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the best cbd seo services

The Best CBD SEO Services

SEO With David is the only CBD seo agency to use our unique CBD seo services to generate traffic that actually converts into new revenue for your CBD brand. If we are not successful, we will return your money.

Unlike other seo services, our CBD seo company generates traffic that actually converts into new revenue for your CBD brand. Other seo services overfocus on seo tactics and under focus on understanding your business goals and ideal customer. If you hire a seo service that does not understand your business and your customer, you will not see results. Our team solves this frustrating problem for CBD business owners by creating a seo strategy based on your business and your customer before executing the seo tactics to generate traffic that converts into new revenue for you.

Our team has contributed to generating over $19 million in revenue for CBD companies.

CBD Brands That Have Worked with our SEO Company


Ananda Hemp


CBD Success Story

cbdMD CBD SEO Case Study

Publicly Traded Company Lagging Behind Their Competitors In SEO Search Traffic.

Learn how we helped increase their revenue by $15,231,409 in this CBD case study.

What our SEO Clients Have to Say


– Tarek Lel | Senior SEO Executive| Farfetch Limited UK

“He delivers on what he says he’s going to do.”

– Dave Martin, CEO and Director of Growth at Nettra Media.

“The amount of experience and the easy-to-digest explanations of the company in explaining concepts were impressive.”

– Travis Smith, Social Media & SEO Manager, 7 Eagle Group.

What are Cannabis SEO Services?

Cannabis SEO services are the best way to sell CBD online to consumers. Unlike social media paid advertising which has banned the direct sale of CBD, the organic search results on Google are a free game for selling CBD direct to consumers. Suppose you are a CBD brand frustrated with the current marketing climate preventing CBD promotion on nearly all major platforms. In that case, SEO on Google is the choice for you. 

What is SEO Stand for

What is SEO Stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of improving your CBD website’s rankings on the organic search results on search engines like Google. Your CBD customers search online using major search engines like Google and Bing to purchase CBD directly from your brand. When your brand does not show up at the top of the organic search results for the search terms, your customers’ search than your CBD customers’ purchases from your CBD competitors.


SEO delivers the largest return on investment over time


Search engine traffic represents about 93% of all traffic on the internet.


94% of Google’s search engine clicks go to organic results, with just 6% of click share left for paid ads.

Why are CBD SEO Strategies Important for your CBD Company?

The fact is that marketing and advertising CBD through paid channels online such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are banned. What does that leave your CBD brand to do? CBD SEO strategies are the best marketing and advertising not banned for your CBD brand. Even if CBD was not banned on the other platforms. SEO delivers the largest return on investment over time out of any marketing and advertising channel. Search engine traffic represents about 93% of all traffic on the internet, with 94% of that traffic going to the free organic results and only 6% going to the paid results. Even if your brand is killing it with other marketing and advertising channels, not focusing on SEO is leaving a lot of money and market share on the table.

Since marijuana is federally illegal, the major social media platforms and traditional advertising avenues treat CBD as a drug and ban the advertising of CBD on their platforms. Even Google bans advertising CBD through paid Search, which does not leave your brand many options for selling CBD products direct to consumers. Your brand has one option that happens to have the largest ROI over time out of any advertising channels. CBD SEO services are the best and only option for your brand to increase revenue and market share through direct to consumer sales.


For decades paid advertising has eaten up the majority of brands’ marketing and advertising budgets. Over time, the issue with paid ads is that customer acquisition costs only go up as customers are fatigued by seeing the same advertisements; the return on investment goes down. The only solution is to spend more money to display your ads to a new audience or spend more money to change up the ads continuously.

Unlike paid advertising, Organic Search or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) lowers your customer acquisition costs over time, and the return on investment only goes up over time. Do not allow the short term focus to generate revenue today to torpedo your brands’ long term revenue and market share growth.

What Makes Our CBD SEO Company Different from Other SEO Companies?

1. Our Proprietary Process That Increases Your Revenue and Market Share With Search

2. Money-Back Guaranteed

3. Performance-Based Payment Process

01 Business Research

02 Create the Customer Journey

03 Content Creation

04 Technical Optimization

05 Earn High Quality Votes

We invest tens of hours learning about your brand, customer, and products. Doing so ensures the traffic turns into revenue for your business.

Creating the customer journey enables us to reach your customers with Search from the moment they have a problem to when they purchase your solution.

Creating SEO optimized content that shows up for the terms your ideal customers are searching at each step of their journey. Focusing on when they are ready to buy what from your brand.

Speeding up your website, improving the user experience, and the user interface increases conversion rate, organic traffic, and revenue.

Earning more high-quality votes or links is very important. We earn votes or links from websites where your customer spends their attention using our proprietary link building process.

Skipping Number 1

Skipping Number 2

03 Content Creation

04 Technical Optimization

05 Earn High Quality Votes

Other SEO Agencies skip the first step of business research and go straight into SEO tactics. The issue with skipping this first step and going straight into SEO tactics is that you generate traffic that does not convert. Suppose an agency does not understand your business, customer, and products. In that case, they will not generate traffic that converts into new revenue for your brand.

Other SEO agencies skip step #2, creating the customer journey and go straight into SEO tactics focused on generating traffic. An agency that skips creating the customer journey does not find the terms your customer is searching for on Google. They find terms that they think will work. What ends up happening is that your traffic goes up, and your revenue does not go up.

They are creating SEO optimized content that is loosely related to your business. Without the preliminary steps, keyword research is based solely on guesswork.

The technical optimizations are solely focused on SEO. Most SEO agencies do not understand how to improve your website’s conversion rate.

90% of SEO agencies “pay for links or votes”, which could permanently ban your website from Google and erase all organic revenue for your business.

CBD Success Story

Publicly Traded Company Focused On Diversifying Their Business.

Learn how we helped Diversify their Business with Ecommerce in this CBD SEO case study.

Contributing to a monthly revenue increase of $25,872 a month and a monthly lifetime revenue increase of $133,298 a month.

How does a CBD SEO Company and SEO Service Benefit Your CBD Brand?

The bottom line is that a CBD SEO company saves you thousands of hours and generates the largest return on investment out of any of your existing CBD advertising channels. Unless you would like to invest thousands of hours into consistently testing over 2,000 ranking factors on Google to know exactly what works and does not work, you are better off with a CBD seo company.

The challenge is that choosing the right seo company is very difficult if you do not understand how SEO works. Due to the low barrier of entry, many unethical services within the seo industry are misleading their clients and delivering poor, even harmful results. Google has an excellent article on how to hire an SEO which explains how doing SEO the wrong way could result in your brand being permanently banned from Google.

The other challenge when hiring services within the SEO industry is that SEO is a long term strategy. According to Google, SEO takes a minimum of four months to begin to see results and a year to see fantastic results. Do not hire services unless you can invest at least 6 to 12 months into an SEO campaign without worrying about finances. 


Suppose you are a CBD brand that does not have consistent revenue streams. In that case, you are better off developing other revenue streams first before focusing on SEO. Hiring an SEO that can actually generate traffic that converts is crucial to your brand’s success in the cannabis search engine results. 


Since this is a long term strategy, hiring the wrong SEO could result in your brand losing a lot of time and money. For this reason, hire an SEO that has proven case studies of success and testimonials and can demonstrate test results that prove why they know what to do.

What Our SEO Clients Have to Say


Highly recommended to anyone.

– Amit Raj | CEO of Amit Digital Marketing


– James DeLapa | Founder of Senior Care Directory

They are very professional, highly responsive to every one of our emails, and knowledgeable about white hat SEO strategies. Our website’s ranking was increased significantly since we started the campaign. They succeeded in ranking our targeted keywords between the 1st and 3rd positions. 

 – Nikos Nereids Aquatic Coaching


Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Why Do I Need SEO?


Even if you are not focused on ecommerce seo, 81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before going into the store to make a purchase

Directly promoting ingestible CBD online is banned from all major social media platforms and search engines. SEO is the only marketing and advertising channel where your company can directly promote CBD on Google. 93% of all traffic online is generated from search engines such as Google and Bing. 94% of all search engine traffic is generated from the seo search engine results. Only 6% of traffic goes to the paid results.

 Even if you are not focused on ecommerce seo, 81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before going into the store to make a purchase. Not showing up first for the relevant keyword phrases your ideal customers are searching online costs your company money and market share. Your major competitors are showing up, and the longer you wait, the more market share your competitors control online.

what is the difference between paid and organic search

What is the difference between Paid and Organic Search?

The difference between paid and organic search results is that your company has to pay to be listed in the paid search results. Your cannabis brand has to earn a listing in the organic search results. 


This means your cannabis brand cannot pay Google to be listed at the top of the organic results by Google’sGoogle’s search engine crawlers. Your cannabis brand cannot use paid social media marketing to get to the top of the organic search results on Google. The only way to the top of the organic search results is by earning a spot using search engine optimization.

What am I paying an SEO Marketing Agency for

What am I paying an SEO Marketing Agency for?

Your cannabis seo marketing agency is working around the clock to deliver results for your cannabis brand. An ungodly amount of work goes into generating tremendous revenue gains using SEO for your cannabis brand.


When you hire our search optimization service, this is exactly what we are delivering for you:

What we do is generate leads that directly lead to sales through SEO.


SEO is arguably the best marketing tactic for acquiring customers at the lowest and the highest return on investment over time.


We find what your customer or target audience is searching for on Google.


Then we determine which terms will directly lead to sales the fastest.


Next, we create content to rank for the terms your customer is searching for to buy what you are selling.


We optimize that content for Google. That way, it shows up when your customer searches for it on Google.


Next, we optimize your website. When your customer visits your website, it gives them a wonderful experience and helps them buy what you are selling.


Lastly, we need to earn high-quality votes for your website. Remember, it is not the number of votes but the quality of votes we earn.


A vote in Google’s eyes is a link or a highlighted blue text like this. The more high-quality links your website has, the more Google will trust your website. As Google trusts your website more, your website’s traffic will increase. Ultimately, traffic turns into sales. Now we must earn quality links.


Google has specific guidelines on earning links. The wrong links could result in your website being permanently banned from Google and losing all traffic and sales.


Using our process, we earn links from websites where your customer already spends their attention online. These links are very high quality, and once we earn them for your website, we cannot earn them for another website. This means Google will trust these links because they were earned and not purchased using money.


Over time, this increases your organic traffic, which increases your conversions and revenue while lowering customer acquisition costs and increasing lifetime revenue per customer.

Business Research

Business Research

  • Cannabis SEO Marketing Brand Strategy
  • Determine the type of purchase, whether impulse or considered?
  • Determine the length of the sales cycle
  • Determine customer acquisition costs
  • Determine the average order value
  • Determine the lifetime value of a customer
  • Determine the average conversion rate
  • Determine whether your cannabis brand is B2B, B2C, or both?


Product or service research

Product or Service Research

  • A cannabis positioning statement for your brand
  • Cannabis Unique Selling Proposition for your brand
  • Cannabis product ideation for the SEO marketing link building campaign
  • Defining your ideal cannabis customer

Customer Research CBD SEO Service

Customer Research

  • The marketing buying process and customer journey for your ideal customer

Competitive Analysis CBD SEO Service

  • Marketing competitive analysis

Keyword research cbd seo service

  • Researching and choosing SEO marketing keywords that directly lead to sales
  • Research and choosing marketing keywords that indirectly lead to sales

how we evaluate and measure traffic

How We Evaluate and Measure the Traffic

Setting up the measuring and evaluation of the traffic generated from the campaign to demonstrate revenue increases from our marketing output.

Technical Optimization

Technical Optimization and Development

  • Marketing audit of the website to identify quick wins for technical improvements
  • We adjust the URL structures via 301 redirects for websites that currently have a presence to improve marketing rankings and traffic and generate new revenue increases.
  • Eliminating and redirecting SEO duplicate content
  • Designing and implementing the marketing internal link structure of the website

Landing Page and Blog Content Reoptimization If Needed

Landing Page and Blog Content ReOptimization (If Needed)

  • Rewriting and reoptimizing the SEO landing pages and marketing blog content

Landing page and blog content creation

Landing Page and Blog Content Creation

  • Creating new SEO landing pages and SEO blog content creation, including copywriting and sales page design for converting traffic.

Differentiate Titles to Boost CTR

Differentiate Titles to Boost CTR

website speed optimization

Page Experience and Website Speed Optimization

  • Changing the SEO hosting plan to our SEO provider
  • Making SEO server and SEO technical site improvements to speed up the website and increase conversion rates which generate more profitable revenue increases

Off Page SEO and Link Building CBD SEO Service

Off-Page SEO and Link Building

  • SEO Content ideation
  • SEO Email sequence ideation, including copywriting
  • SEO Inbox management
  • Guarantee of the number of SEO live or agreed on links
  • All SEO content creation included

Reporting CBD SEO Service


We give you live reporting in the project tracker of everything we are doing at all times.

We will maintain contact with you regularly via phone or email. We provide email updates once a week on Fridays. We could decide on a day where you are free to chat with us on the phone about anything you wish to chat about at any time.

We will provide a report over time containing the progress made in Google Search Console and Analytics. Highlighting the increases in organic search traffic and organic rankings. Google Search Console is used for reporting the ranking and organic traffic increases. Google Analytics is used for reporting the leads and sales increases.

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