Enterprise Link Building Services

Enterprise Link Building Services

For enterprise-level decision-makers that need efficient increases in revenue to grow and gain market share on their competitors. SEO With David is the only enterprise link building service that separates your business from your competition leading to efficient revenue and market share growth.

Our team stands out from other link building SEO agencies by focusing on understanding your high-level business goals and combining them with an SEO link building marketing strategy that separates your business from your competition.

We will efficiently increase your revenue and market share growth over time by separating your business from your competition. If we are not successful, we will give you your money back.

5 link building services to avoid at all costs

5 Link Building Services to Avoid at All Costs

The link building industry is full of link building seo agencies that are misleading clients and, in some cases, flat out lying. Today we are uncovering the facts of what makes an SEO link building agency worthy of your trust. The link building industry has a low barrier of entry which has attracted a large amount of cowboy link building seo service providers that are taking advantage of enterprise companies. 

Choosing the wrong link building agency could result in your website being permanently removed from Google. That means all of the money invested in SEO link building to increase traffic, leads, and sales are gone. No matter what you do, the website will not be readded to Google due to a violation of their webmaster guidelines.

Educating yourself on how the best link building services operate and what to avoid from link building services is now more important than ever. Based on our experience, these are the five-link building services to avoid at all costs.

Misleading Link Building Companies

Misleading Link Building Companies

“I want to hire someone for link building services, but I don’t trust link builders!

When it comes to backlinks, it feels like no one can be trusted. Even in comments on social media, I sometimes suspect that scammers are trying to sell themselves on link building services.

How could I trust a link building service?”

Link building agencies, in many cases, are misleading enterprise companies with false information and unclear expectations for a link building campaign. These are link building companies that overpromise and underdeliver.

The reality is any link building company that guarantees links will go live is misleading your trusting personality. These link building services promise fast turnover from a list of websites of your choosing. 

The reality is these link building campaigns build links by paying for them, hacking other websites, or using a network of websites they own. All of these link building efforts are against Google’s guidelines and could result in your site being banned. Losing all organic traffic and revenue. 

The truth is an effective link building strategy that increases ROI takes time and patience. Earning links from real businesses, blogs, nonprofits, universities, organizations, and media websites take time. These websites have a busy schedule, and linking to your website is often not their number 1 priority. 

For this reason, we cannot guarantee that the links go live in a certain amount of time or at all. However, we could guarantee that we will get these websites to agree to publish content on their website, which will link back to your website in the article. Or get them to agree to link to existing content on your website.

Do not trust a link building service that says otherwise.

Paid Guest Posts

Paid Guest Posts Link Building

Paid guest posts violate Google’s Terms of Services and quality guidelines on earning links. Google strongly encourages that you follow their guidelines on link building that outline practices to avoid that could lead to your website being removed entirely from Google.

A paid guest post is when website A pays website B to write an article on website B that links back to website A. Link building campaigns and link building strategies that involve paying for the guest post could result in your website being removed from Google. 

Avoid link building services that buy links to manipulate search rankings on Google.

Private Blog Networks

Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

PBN or private blog network link building is a network of websites used to earn links to a website and manipulate rankings on Google. Link building services may offer you a selection of websites to choose from without letting you know that these websites are PBNs.

Do not trust link building services that offer links from a selection of websites of your choosing. The most common excuse for these links is a previous relationship they can utilize for future link opportunities. In some cases, this may be true, and many more, it is not true. 

Links are websites versions of money on Google. Would you give a friend money without something in exchange? In some cases, you may, but in most cases, probably not.

Links work the same way unless they have something valuable to offer that website in exchange for a link, they are not getting the link. No matter if an existing relationship exists or not. Beware of link building services that tout their existing relationships to earn links.

Anything on Fiverr

Anything on Fiverr

Businesses mainly use a Fiverr link building campaign to avoid spending more money when they are on a limited budget. For some goods and services, Fiverr is a budget-friendly alternative. Links are not one of those goods or services.

Earning links requires a lot of upfront work, and the process takes time. Freelancers on Fiverr sell links for around $50 to $100 a link. A link from a quality website where your customer spends their attention could take hours and hours of work. 

Do you think these freelancers will work for 3, 4, or 5 dollars an hour? The answer is no. Freelancers on Fiverr will cut corners to save money and earn very low-quality links that may be against Google’s guidelines. There are no shortcuts to success, and link building is the same way.

Press Release Link Building

Press Release Link Building

Press release link building could be an excellent source of links when used correctly. Unfortunately, the vast majority of link building use cases are used for manipulating rankings on Google.

Sharing something newsworthy or PR worthy through a press release that helps the media reach their goals is an excellent way of earning links.

Unfortunately, business leaders hold a bit of responsibility for the manipulation that goes on using press releases. Often, business leaders believe the general public cares about their business success more than they do.

Requiring press release services to put out low-quality news on “product launches” or “new openings” will not lead to high-quality links. However, your business may receive links from Yahoo News or Benzinga; these are often paid partnerships with the press release service or syndicated content. The former could result in your website being banned, and the latter does not affect rankings. 


Some link building services use press release link building to mass-produce links at a large scale. Avoid working with a link building agency that mass produces press releases to earn links.

“Push Button” Backlinks

“Push Button” Backlinks

“Push button” backlinks are links from low-quality sources that only take a single push of a button or click. These could be links from comments, directories, and citations. 

Links from comments, directories, and citations could be a great way to build a foundation for a new website. When link building to earn these links, it is important to think of them as business building. Focus on directories that will lead to sales.

Comment links that provide value to the conversation and help educate your target audience to move them further down the buying process. Link building citations across the internet on websites that provide location-based information to help your customer find your business easier. 

On the other hand, link building using comments, directories, and citations is abused often. Lack of focus on branding and overfocus on link building using these links for manipulative purposes lead to websites being banned from Google.

Why Do an Enterprise Link Building Campaign?

Why Do an Enterprise Link Building Campaign?

Search engines use links to determine your brand’s online reputation. The more high-quality links from reputable sources to your website, the more organic traffic Google will reward your website with.

Organic traffic from Google is generally considered the highest converting traffic source and has the highest ROI out of all available marketing methods. Links from high authority websites increase organic traffic to your website, which increases conversions and sales while lowering the cost of acquiring a customer over time.

Our Link Building Process

Our Link Building Process

Our link building process is transparent, and we only make promises that we can keep. Unlike other link building service agencies, we focus on earning links that will not put your website’s reputation in danger. 

We do this link building by figuring out what is unique about your business and valuable to other businesses, nonprofits, blogs, universities, media outlets, governments, organizations, and blogs in helping them reach their ultimate goal.

Then we figure out where your customer spends their attention online, meaning which businesses do your customers shop at, which nonprofits they are involved in, which blogs they read, which media outlets they read, which organizations they are part of, etc.

Then we reach out to those relevant sites where your customer spends their attention online, intending to use what is unique about your business to help those websites reach their ultimate goal. We earn placements from these websites, which leads to more traffic, higher quality leads, and increases in revenue for your business over time.

Check out the in-depth step by step explanation of our process here.

What Makes a Good Backlink?

What Makes a Good Backlink?

Google says, “The quality and much more importantly the quality of links counts toward increasing organic rankings and traffic on Google.” 

What does a quality link look like?

Not All Links are Created Equal

Not All Links are Created Equal

We do not focus on metrics such as DA (Domain Authority), DR (Domain Rating), TF (Trust Flow), CF (Citation Flow), or any other Page Rank imitator 3rd party metrics. These metrics are not used by Google to evaluate links and are not qualified to determine the authority of a website or a link. 

Third-party metrics came about after PR or Page Rank from Google was discontinued. In no way, shape or form are these metrics related to the former algorithmic system Page Rank developed by Google to determine the authority of a website or link.

We focused on DR and DA for our links; however, many links and content farms use these metrics to sell links. In addition, we found that we missed real valuable targets. In one case, we found a site with a DR of 0 and a million site traffic from real relevant keywords. 

If we were to focus on DR, we would have missed this valuable target. We do not focus on metrics such as DR, DA, TF, or CF for these reasons.

Our main qualifier metrics are as follows:

Relevancy –

The more relevant the target, whether directly or indirectly, to the site we are reaching out from, the better.

Quality of Content –

Is the website publishing high-quality content that lacks spelling errors and is comprehensive? Is this content ranking for real keywords that are relevant to the website? If the answers to these questions are yes, the website passes our test.

Site Traffic –

We focus on earnings links from sites with a minimum of 1000 ST (Site Traffic) or more. We do not only include sites with 1,000 ST or more because we consider the other factors listed above and below when qualifying a site. The site traffic must be relevant, not from ranking for bogus irrelevant keywords or bots.

Ranking for Keywords –

We target sites that are ranking well for real relevant keywords. No Link Farms. No Private Blog Networks. No Content Farms. Link farms, content farms, and private blog networks are manipulative black hat link-building strategies that could lead to your website being permanently banned by Google.

Quality of Links –

We focus on sites with high-quality links pointing to their website, and they do not link out to just anyone. The qualifiers above are the main metrics that we look at when evaluating targets; however, we also look at several other small qualifiers.

How to Choose an Enterprise Link Building Agency to Work With?

Choosing a link building agency to work with depends on your high-level business goals, marketing strategy, and how the link building agency works. From a high-level perspective, you must choose a seo agency that understands how to track high-level KPIs. SEO agencies need to understand and have a process for tracking outcome KPIs. 

Our link building campaigns use Google Search Console and Analytics to track organic traffic, organic rankings, click-through rate, and organic impressions. These are our search engine optimization output based KPIs. 

Then we track how increases in our output based KPIs affect outcome-based KPIs such as leads, conversion rate, cost per acquisition, revenue and more—allowing us to demonstrate return on investment over time. 

Many of the best link building services truly provide a legitimate beneficial link building service and white hat links. However, even the best link building services tend to overfocus on earning links for search engines and leave out your marketing strategy. A seo agency could be earning valuable links from other sites in the viewpoint of Google but not in the viewpoint of your customer. Your link building needs to focus on where your customer spends their attention online.

What Does an Enterprise Level Link Look Like?

The best link building strategies are brand building for your websites online reputation. That is where our team goes above and beyond to build your brand through high-quality backlinks across the web. Working hand in hand with you, we create a brand strategy at the beginning of a campaign to understand your brand’s unique advantage that we could use to your position your brand online. 

Then we create a buying process and customer journey to understand where your customer spends their attention online and how we could motivate them to forward at each step of the buying process. Using both of these, we determine where your customer is spending their attention online and use your brand’s unique advantage to help these websites where your customer is spending their attention to reach their ultimate goal through a piece of content and link back to your website in that content. 

Typically this looks like us creating a piece of content for these websites with a link back to your website or creating a PR worthy piece of content hosted on your website to build links back to from websites where your customer spends their attention online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should I Pay for Link Building?

Keep in mind you get what you are paying for when hiring an agency to build links for your brand. Spending too little to save money could result in your website being permanently banned from Google. The process of earning links takes time and a lot of resources to build links to your website. 

Lowering the budget could result in these agencies cutting corners using blackhat tactics that manipulate search engines. Google will permanently ban your website once they notice that your agency is building links that manipulate search engines.

Google has a responsibility to provide the best search results to retain as many users of their search engine as possible. When agencies cut corners to build links, the search engine will deliver lower-quality search results to their user. For this reason, Google has a strong financial incentive to permanently ban any websites that participate in a link building strategy that manipulates search engines. 

On the other hand, we have heard many horror stories from large well-known agencies charging exorbitant amounts of money for poor quality service. Unlike these agencies, our team has a money-back guarantee when working with us to build links. 

Allowing you to feel comfortable and stress-free because we signed a legally binding agreement that we will do what we say we will do or give you the money back. Our services start at $3,500 per month with a minimum 6-month commitment based on the pay by performance model. Which means that you do not pay until we perform.

What is the Difference Between Link Building Agencies and Content Marketing Agencies?

Content marketing agencies are a type of digital marketing agency that promotes content assets to drive traffic. Some link building tactics involve content marketing; however, in general, building links increases search rankings and brand awareness. In some cases building links to increase search rankings could lead to targeted referral traffic interested in your products and services. 

Search engine algorithms are not focused on how much content that you put out. Content marketing agencies are focused on putting out as many forms of content as possible to attract interest in products and services. Link building agencies use content creation to earn contextual links or votes in Google’s eyes that your site deserves consistent organic traffic. 

From this organic traffic comes increases in leads, conversions, and sales. The main difference is that traffic from content marketing stops as soon as the creation of content stops. Organic traffic generated from Google using search engine optimization link building is consistent even if link building stops.

What is the Difference Between a Link Building Agency and a PR Agency?

Link building agencies are focused on earning links that increase organic traffic from target keywords your customer is searching to buy. PR agencies are focused on communicating your brand’s message using mass communication channels.

Manual link building from relevant websites involves digital PR; however, the focus is increasing organic traffic. On the other hand, PR agencies may earn links in some cases, but the main focus is communicating the right message to the right audience.

Is Broken Link Building, Resource Link Building, and Guest Posts Scalable Link Building Strategies?

Broken link building, resource link building, and guest posts are scalable link building strategies for the right business. This is a question we are often asked how far could we scale our link building strategies. Our team has never encountered a campaign where we could not scale our link building using broken links, content assets, or a blog post. 

We could say that acquiring links at scale largely depends on the strategies you choose, your brand, product or service, and your customer. Our team evaluates all of these to create an inbound links strategy that scales. We would love to learn how we could help you earn editorial links on a free consultation. Our agency is one of the top link building services in miami.

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