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We will efficiently increase your revenue and market share growth over time by generating traffic that actually converts.

If we are not successful, we will return your money.

Why are our Cannabis SEO Services the Best?

Unlike other SEO companies that focus on seo traffic before learning about your business and customer resulting in seo traffic that does not convert into new seo revenue.

Our seo company starts with understanding your business goals, ideal customer, and products, so we know exactly what your customer is searching for on Google.

Resulting in seo traffic that converts into new revenue for your business. We are so confident in our proprietary seo system that we will return your money if we are not successful.

Our SEO Agency Versus Other SEO Agencies

Our SEO Process

01 Business Research

02 Create the Customer Journey

03 Content Creation

04 Technical Optimization

05 Earn High Quality Votes

Our expert team invests tens of hours learning about your brand, customer, and products or services. Doing so ensures the traffic turns into revenue for your business.

Our expert team creates the customer journey enabling us to reach your customers with Search from the moment they have a problem purchasing your solution.

Our agency creates SEO optimized content that shows up for the terms your ideal customers are searching at each step of their journey—focusing on when they are ready to buy what from your brand.

Our agency increases the speed of your website, improving the user experience and the user interface, increasing conversion rate, organic traffic, and revenue.

Earning more high-quality seo votes or seo links is very important. Using our proprietary seo link building process services, we earn seo votes or seo links from websites where your customer spends their attention.

Other SEO Agencies Processes

Skipping Number 1

Skipping Number 2

03 Content Creation

04 Technical Optimization

05 Earn High Quality Votes

Other ecommerce SEO Agencies skip the first step of business research and go straight into ecommerce SEO tactics. The issue with skipping this first step and going straight into ecommerce SEO tactics is that you generate traffic that does not convert. Suppose an agency does not understand your cannabis business, cannabis customer, and cannabis products or services. In that case, they will not generate traffic that converts into new revenue for your brand.

Other ecommerce SEO agencies skip step #2, creating the customer journey and go straight into cannabis SEO tactics focused on generating traffic. An ecommerce agency that skips creating the customer journey does not find the terms your cannabis customer is searching for on Google. They find terms that they think will work. What ends up happening is that your traffic goes up, and your revenue does not go up.

Creating ecommerce SEO optimized content that is loosely related to your business. Without the prior steps, keyword research is based solely on guesswork.

The technical optimizations are solely focused on SEO. Most SEO agencies do not understand how to improve your website’s conversion rate.

90% of SEO agencies “pay for links or votes”, which could get your website permanently banned from Google and erase all organic revenue for your business.

CBD Brands That Trust Our CBD SEO Company


Ananda Hemp


SEO Versus Paid Advertising


Organic Search SEO is the only channel that is not banned on Google and Social media for CBD.

Organic Search SEO Delivers the Largest ROI Over Time and…

Organic Search SEO is the Only Channel That Generates Traffic and Revenue When You Stop Investing.

organic seo advantage line graph

For decades paid advertising has eaten up the majority of brands’ marketing and advertising budgets. Over time, the issue with paid ads is that customer acquisition costs only go up as customers are fatigued by seeing the same advertisements. The return on investment goes down. The only solution is to spend more money to display your cannabis ads to a new audience or continuously change up the cannabis ads.

Unlike paid advertising, Organic Search SEO or cannabis SEO lowers your customer acquisition costs over time. The return on investment only goes up over time. Do not allow the short term focus to generate cannabis revenue today to torpedo your cannabis brand’s long term revenue and market share growth.

Which CBD SEO Strategies are Right For You?

The best CBD SEO strategies and seo services do not start with ecommerce SEO cannabis traffic. They start with understanding your business, customer, and products. Without a deep understanding of your CBD business, CBD customer, and CBD products, an seo specialist is useless. An SEO expert providing seo services that do not understand your CBD business, CBD customer, and CBD products will not generate traffic your customers are searching for on Google that converts into new revenue for your business. 

Furthermore, Cannabis content writing within the CBD industry requires special knowledge of what can and cannot be said. The FTC has cracked down on five CBD companies in the past year, fining them significantly for violating these claims. Hire CBD SEO services that understand the importance of protecting your CBD and Cannabis brand in the search engine results on Google. Lastly, when done wrong, search engine optimization could result in your CBD brand being permanently banned from Google losing all revenue. Google has search quality guidelines and webmaster guidelines. If they are not followed, Google could permanently ban your CBD brand from their cannabis search engine pages. Hire SEO specialists that follow Google’s quality guidelines and webmaster guidelines to protect your brand from being permanently banned. Google has a fantastic article on hiring an SEO that is beneficial for you to read. 

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Services

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO, short for Search engine optimization, is the only CBD advertising and CBD marketing channel not banned on Google and social media for CBD brands. SEO Search engines like Google and Bing have paid and organic search results. Paid search results you have to pay for your CBD website to show up and organic search SEO results cannot be bought. Your CBD website has to earn a place using SEO.

What is CBD in SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of earning a spot in the organic search results on Google and Bing. The SEO search engine results receive 94% of all clicks on Google compared to the paid search results, which only receive 6% of all clicks. Google has 7 billion users in the world chances are your CBD customers are searching to purchase CBD on Google.

We know they are because we helped generate over $15 million in revenue for cbdMD. We could help your company increase revenue and market share. Suppose you are not creating SEO cannabis content. From experience, we know your competitors are creating SEO content. Take the first step to gain market share back using SEO search engines. Reach out for a free consultation now below.

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