Cybersecurity Link Building

Cybersecurity companies from small to large often live and die by search engine rankings on Google search. Without great search visibility on Google search, your Cybersecurity business is not going to be found on Google by your potential customers. Once your website has the foundations of a seo strategy in place such as keyword research and content optimizations. Then the only thing that is standing between your cybersecurity website’s rankings, leads, and revenue increasing is high-quality backlinks. 

cybersecurity link building

What is Link Building?

Link building is a versatile digital marketing tactic for improving your business reputation on Google’s index. A link is a vote in Google’s eyes that your website is more authoritative and deserves more traffic for the search terms that your customers are searching for online.

Do you need more votes or higher quality votes

Do you Need More Votes or Higher Quality Votes?

Unlike a political election, it is not the number of votes that matter but the quality of those votes. Links from relevant websites that are trustworthy that receive site traffic will increase your site’s rankings over links from other websites. In fact, links from other websites that are low quality could damage your reputation leading to a decrease in your website’s ranking on Google. This could mean the life and death of your online reputation it is crucial that you are earning links search engines love to enhance your seo strategy in the search results.

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How does link building help You Increase Leads and Revenue from Search Engines?

A single IP address visiting your website could result in a highly qualified lead that turns into a consistent stream of revenue. The more high quality links to your website the more targeted traffic your website will receive. Resulting in an onslaught of google alerts notifying you of hundreds of leads.

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Why is Traffic From Google Search Results so Valuable?

Google is the only source of traffic where your customers could literally be searching to buy what you are selling. Picture a customer searching for cybersecurity services, clicking on your website, filling out the form, and buying what you are selling. This is why traffic from Google is valuable. 

This is exactly how links increase leads and revenue because they increase traffic to your website from prospective customers searching for what you are selling on the internet.

Organic Search Performance

How does link building Improve Your Site’s Organic Search Performance?

Organic search performance is a marketing term used to measure the amount of traffic your website receives from Google and other search engines.

What is Organic Search Performance?

Another word for organic search performance is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of increasing your website’s rankings in the search engine result pages on Google. The search engine results page are referred to as organic results because they cannot be bought. A website could only organic obtain a ranking in the organic results they could not but their way to the top.

organic traffic

Organic traffic is website visitors that find your website in the search engine result pages on Google. The only way a website could rank number one in the organic results and receive more organic traffic is by using effective SEO on their website.

Why do links matter for cybersecurity businesses?

Links may be the most important ranking factor in the SEO process that determines the amount of organic traffic your website receives. A study was done on over 3 million searches on Google by Ahrefs a SEO data company and the results showed links are the most important ranking factor on Google.

What does this mean for your cybersecurity website?

Organic search performance increases as your website has more high-quality links pointing to your site. You need links in order to rank higher in the organic results. When you rank higher in the organic results Google sends you more traffic from these results. More traffic going to your website means your business receives more leads. As the number of leads increases your business begins to convert more leads so revenue increases. This is why links are crucial to the success of your business online.

How Does White Hat Link Earning Improve Website Security?

Think of low-quality links as a cyber attack on your search engine results which is damaging to your website security. The moment Google detects that the links to your website are low quality and violate their guidelines is the moment your web pages no longer receive traffic. All revenue that is generated from traffic on Google goes to zero the moment Google detects seo spam links.

How to Protect Your Online Reputation?

As a business owner, it is crucial that you choose a digital marketing company that uses the most effective seo tactics that increase your firm’s online reputation on Google. Avoid SEO spammers that promise high search rankings on search engines. These companies use cyber-attacks and malicious software to hack your site’s seo to the top. 

Our goal is to educate clients in the cybersecurity world on the following warning signs to avoid:

1. Avoid companies that guarantee links will be published.



Companies that increase rankings on search engines cannot force another website to link to your website. The only thing a great digital marketing company could do is persuade another website to link to your website and then wait for them to publish the link.

Companies that guarantee links will be published use spam injection links either on hacked websites using malicious code or their own private network. These tactics are damaging to your site’s security and could cause extreme traffic variations. Meaning your website may see a sudden drastic increase in traffic only to lose all traffic months later when Google’s security system of malicious bots detect the hacked links.

The Google search engine has guidelines on links so do not hire a company that will insert links for your business. These companies pay for links leading to seo spamming. Paying for links results in your company being banned from the search results and other search engines. Similar to Cybersecurity a secure website is crucial to success on Google. The moment Google detects malicious activity from hacked urls pointing to your website a security breach occurs and you will lose all traffic.

2. Avoid companies that are not transparent with their process.

Ask a digital marketing company, “what is their process and how do they know it works?” Most of them will say they do not share their process and they know it works from experience.

This is not the answer you are looking for when hiring a company that you could trust with your site’s ranking. A company that you could trust with sensitive data is not learning how to do SEO from the latest news. They know what works by constantly testing and improving using data. These companies are completely transparent with their process and back it up by testing data that shows exactly what works and why it works.

3. Avoid companies that guarantee search results increases.

These companies will use strange-looking code and email spam databases to rank your website for irrelevant keywords that your customers are not searching for.

 They guarantee your website search results will increase but will leads and revenue increase with it? You do not have to be a web inspector to know the answer is no.

4. Avoid companies that are not interested in learning about who your potential customers are. 

Effective SEO is much more than website code. Effective SEO increases traffic from your potential customers leading to increases in leads and revenue over time.

A company that is not interested in learning about your potential customers is a company that is not interested in generating increases in potential customers visiting your website.

5. Avoid companies that do not understand cybersecurity.

A great company will understand the jargon of your business and make an effort to learn more. Jargon such as…

  • WordPress security
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Log files
  • Unauthorized access
  • Error messages 
  • Data theft
  • Site’s SMTP services
  • Data breach
  • Network security 
  • Website hack 
  • Login credentials
  • Source code 
  • Multiple attempts
  • Bandwidth consumed 
  • Malicious bots

Without at least a few megabytes of understanding of cybersecurity, how could a digital marketing company create content that demonstrates the value of what you do? 

The short answer is they would not be able to create content that resonates with your customers and demonstrates the value proposition of your company. For more information check on our process for building links check out our on how to build links for SEO.

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