CBD Store Search Engine Optimization

CBD Store Search Engine Optimization: The Facts About SEO and CBD SEO

Are you facing a steep uphill battle of CBD regulation, CBD payment processing, and CBD compliance marketing? 

Do you find CBD social media and CBD search engine advertising marketing bans unfair?

Is traditional CBD advertising limited and driving minimal CBD results at best with your marketing?


 Then CBD SEO is the best and one of the only CBD revenue generators for your CBD company with our Best SEO Agency. Search Engine Optimization, short for SEO, is a completely unregulated CBD sales channel for CBD companies with the highest return on CBD investment out of all CBD channels. Choose the best CBD SEO Services. This ecommerce CBD SEO case study proves it.


Why is SEO Important for CBD Brands in the Cannabis Industry?

The 2018 farm bill legalized CBD, which contains 0.3% or less THC derived from marijuana. Since marijuana is a schedule 1 drug federally illegal in the United States of America and across the world in many countries. Major advertising companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, TikTok, and Snapchat and many traditional advertising companies ban or strictly prohibit the paid advertising of CBD.


Since Cannabidiol is derived from the cannabis plant which marijuana is derived from and legally has to contain less than 0.3% THC derived from marijuana, these companies ban or restrict paid advertising of Cannabidiol. Allowing cannabidiol products on their platforms opens them up to legal liability if there were to be products sold that contain illegal levels of marijuana THC or, worse, drug trafficking disguised as selling cannabidiol products.


These companies are not interested in dedicating resources to consistently and regularly testing all CBD products sold on their platforms. Instead, these companies ban or severely restrict the paid advertising of CBD products on their platforms.


Now the question is…

“How Can I Promote My CBD Business?”

An CBD SEO Strategy on Search is the only advertising and marketing channel that is not banned or restricted and delivers the highest ROI for CBD companies targeting their keywords. Check out this CBD SEO Case Study that proves it for their keywords.

What is SEO for CBD Companies?

SEO traffic makes up 53% of all website traffic on the internet, 94% of clicks go to the SEO search results, and only 6% go to the paid search results keywords. For those not familiar with an SEO strategy, it is a process of generating revenue and traffic from the SEO strategy search results on search engines like Google and Bing for the CBD keywords your customers are searching for on search engines. 

SEO CBD Search Results and Search Engine Rankings for Websites and Stores

Paid Search Results

Unlike the SEO CBD Search Results keywords, the only way to generate revenue and traffic from the paid CBD search results keywords is to constantly keep paying Google search, Bing, or another search engine for advertising your stores in the keywords rankings.



On the other hand, the only way to generate CBD revenue and CBD traffic from the SEO CBD Search results keywords on Google is to earn CBD revenue and CBD traffic using a process called SEO on Google. Even if you stop investing in SEO marketing on Google, the CBD revenue and CBD traffic you generated from your previous CBD investment continues for your CBD business. This is why SEO marketing on Google has the highest return on CBD investment out of all advertising and CBD marketing channels for cannabis companies and their keywords.


The only downside to SEO marketing on Google is that it takes time. On average, it takes six months for established CBD businesses and cannabis websites to begin seeing a return on CBD investment from SEO and 12 months to receive fantastic SEO results. For brand new CBD business and cannabis websites, you could expect a minimum of 12 months of SEO investment to begin seeing a return on CBD investment from SEO marketing.

What is the Purpose of SEO, Traffic, and Links for Optimizing a Store Like Yours in the Rankings for their Search Engines Keywords?

The purpose of SEO is to market your CBD ecommerce website content keywords where your ideal CBD customer is spending their attention on Google and to have your content show up first to be read before the competition for the keywords. Effectively executing SEO marketing drives targeted CBD traffic from your ideal customer at every stage of their journey, exponentially increasing your market share and revenue over time using search engines and keywords.



Think of investing in SEO optimizing like compound interest and dollar cost averaging your SEO investment over time. Initially, you may put money into SEO optimizing while receiving minimal returns. Still, as you consistently invest in SEO optimizing, you see exponential CBD revenue increases from SEO that double every month over time. Here is a visual representation of what you could expect from search engine optimization (SEO) when optimizing for the rankings –

organic seo advantage line graph

The challenge is finding a CBD SEO company that knows how to generate SEO traffic from your content which converts into revenue for you. Search Engine Optimization companies often over-focus on creating SEO cannabis content that increases SEO traffic to your CBD website before understanding your cannabis business, customers, and products—resulting in SEO traffic that does not convert.

Our CBD SEO Services focuses on creating SEO content that generates SEO traffic which converts to revenue using a custom-tailored CBD SEO strategy that starts with understanding your business, customers, and products before creating content. Resulting in SEO traffic to your content that compounds your return on investment, market share, and revenue.

How SEO Content Marketing Increases Your Website CBD Sales and Searches

In the SEO search results, your ideal customers are now actively searching to buy CBD products. The power of Google search marketing optimizing using SEO optimizing is that your CBD ecommerce brand can digitally create content that shows up first on Google when your ideal customers search on Google to buy CBD products. Creating landing page content for your CBD products that shows up first using ecommerce SEO optimizing in Google search directly drives conversions and revenue for your CBD brand.


Unlike social media, where your ideal customers are not searching to buy CBD products, they use social media to entertain, learn about new ideas, and connect with others. Social media is a great channel to bring awareness to the power of CBD for those who are not aware of CBD and the benefits it provides. Unfortunately, paid ads and organic social media marketing are banned or severely restricted on all major social media platforms. 

How Does SEO Help to Optimize Your Business Over Time Using Search Engine Optimization?

There is a massive amount of distrust of CBD within the marketplace due to the lack of education on what CBD is and the benefits CBD provides. According to a recent CBD survey in the United States of America:


  • 26% of Americans believe CBD is the same as marijuana.
  • 22% do not trust the product or manufacturer.
  • 8% worry it will make them high.

When Americans and people, in general, seek information to learn and understand CBD, they turn to search engines like Google to find the answers to their questions. This is a part of their customer journey on Google Search, where your ideal customer asks Google questions about CBD, and your brand’s content could show up first with the answers.


Over time the more your business content shows up first for educational searches about CBD on Google, the more known, trustworthy, and liked your brand becomes. In turn, your company converts these potential customers who were previously skeptical of CBD and increases your revenue and market share within the industry.


When your business content shows up providing these answers, you could capture the traffic on an email list and continue marketing and educating the consumer. Over time, your company will build up a big list of loyal email subscribers who know, trust, and like your company. Over time when your business promotes product launches, new products, and offers, your email subscribers will purchase from your business—resulting in revenue increases and market share growth from brand loyalty. 

What About Switchables?

According to a recent survey in 2021 by The CBD Insider, only 27% of current CBD consumers always use the same CBD brand. That means 73% of consumers who occasionally, often, or always use other CBD brands are switchable. Here are the reasons why these consumers switch CBD brands:


  • 43.4% wanted something different.
  • 39.9% switched for a better value.
  • 35.1% switched based on word-of-mouth recommendation
  • 29.2% switched because their preferred brand is not always available.
  • Lastly, 4.6% switched for a reason not listed.


Capturing the attention of the 73% of consumers who switch brands online using Google search is a tremendous opportunity for you to capture market share. Over time expect the percentage of consumers that switch CBD brands to go down, so capitalize on this opportunity before it is no longer obtainable.

Is a CBD SEO Company Worth It?

Hiring a CBD SEO Agency instead of doing search engine optimization yourself saves you time and money while delivering a more efficient return on investment from the rankings. Building an in-house CBD local SEO team is expensive and time-consuming in the rankings.


This is what it takes to hire and manage an in-house SEO services ecommerce team from the searches:


  • SEO Director to Optimize Your CBD Store [$80,000 a year]


  • SEO Data Scientist to Optimize Your CBD Shop [$102,149 a year] 


  • SEO Content Strategists for Your Store [$88,190 a year] 


  • SEO Marketing Strategists to Improve Your Shopping [$61,362 a year] 


  • SEO Back End Developer for your website [$69,430 a year] 


  • SEO Digital Public Relations Manager for your website [$58,605 a year] 


  • SEO Digital Data Researchers for your website [$54,433 a year] 


  • SEO Digital Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist for your website [$75,000 a year] 


  • SEO Digital UI/UX Designer for your website [$110,315 a year] 


  • SEO Digital Copywriter and Content Writer Page Producer for your website [$54,184 a year] 


  • Technical SEO Lead for your website [$67,070 a year]


  • On-Page SEO Lead for your website [$61,857 a year]


Totaling $882,595 a year to make payroll for an in-house SEO team, not including payroll taxes, SEO technology, SEO tools, and the thousands of hours to train the team effectively for your website. Instead of going through the expensive and time-consuming challenge of building and training an in-house SEO team for your website. 


You could invest in SEO marketing services from an SEO marketing agency for $42,000 a year to get faster, more efficient results for your website. SEO and local SEO is time-consuming and expensive to hire, train, and manage an in-house SEO team because of the many roles and the complexity of efficiently executing SEO at scale for your website. 


To determine what works and does not work in SEO and local SEO, you have to test every ranking factor using single variable scientific testing for your website. Over 1,200 known ranking factors on Google need to be scientifically single variable tested consistently over time as Google creates algorithm changes for your website. 


Even once you know what to optimize in SEO search, designing efficient SEO systems and processes to execute what works for SEO at scale is an uphill climb for your website. Since SEO involves so many moving pieces and different industries to execute effectively for your website. From digital public relations to technical web development and conversion optimization, many moving parts make scaling SEO effectively challenging and expensive for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Do SEO for CBD Products?

Effective SEO for CBD products begins with understanding your target audience for your website. Firstly, conduct thorough keyword research to identify the most searched terms related to CBD for your website. Next, craft quality content that educates readers about CBD, its benefits, and its distinction from THC-rich products for your website. On-page optimizations, including meta titles, descriptions, and proper header tags, are crucial for your website. Building high-quality, relevant backlinks will bolster your site’s authority for your website. Ensure that your website is mobile-responsive, as most users search on-the-go for your website. Use local SEO practices, especially if you have a physical store, to appear in local searches for your website. Regularly update your content, engage with user reviews, and stay updated with the latest SEO trends for your website. Remember, transparency and education are key in the CBD industry; your SEO strategy should reflect this for your website. 

What is CBD in SEO?

CBD in SEO refers to the process of optimizing your Cannabidiol (CBD) website or online store for search engines for your website. In the digital marketing realm, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” and when CBD is the focal product, it becomes critical to tailor strategies for the unique challenges and opportunities the CBD industry presents for your site customers. Unlike other industries, CBD brands face stringent regulations, advertising restrictions, and misconceptions for their customers. Therefore, in the CBD context, SEO is about more than just ranking on Google; it’s about building trust, educating consumers, and establishing authority with your people. Implementing CBD-specific SEO strategies ensures that your brand stands out in an increasingly saturated market and reaches the consumers who are actively searching for quality CBD products and information for your people. 

How Do I Promote My CBD Website?

Promoting your CBD website in today’s restrictive landscape requires strategic finesse for your people. First and foremost, leverage the power of SEO to ensure your site ranks organically for relevant CBD-related queries. Create high-quality, informative content that educates and engages potential customers, establishing your brand as a trusted authority. Collaborate with industry influencers and bloggers to generate backlinks and gain exposure. Engage in community forums and answer questions related to CBD to build trust with your traffic. Utilize email marketing campaigns to nurture leads, and consider loyalty programs to retain existing customers. Lastly, while many platforms restrict CBD ads, consider partnerships or sponsored content in industry-specific publications. Remember, in the CBD space, authenticity, and transparency reign supreme; showcase genuine testimonials and maintain clear communication with your audience and the links to your websites visbility.

How to Do Search Engine Optimization for My Business?

Executing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business is a multi-faceted endeavor for your websites visibility and users. Begin by identifying and understanding your target audience and the keywords they use to search for your products or services and their visibility. Implement these keywords organically within high-quality content that offers genuine value to readers. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly, optimizing all backend elements such as meta descriptions, alt tags, and URL structures. Acquire credible backlinks through partnerships and guest posts, bolstering your site’s authority in the cannabis industry. Monitor your analytics to understand user behavior and adapt accordingly with your keyword research for your CBD tincture. Regularly update content and stay informed about algorithm changes to stay competitive with your keyword research and audience CBD search traffic for cannabis websites like yours. Consider investing in professional SEO services to harness specialized expertise, ensuring that your business remains at the forefront of search results and captures maximum digital real estate with competitive keywords.

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