Each month I have a limited amount of time that I can delegate for client work. At this time I have time for a couple of new clients beginning the week after you sign up. If you are interested then please continue reading and apply to be a potential client. Hurry because I tend to book up pretty fast and will add you to the waiting list if that is the case. 

This form is for your free consultation, I will discuss:

  • Your current content
  • Types of content that you should be using
  • Specific content ideas for your business or blog
  • How to find and approach potential link targets to get backlinks to your website
  • Your current content writer and how frequently can they create content

I am probably the most transparent SEO consultant and link builder you will ever speak with, my sole purpose in this free consultation is to give businesses and bloggers the tools they need to run successful link building campaigns that drive traffic and sales to their website.

With that said, give me 30-40 minutes of your time, and if you do not find this useful I will send you $50 for your time.