Google Ads CBD 2023 – Your In-Depth Advertising Guide to Ad Creation

Using CBD Google Ads for Product Marketing on Websites: An In-depth Google Guide

Google’s advertising policy does not allow CBD ads on its platform. As of January 20th 2023, Google is making an exception for ads for hemp-derived CBD products that rely exclusively on hemp keywords that promote a topical product. The promotion of topical hemp derived CBD products with low THC and FDA approved cannabidiol pharmaceuticals only in California, Puerto Rico, and Colorado is now allowed. Ads for other products like supplements, food additives, and inhalants are still not allowed. Even more, you can only promote topical based CBD and FDA approved CBD pharmaceuticals to an audience that is over 18 and YouTube Masthead ads are banned. You can only promote CBD-based topicals if LegitScript has approved of your products with a certificate of analysis.

Following this change Cannabidiol (CBD) is no longer one of Google’s CBD advertising unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements on Google, CBD and hemp in all other forms are still banned from CBD business paid advertising on the platform. Twitter has similar policies where they allow a topical hemp derived supplement containing CBD they approve which is licensed by the proper authorities to promote their product using Twitter’s platforms. Organic marketing to advertise CBD or hemp on Google using CBD SEO is allowed and it is digital real estate with our Ecommerce SEO Agency.

This means any business webpage using Google Ads containing the words Cannabidiol or CBD anywhere on the page will have its ads disapproved by Google unless they are promoting topical CBD or FDA approved pharmaceutical CBD which is verified by legitscript. The entire account will be audited and possibly permanently suspended. This includes ecommerce websites, info websites, blogs, and media websites online connected to a Google Ads account. Learn more about how to adverise CBD on Google from our articles on “CBD Google Ads Policy“.

Can You Advertise CBD on Google Outside of Google’s Ad Network?

The organic results on Google which cannot be paid for are free range for directly selling CBD products without breaking policies on cannabis products.

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Examples of CBD Ads and CBD Advertising Using Google Ads

Examples of CBD Brands CBD Ads and Advertisers Using Search Engine Ads to Promote Their Products


Do not copy these Examples of Cannabis Marketing Adverts on Google Ads. Unless you are willing to risk your cannabis google ads account and cannabis website being permanently banned from advertising and marketing cannabis products on Google. Failure to follow this warning will have severe consequences for your brand.

Examples of CBD Google Ads

Can You Advertise CBD on Google Shopping Using Your Website?

Yes, you can advertise cannabis products on Google Shopping if you are willing to risk your website being permanently banned from advertising using Google. The only other exception is if your brand is one of the select chosen brands by Google to test advertising and marketing on their platform in paid search results.


Here is an example of marketing ads in the Google Shopping network:

examples of cbd ads in google shopping ads
Why Can You Not Advertise CBD on Google Ads

Why CBD Brands Can Not Advertise CBD in a Google Ad?

You cannot advertise CBD in CBD Google Ads because CBD has not been an approved supplement by the FDA. CBD is not an approved supplement by the FDA. Google does not allow it in their ads because it is currently unregulated and stems from the cannabis plant, which is federally illegal in the United States of America. According to Google, “We are dedicated to following advertising regulations for healthcare and medicine, so we expect that ads and destinations follow appropriate laws and industry standards.”


Since hemp was only recently legalized federally in 2018, the FDA has not officially regulated products containing CBD, except for Epidiolex, which is the only FDA approved CBD product. Due to the widely unregulated industry of hemp, Google has banned advertising the supplement on their platform. Keep in mind that Google profits from delivering an excellent experience to users who use their search engine to search and purchase products. Suppose Google allows the paid advertisement and marketing of unregulated products on their platform. In that case, purchasers of these products could be harmed, which would open up Google to liability and a potential loss of users. This is why Google only allows the direct sale and marketing of CBD products in their organic search results, which Google does not control the placement of directly.

How to Use Search Engines for Marketing CBD?

You can advertise on Google using organic search listings which cannot be purchased. Your website has to earn a top placement using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines such as Google have paid listings and organic listings. The paid listings are where you could purchase to run CBD adverts if they were not banned on Google.

The organic listings on Google are free range for CBD advertising but cannot be purchased, unlike the paid listings. CBD advertisers can only reach a top placement in the organic listings on Google by earning a placement using Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, SEO is the process of reaching the top placements on Google when your ideal customers are searching on Google to purchase your products or services.


94% of Google’s search engine clicks go to organic results, with just 6% of click share left for paid ads.

Why Is SEO Important for Your CBD Brand?

If you are focused on selling direct to the consumer, then Google’s organic listing using SEO is best. Some of the biggest, most well known brands have built their businesses using Google’s organic listings, including CBDistillery, cbdMD, and Charlotte’s Web. According to GroupM UK and Nielsen, 94% of Google’s search engine clicks go to organic results, with just 6% of click share left for paid ads. Even if you managed to be chosen by Google as one of their select advertisers or decided to take the risk of being banned from Google ads, your brand would still only reach roughly 6% of Google’s user base.


If you are not focusing on SEO, your competitors take market share out from under you. Even if you decide to run advertisements, chances are those who see your advertisement will search on Google for more information or search your brand name to purchase products from you. Suppose you do not show up on Google for even your brand name on Google. In that case, your competitors who do will convert more customers off your paid advertisement.

Does SEO Have a Higher Return on Investment Than CBD Ads

Does SEO Have a Higher Return on Investment Than CBD Adverts?

organic seo advantage line graph

CBD Advertising on Organic Search using SEO delivers the largest ROI over time. It is the only channel that generates traffic and revenue even when you stop investing money into it. For decades paid adverts, both online and traditionally, have eaten up most of a business’s adverts budget. The issue with paid adverts is that the acquisition cost only goes up and the return on investment decreases as consumers are fatigued by your adverts.


The only solution is to spend even more money continuously adjusting your paid adverts to help mitigate the inevitable ad fatigue or spend more money to display your adverts to a new audience. Unlike paid adverts, SEO continuously lowers your customer acquisition costs over time while increasing the lifetime value of a customer and return on investment. The only downside of SEO is that it is not an instant fix.


Typically, it takes at least six months or more to see a fantastic return on investment. The reason why is because you cannot pay for instant traffic. Your website has to earn traffic from search engines over time. As search engines trusts your website more, your website will receive more traffic. Unlike paid adverts which deliver traffic instantly. Reach out for a free consultation now to learn more about how your brand can advertise on Google to increase revenue and return on investment.

Content Advertising for CBD Ads in Colorado, California, and Puerto Rico

If you’re a company looking to advertise your supplements via Adverts, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re based in CO, CA, or PR, we have some useful information for you. Here’s an in-depth guide on creating Adverts for your CBD products, with specific attention to content advertising in these regions.

The search engine giant, allows adverts for CBD products, with some conditions. You may be wondering why you’re seeing many adverts for supplements on their search engine. Well, search engines has revised its policies lately and started accepting adverts from companies, making it a fantastic platform for advertising to a diverse audience.

However, not every company can just start placing adverts for CBD products. As Alphabet is a global company, it adheres to the regulations of the individual regions where the adverts will be shown – CO, CA, and PR, for example. Their search engine understands the sensitive nature of CBD, hence it has set specific rules for CBD-related adverts. The content for these adverts have to be meticulously crafted as their search engine has a stringent process for reviewing the adverts.

Therein lies the need for an in-depth understanding of Adverts and Google’s marketing policies. For instance, your adverts should not make any broad medical declarations since Google’s policy forbids it. Yet, it’s crucial to clearly convey what your sups are about. That’s the crux of content advertising on their platform – understanding and playing within the rules.

This requires because your adverts are representative of your company and should be designed very carefully. CBD is still viewed with skepticism in some quarters, so your Search Engine Adverts must be able to tap into the positives. This involves a perfect balance between compliance and creativity on Search Engine Adverts to successfully advertise CBD products.

The content in your Search Engine Adverts should be clear, engaging, and insightful about CBD, but shouldn’t make extensive medical claims that Google’s policy does not allow. So if you’re a company in CO, CA, or PR, this guide will provide you with an insight into Search Engine Adverts, and how you can leverage it to advertise your CBD products to the relevant audience, while adhering to Google’s policies.

Navigating the Complexities of Advertising CBD: CBD SEO for the Savvy

Navigating the complexities of advertising CBD using Search Engine Adverts can be daunting, especially for the newcomer. However, seasoned advertisers know there’s a lot that can be explored within this sphere. Employing savvy SEO tactics can benefit campaigns enormously. Their platform remains a dominant force in search, and equipping oneself with an in-depth insight into the application of Search Engine Adverts and SEO can significantly help in better CBD advertising.

Marketing on platforms like their search engine can pose unique challenges since the regulatory landscape is still evolving. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to understand the terms laid out by their search engine for advertising. Being cautious about these intricacies while creating an ad can save you from falling afoul of the restrictions. There’s no denying the influence their search engine has in the realm of digital advertising.

Some might ask, why focus on their search engine so much? Well, the fact that their search engine is where people turn to when they need to search for anything gives it unparalleled importance. Understanding how Search Engine Adverts functions can help make their products visible to a large audience genuinely interested in them, boosting their marketing efforts. Using Search Engine Adverts SEO for these products can be a game-changer.

The use of centred keywords involving, their platform, and advertising can optimise adverts and search results, enhancing visibility and reach. Ranking high on their search results can make a world of difference. Incorporating CBD advertising, adverts targeting, and search analysis in the overall SEO strategy can provide a competitive edge, elevating their products above the deluge of digital marketing.

Adverts aiming to create an ad for products should place a heavy emphasis on SEO and Search Engine Adverts. This would not only leverage their vast search user-base but also tailor their marketing efforts to a precisely targeted group, maximizing ROI. Specificity in targeting and using SEO for advertising could be the winning strategy for advertising, making Search Engine Adverts an indispensable tool.

While navigating the fluctuating terrain of advertising, using Search Engine Adverts coupled with smart SEO could be the key to advance in this field. Nevertheless, there’s one focal point to always remember – when it comes to google, google, google, it’s all about adverts, adverts, adverts, and SEO!

Exploring Case Studies in Content: How CBD Brands Leverage Search Engines for Effective Marketing

The globe over, the cannabis industry is thriving. CBD derived from hemp, is one of the rising stars. As the industry evolves, the advertising arena is also witnessing a dramatic shift. Companies are continually grappling to find effective ways to promote their products. The answer to their conundrum lies at the heart of one of the world’s biggest advertising platforms. With Search Engine Adverts, companies have an avenue to showcase their products strategically. Case studies have demonstrated consistent results, propelling advertising into a whole new dimension.

Their platform embraces these advertising endeavours with open arms, providing a dynamic platform adaptable to every situation. This flexible adverts model allows even new market entrants to achieve impressive results. Any organization willing to invest in comprehensive Search Engine Adverts campaigns can shine a spotlight on their products. This industry news shouldn’t come as a surprise, their platform has always led the way in adverts advancements. With their platform, it seems the ad possibilities are always expanding.

However, creating effective adverts on their platform that generate tangible results is a complex process. It involves not just understanding the products but also the adverts field’s intricacies. That’s where Search Engine Adverts for businesses truly shines; it provides a detailed guide to creating and managing original and impactful adverts. Advertising products using Search Engine Adverts isn’t merely a matter of sticking a image on a page and hoping for the best possible retail outcomes. It involves in-depth analysis, choice of keywords, and an understanding of PPC, i.e., Pay Per Click adverts. Plus, video adverts also hosts potential for capturing audience attention.

One must be wary that the rules of the adverts game do not stop at their parameters. It’s necessary to follow LegitScript, an internet monitoring platform that verifies and monitors online pharmacies to ensure that companies are not indulging in the sale of illicit goods and services. This shows that adverts here isn’t just about their platform and it’s parameters, it is about following the globe-wide legalities too.

At the end of the day, their platform is more than just a search engine. It is a powerful advert tool that, when utilised effectively, can take an advertisement to new heights, creating a sizable difference in the competitive globe of cannabis advertising.

Can I Advertise Hemp on Google Ads

Can I advertise hemp on Google Ads?

Perfecting your use of CBD for product marketing can prove to be a game-changer for your business. Marketing CBD on Google’s platform can considerably raise your visibility online and capitalize on the growing curiosity for CBD products that’s sweeping the global market. However, given the intricacies of the Google Ads platform and its specific rules for CBD marketers, preparing your ads campaign requires a strategy that’s both astute and compliant. In this in-depth guide, we’ll unwrap the essentials of running successful search engine adverts for CBD products.

First, let’s dwell on Google’s Marketing policies related to CBD Ads. Search engine is particular about the types of goods and services promoted via its platform. Currently, search engines allows marketing CBD supplements, providing that the ads are non-ingestible, and the products themselves don’t consist of medicinal claims. Despite these restrictions, you can still realize the significant benefits of adverts your CBD products via search engines.

We’ve seen the significance of CBD on the rise in recent years. CBD advertising often directly correlates to increased sales, boosting not just website traffic but conversion rates as well. CBD Ads are paramount for exposure in an ever-growing market. Irrespective of the nature of your CBD products, adhering to Google’s expectations for adverts can elevate your brand’s visibility and credibility, assisting you in outpacing your competitors.

Next, it’s crucial to understand how to optimize your search engines for your CBD products. There are numerous tactics you can employ to make your CBD Ads more impactful. The first involves properly structuring your CBD ad with keyword-rich text, engaging headings, and a clear call to action. This foundation helps in driving up views and, consequently, clicks on your CBD advertisement. Additionally, it’s vital to regularly review your ads marketing. Analyzing the performance metrics can give you valuable insights into your audience and their interaction with your ads on search engines.

In conclusion, using search engines for CBD marketing is a powerful tool to boost your visibility, generate customer traffic, and ultimately increase sales. However, understanding and leveraging Google’s specific requirements to CBD marketers can make the difference between a successful adverts campaign and a wasted budget. So take advantage of this in-depth search engine guide to fully harness the immense potential of search engines for CBD products, and let your brand reach its potential.”

Successful Ad Case Studies: Strategies from CBD Marketers Making News

It’s a whole new world of adverts out there and CBD is making major waves. As of 2023, search engines has begun to allow adverts for the CBD industry—a major shift that’s sending waves through the marketing and SEO sectors. CBD products, oil and hemp businesses have been particularly impacted in diversified markets. Case studies stemming from the territory of PR are particularly noteworthy, providing a comprehensive guide on strategies that are making CBD news worldwide. This article sections out these strategies to give SEO marketers a clear path forward in their adverts efforts.

Before venturing creation, it’s essential to understand guidelines and regulations surrounding cannabis, recreational, and hemp products advertising. On Google’s Search Engine Land, you can find a comprehensive list of guidelines that will help you avoid common pitfalls and optimize your campaigns for success. You’ll also discover an abundance of information there – simply click on the relevant sections to delve deeper into the buyers guide. While the ‘how to’ of curating your ads rests on content creation and SEO methods, understanding Google’s guidelines will ensure your products stand a chance in the competitive search results.

Visibility is key to successful marketing, and where better to employ visibility strategies than Puerto Rico’s thriving CBD scene? Media buying in Puerto Rico’s industry has been instrumental in propelling the information simply visibility of CBD products. Programmatic media buying has seen commercial change hands on online platforms rapidly. This case study is a testament to the growing acceptance of CBD and cannabis products in the mainstream market.

Understanding where and how to display your CBD ads can make or break your marketing efforts. Diversifying your content across different platforms—utilizing display, search, video, and other marketing methods—can give your brand the edge it needs. From SEO to PPC strategies, each tactic can significantly impact your CBD return on investment.

Monitoring your CBD marketing journey is as vital as understanding your buyers’ needs. Follow the case study, check out our users’ guide, and follow other high-performing CBD marketers to fine-tune your campaign strategies. If you are a newbie or an established player, this article’s content is sure to inspire your CBD marketing journey.

How CBD Ads are Transforming: Insights from Users and Website Reports

The adverts landscape has dramatically changed due to the emergence, a trend that’s been reshaping the way products find their way to ever-increasing users. Utilizing the power of search engines, companies have found an effective marketing strategy for their products, specifically CBD, hemp, and other cannabis derivatives. This evolution in adverts has caught the attention of many, including giants like Dow Jones, taking note of this burgeoning sector’s impact.

The transformation of ad content comes on the heels of Google’s shift to include CBD in its list of searchable products. This has opened up a new avenue for websites aiming to advertise CBD products. However, it’s not just about slapping an ad onto search pages; it involves skillful crafting of the ad, which is what this in-depth guide is all about. After all, the search engine is more than a conduit for ads; it’s about using the platform to maximize exposure and drive customer engagement.

Companies who seize this opportunity undergo the process of creating compelling ads, integrating it into their websites, and using Google’s vast resources to target potential customers. These PPC (Pay per Click) ads are designed to draw visitors who are searching for information or wish to purchase these products. The effectiveness of these ads is validated through the gathering of crucial insights from reports, backed by data from users.

A crucial aspect of marketing these products is the need for compliance with certain guidelines, which includes certification from LegitScript. The goal here is to ensure that the adverts of these products is done right, maintaining the safety and legality of these products for the buyers. The following sections provide a detailed how-to guide for creating an search engine ad for CBD, including successful case studies pulled from CBD marketers who are making waves in places. The combination of practical tips and real-world examples makes this content invaluable for anyone hoping to delve into this exciting space in adverts.

So, whether it’s boosting a new CBD product line, implementing fresh marketing strategies, or just informing the public about benefits or how-tos of these cannabis and hemp derivatives, 2023 proves to be the game-changer in marketing CBD products. It’s an exciting new frontier for both advertisers and CBD buyers. Buckle up and brace for the impact of this CBD digital revolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t You Advertise CBD?

You cannot pay to advertise ingestible CBD on Google because the FDA has not approved CBD as a supplement yet.

How Can You Advertise CBD?

There are a lot of different ways but the best approach is a combination of multiple different channels together.

What Platforms Can You Advertise CBD On?

Google organically in the search results, Twitter now known as X, 3rd party programmatic advertising, organic on social media, email, and many more.

How Do I Promote CBD on Google?

The only way to promote a marketing campaign on search engines is to run CBD ads for topical hemp products or FDA approved CBD products such as Epiodiolex. This means you cannot run delta 8 but you could use SEO to promote hemp products like cannabidiol and delta 8 without paid adverts.

Can CBD Be Advertised on Google Ads?

Yes cannabidiol can be advertised but there are strict rules set forth by platforms, the FTC, FDA, and each state which you can learn more about in our CBD marketing laws by state article. 

What Platforms Allow CBD?

With the exception of Google and Snapchat for topical CBD products and FDA approved CBD products all other online platforms ban the adverts of CBD on their platforms. However you could promote any kind of hemp products without restrictions using SEO. 

Can You Advertise CBD on Google Ads?

Their adverts policy does not allow CBD adverts on its platform. As of January 20th 2023, their platform is making an exception for adverts for hemp-derived CBD products that rely exclusively on hemp keywords that promote a topical supplement. The promotion of topical hemp derived products with low THC and FDA approved pharmaceuticals only in CA, PR, and CO is now allowed. Adverts for other products like sups and inhalants are still not allowed. Even more, you can only promote topical based and FDA approved pharmaceuticals to an audience that is over 18 and YouTube Masthead adverts are banned. You can only promote CBD-based topicals if LegitScript has approved of your products with a certificate of analysis.

Can You Run Ads on CBD Products?

It depends on the platform. Paid adverts can be tricky with regulations on a national and state level then platforms have their individual restrictions too.

Can I Advertise on Social Media?

Yes you can advertise on social media but each social media platform has their own restrictions so tread lightly.

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