

You could apply for a hemp food establishment permit online through the FDACS website for a retail or wholesale food establishment permit.


No matter if your business is online or brick and mortar, if your business sells ingestible CBD or cannabis products, you are required by law to obtain Florida’s food establishment authorization.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Marijuana and CBD Products

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Marijuana and CBD Products

Do I Need a License to Sell CBD in FL?

Depending on the type of organization you are setting up for cannabidiol in Florida. You may need a hemp cultivator authorization, hemp seed dealer authorization, or food establishment authorization.

How Much Does a Florida Hemp License Cost?

Hemp Seed Cultivator License



The hemp cultivation license is free of charge.


Seed Dealer License



The fees vary for a hemp seed dealer license depending on the preceding year’s gross receipts from the seed sale. The fee is based on anticipated receipts for the first license year. Seed dealer licenses expire every year on June 30th.


Food Establishment Permit


Food establishment permit fees are determined at inspection. They are based on the type of food establishment, whether retail or wholesale. Once you have filed your inspection summary that indicates you have met inspection requirements, the owner of your establishment will receive an email with payment instructions. Food establishment permit renewals and fees are due before December 31st every year. 

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