How To Build Links For SEO


My name is David Freudenberg and I am an SEO Professional founder of a freelance link building agency. As you can see from exploring the “our process” page and the other blog posts I am quite knowledgeable in the world of SEO. Although, my specialty is building links through various processes that I have developed during my time with White Rabbit Creative Group and working on my own.

With these processes, I am able to generate link juice that would rival the most well-known SEO companies in the world.

At this point, you are thinking, “sure you do pal” well if you continue to read I embrace complete transparency as I detail exactly how I build links for businesses worldwide.

Being a freelance digital marketing agency, client spots are very limited as I tend to cap off at 7-10 clients at a time. Fortunately, at this time I have space for two spots, so finish reading this page and contact me ASAP to discuss if we are a good fit.

The Essentials

Create Company Owner Domain Hosted Email

The first step in any outreach link building campaign is to create or obtain an existing company domain hosted email address from the owner. Doing so allows me to use the persona of a more personal approach when doing outreach and therefore receive a much higher return on links that I target.

Obtain Access To Google Analytics

Obtaining access to your sites Google Analytics allows me to receive insight on your website, content, who your clients/customers are, and how they interact with your site.

Access To Search Console

Giving me access to your Google Search Console account will allow me to discover which keywords your site is ranking for already, the amount of incoming traffic, and how we can better capitalize on existing higher ranking keywords.

Such as which keywords are getting a high amount of impressions but a low amount of clicks.

Analyzing both of these accounts I will uncover:

  1. Your most popular pieces of content
  2. Which keywords are ranking well and can easily convert to ranking in the top 3 positions.
  3. Search for “sleeper” keywords or those that are receiving impressions in the SERPs (search engine results pages) and are not being clicked on
  4. Customer profile so we can figure out where your customers spend their attention online.

Review Anchor Text

Using tools such as Moz and Ahrefs I will analyze your inbound links and make certain you have a proper anchor text ratio.

Google is not a fan of over-optimization of exact match keywords in your anchor text and diluting the links with phrase match keywords will improve rankings dramatically. Common anchor text is your brand or company name followed by the URL and other one-word off keywords that people would naturally use.

Content Audit

Performing a thorough optimization check of your existing content will allow me to better build links off of it and improve your on-page optimization.

Other factors I look for are…..

  • Are you actively creating content?
  • Who is your content creator and are they doing a good job?
  • Lastly, if you are not already investing in content creation, would you be willing to do so?

Creating a list of existing content that is of high quality allows me to receive a higher return on links during my outreach.

If there is no existing content that meets my quality standard. Our team of highly skilled high-quality fluent English-speaking writers will handle content creation. Our team of writers handles all of the off-site content creation and it’s included in the price. If you are wondering, “will we be able to hire writers specifically in your niche?” The answer to that question is yes we strive to hire writers that have experience in your niche and aim to do so with all of our clients.


Live Tracking

At the very beginning of working with us we will send you the project tracker which is where we do all of our live reporting in a single document. 

What is the Project Tracker?

The project tracker is a live Google spreadsheet which contains tabs that will show you the overall project plan, targets, the status of the links (live or agreed), the content we are using for outreach, passwords of the email accounts or other accounts that we have setup for outreach, and anything else that is directly tied to your campaign. 

The project tracker is a living document which can be accessed by you at any time, at the very beginning of the campaign we will send you the link. This way you are able to check up on our work while it is being done in real time. 

Click Here to See an Example of a Project Tracker



Live Reporting

Periodically on a monthly basis, we will send you reports in Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free tool provided for webmasters (site owners) to track their SEO efforts through Organic Search Traffic, Organic Rankings, and Organic Clicks. Google Search Console allows us to see the queries (keywords), clicks, impressions, and rankings that your website is ranking for on Google. This is important for tracking because it allows us to see how we are progressing over time for your website. As explained earlier this is an important part of the process when developing a strategy of targeting keywords/pages on your website that lead to leads/conversions on your website with links.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free analytics tool that allows webmasters (site owners) to get hyper in-depth on the traffic that is coming through their site. We utilize this tool to develop a customer profile of the customers at your business which is a foundational strategy piece for the success of our link building campaign. When we begin working with a client we set up goal tracking in Google Analytics. Goal tracking allows us to track a specific KPI such as phone calls, form fills, or conversions stemming from the work we are doing. Each month we provide an update of the leads and conversions tracked in Google Analytics. Keep in mind SEO is a long term investment that pays dividends for years to come even when you are not paying us. 

Google Search Console is used to track the following KPI’s:

  • Organic Search Traffic
  • Organic Clicks
  • Organic Rankings

Google Analytics is used to track the following KPI’s:

  • Leads
  • Conversions

Links Audit


Running a thorough audit of existing inbound links is an important part of the link building process.

A link audit involves:

  • Checking the quality of the links and eradicating spammy unnatural ones.
  • Anchor text ratio is at a good medium and not stuffed with keywords.
  • Check your site traffic, backlinks to the link and relevancy of links.

This allows me to see which pages have the potential to generate massive amounts of links and whether or not we need to contact webmasters or break spammy links.


The Nitty Gritty


Now its time to build those links and generate massive amounts of link juice on a grand scale that will benefit your website for years to come.

When building links we all want a link from a relevant website that has a high number of backlinks, site traffic, and relevancy.

Gaining these links is very difficult for many and for myself it is a bit of an art form of outreach, sales, and marketing.




Google Search Operators


Next, I use the keywords from research earlier in the step above to create a large list of Google Operators, these are strong words and characters that can be modified to search terms in Google that filter out the specific results I am searching for.

These operators allow me to find any number of specific types of websites that are ideal targets for the types of links I am targeting.


Based On Content We Have, Budget and Willingness To Add Content: I Select Types of Links To Target


Based on the type of site you have whether it is a business site focused on selling or a personal blog, I will select five types of links that would be most suited to your site. These will not be the only focus when building links but will be the foundation for beginning the link building campaign.

In situations where the site is a business website in a more boring and not as interesting niche or if you do not have a lot of content on the site.

The best links to target in these situations will be to create content for placement on other sites and the bridge method (which finds related sites that are not in direct competition with your own. Think real estate agent and mortgage broker.)

All of these methods do not require content to be created on your website but content created for placement on other sites which will contain a link back to your site. However, if we are able to create high-quality content for the purpose of earning links it will be extremely beneficial to the campaign.


How We Evaluate the Authority of the Targets

We do not focus on metrics such as DA (Domain Authority), DR (Domain Rating), TF (Trust Flow), CF (Citation Flow), or any other Page Rank imitator 3rd party metrics. These metrics are not used by Google to evaluate links and are not qualified to determine the authority of a website or a link. Third-party metrics came about after PR or Page Rank from Google was discontinued. In no way shape or form are these metrics related to the former algorithmic system Page Rank developed by Google to determine the authority of a website or link.

In the past, we focused on DR and DA for our links however we found that many link and content farms use these metrics to sell links. In addition, we found that we missed real valuable targets in the past we found targets with a DR of 0 and a million site traffic from real relevant keywords. If we were to focus on DR we would have missed this valuable target. For these reasons, we do not focus on metrics such as DR or DA.

Our main qualifier metrics are as follows:

  • Relevancy – The more relevant the target whether directly or indirectly to the site we are reaching out from the better.
  • Quality of Content – Is the website pushing out high-quality content that lacks spelling errors and is comprehensive? Is this content actually ranking for real keywords that are relevant to the website? If the answers to these questions are yes the website passes our test.
  • Site Traffic – We look for sites that have a minimum of 1000 ST (Site Traffic) in Ahrefs however on average the targets we find have 2,000 to 4,000 site traffic per month. The site traffic must be real relevant site traffic, not site traffic coming from ranking for bogus irrelevant keywords or bots.
  • Ranking for Keywords – We target sites that are ranking well for real relevant keywords.
  • No Link Farms
  • No PBNs
  • No Content Farms
  • Quality of Links – The sites we target have high-quality links pointing to their website and they do not link out to just anyone.

The qualifiers above are the main metrics that we look at when evaluating targets however we do look at a number of other small qualifiers as well.

Retrieve Contact Information For Opportunities

At this time I know:

  • Which keywords you want to rank for
  • Content I can use to rank
  • Customer profile
  • Types of links I will be basing my campaign off of
  • Search Operators to generate target websites for links

I use all of 5 of these things to create a list of targets or in other words a list of websites that we will be reaching out to. This is a constantly ongoing process which I will give you live updates on in a Google Sheet or Google Doc.

During my prospecting, I will do everything in my power to find out the personal email, name, and social media of the point of contact that is responsible for editing, writing, or publishing content. Going the extra mile and finding this personal information improves the effectiveness of outreach tremendously.



Outreach To Opportunities Using Personalized Emails


Using their name and the most appropriate type of email based on the type of link I will be asking for each of the targets I have found I will then send a personal email.

The outreach for content placement is much different than the outreach for a resource link, so the email will be created as appropriate for the target.

More than a link, it is often common practice for a target to share your site socially, which is an added bonus.



Follow Up


This is one of the most important parts of the process, which is often overlooked by others.

People get hundreds of emails every day, I am sure you do too. Which makes it extremely easy to ignore them, for this reason, I send a follow-up email and in some cases up to 4 of them to all the targets who do not get back to me.

Using Buzzstream I track email opens so that I know who has opened an email and not replied. As well as, who has opened the email and not replied yet. Depending on if they opened or not I send a different follow-up email.





Primarily based on two performance indicators are the benefits of my methods.

  1. Referral Traffic Growth
  2. Organic Traffic Growth

Referral traffic growth occurs when people click on the links that I have built for you, the people who click on the links do so because they have an interest in what I have presented to them. Which means this is highly targeted traffic that converts very well into clients, customers, and/or purchasers of your products/services.

Secondly, all of these links will be on highly authoritative relevant sites, this is exactly what search engines looking for as a ranking factor. As these highly authoritative relevant site links are built to your website by me, the search engines will reward your website with higher organic rankings and an influx in targeted organic traffic.

This traffic is targeted to the keywords you want to rank for, this means they are actively looking for what you are selling and are ready to buy. Your website must be set up for your conversion goals in order to reap the benefits of the best traffic possible to attain organically.


What To Expect

Typically I expect to get around 10 links per month which completely depends on the type of content, what your site is selling, and the reaction and attitudes of the targets I am reaching out to.

The more willing you are to quickly create specific content that I choose then the higher this number will be.

Link Building Strategies

Typically I use 20 link building strategies and roughly 5-6 at a time when working with a client.

They are as follows:

Data-Backed Journo Outreach

Using data-backed journo outreach we are able to develop an angle based on the data whether publicly, surveyed, or internally available, and the topics the media is currently focusing on. From here we choose an angle the media would love to focus on that would get them more traffic. From here we will create a page utilizing the data we sourced to put together a survey page, interactive data infographic/chart, or write up. Then we will compile a list of journalists that specialize in the topics we are focusing on and pitch them our content piece with a short write up. From here we will see the links come over time month on month. Out of all of the strategies we use this one is the most long term meaning that it could take 3,6, or 12 months to see links come in. However, when the links do come in they come in at a tremendous rate and are from quality media websites. 

Link Roundups

People all over the internet are assembling content, by sharing content from other websites that their audience has an interest in. These people are literally asking for us to show them something that they can post in a weekly roundup. So, if we create something or have something that is suitable for their audience, I will reach out them through email and show it to them. To give you an idea, it would be something like “This Weeks Best Action Figure Posts”, and your site has a great post about action figures, this person would love to share it in their weekly roundup.

Link Reclamation –

Searching for these links I look for places that have linked to you in the past and removed the link, then I respectfully reach out to them to remind them that you are still around and perhaps have an updated version of what they once were linking to.

Unlinked Brand Mentions –

These are sites that mention your brand or product somewhere on their website but do not link out to you. So, I find the personal name and email address of the webmaster and respectfully ask them to replace the mention with a link to our site.

Link Sharing

Blogs all over the world wide web are actively sharing content taken from another webmasters site to share with their viewers.

Basically, we have something they want to share or we create something that they must share then I email it over to them and get it shared.

Think in terms of “the top 10 best wholesaling articles,” and your site has a high-quality post on wholesaling, this person would be ecstatic to share quality posts with their users.

Broken Link Building On Resource Pages

A resource page is where sites are listing resources around their subject matter. No matter which niche you are in there are a multitude of resource pages out there.

Next, I search the web using “keyword+resource page” and then scrape the resource pages found for broken links using one of my tools. Once I have found some from a good linkable website I contact the webmaster to list our link instead of the existing broken one.

The webmasters are happy because search engines hate “404 errors” or broken links on websites and we also gave them a valuable resource to replace the old link with.

Guest Posting

Using this tactic we approach other sites in your subject area that accepts guest posts or content from your website. Next, we have something written for them and you both reap the benefits.

We differ from post people who do guest posting because we do not pay for links. Additionally, we mainly focus on reaching out to business websites, media websites, organizations, or universities. While the majority of link builders are currently focusing on bloggers which have been oversaturated.

They benefit from having a relevant quality piece of content that their visitors enjoy and other websites want to link out to. On our side, we benefit from having a good link from an authoritative site back to ours.

Neighborhood Business Links (Local)

Reaching out to other business sites that are local to where your business is located. I approach them with the “little guys have to stick together” strategy when inquiring for a link to our site.

NIche Based Links

I look for businesses that are related yours but not in direct competition with your own and ask them for a link to your site.

In lament terms, this would be a baseball teams website contact a baseball store for a link back to their site. Essentially the two are not in competition however they are very close in relation.

Press Releases

PR is a long-term strategy that provides value over time and not immediately for the most part.

Ask yourself if you have anything press worthy that journalists would love to write articles about on the New York Times or Huffington Post. If so it is I will step in and track down these journalists or put out press releases and put the content in front of their face.

Some journalists may ask for money and honestly, it is worth every cent you will pay for the link. On the other hand, you may have done something locally such as sponsor a local charity or club that is worthy of press attention.

Local Blogs

How many people do you know that have an online blog in something that is relevant to your niche? If the answer is zero or more than I have a link opportunity for you.

If you know someone great let’s reach out to them and see if we can coax them into linking out to your website.

If not we seek out a relevant blog that is making little to no money and ask them for a link and if they refuse we may offer them some monetary incentive to link out to us.

PR Linkable Asset

A PR linkable asset is a content piece that is non-promotional meaning it’s not designed to sell to customers. We create PR linkable assets purely to help specific groups of people on the internet with a unique set of challenges. In order to do this, we have to understand your customer, understand the groups of people we serve or could serve, and understand the organizations/businesses/ and websites out there that serve the same group of people.

Once we have this information we decide on an angle and create the linkable asset. Then we build a list of websites with resource pages set up to benefit their audience with similar content. From here we reach out to these websites offering them this valuable best of its kind piece of content for addition to their resource page and earn the links.

Accessory Links

These are links that are used in the basics of setting up a good SEO foundation for your business or are used for dilution of anchor text.


Directory Links

Pay a service like Yext to list your information and link out to your site across the internet. Also, track down the specific niche sites to your industry that will provide a simple citation link out to your business.


Video Links

You need to be creating videos and sharing them on your website this boosts your rankings in the SERPs. If you are producing these videos on Youtube or Vimeo there is space in the description box where you can place a link to your website.


Professional Websites

Generally, there are professional websites out there that may require a small fee to join but in return, you get a space to link out to your website in the bio.


Meetups, Conferences, and Events

If you attend any events, meetups, or conferences they usually will link to members or people that attend


Forum Commenting

Most SEOs believe this is a spammy tactic because they are using it incorrectly or do not understand how valuable it can be. For instance, if you answer a question on “how to spend $100?” that is placed on Quora with “with my business started with $100 and now is worth x amount check us out for [insert advertising here]” expect to get spam penalized by Google. However, if you answer with a genuine beneficial answer where you work your link in their smoothly then expect to get a decent link back to your website.


Competitive Analysis

Checking the backend of your competitor’s anchor text and who is linking out to them we could duplicate this in hopes of gaining the same links



These are great if you have data that other websites do not and you place it into an infographic. Other sites that do not possess this data will simply repost your infographic on their website in exchange for a link back to your own


Creating Better Content

This method requires the content creation and has been implemented for years. All we have to do is search for an article that is generating massive amounts of links that can be improved upon. Then we create our article that is better than the one before and outrank them.

Industries We Have Worked With Successfully

Which Locations Do We Serve?

We serve any business, brand, or website that needs to earn high-quality links. No matter where they are in the world our link building services could help. Including:


If you have reached this point it means you now understand exactly how I build links and how you could do it on your own.

So, if you would like to do this time-consuming and complicated process on your own all the power to you I wish you great success. On the other hand, if you understand the power of delegation and how paying someone else to do time-consuming work is going to make you more money then here are my services.

$3500: For this price, I will target 200 link targets and obtain around 10 links in a month to a 3 month process this is an ongoing process. There is no timeline that my work will be done because link building is an ongoing process, not a one-time service. However, on average the first payment period takes about a month to 3 months to deliver 10 links, and then from there on out it is a monthly process for earning 10 links.

Hourly Rate: $100 an hour consulting base only

On average outreach typically takes 10 hours a week which can be time-consuming. At this price, I provide excellent value to you for the amount of work I will put in during this outreach.

I would love to discuss this with you in more detail. Please reach out to me at 941-465-9303 or shoot me an email at



“Good link builder – would use again.” – Alex Cardinal Digital Marketing

“We executed a six month guest post campaign with David and his team. They are very professional, highly responsive to every one of our emails and knowledgeable around white hat SEO strategies. Our website’s ranking was increased significantly since we started the campaign. They succeeded to rank our targeted keywords between the 1st and 3rd position. David’s team reached and many times exceeded the goals (10 live or agreed links). They always welcomed our feedback for improving our strategy along the way. Furthermore, they hired and managed successfully a team of quality content writers and they made sure that they followed our company’s standards. I highly recommend their services and we will definitely continue with a new campaign in few months from now. Thank you very much for everything David and team.” – Nikos Nereids Aquatic Coaching

“Great work from David! Highly recommended to anyone who wants a link builder that actually knows what they’re doing.”

“To whom it may concern, David is in charge of my Real Estate Connection Groups meet up announcements and because of Davids efforts in online marketing, our attendance at the meetings have never been better. At one meeting David was in charge of online marketing and the attendance was upward of 50 people for a meeting I gave in Sarasota in September 2018. Yesterday at the real estate connection groups meeting the meeting the attendance was upwards of 50 people near 100, we usually only have 30 to 35 people that attend before David got involved with our marketing I attribute the record amount to David and his good computer skills and hard work. David is very skilled in Marketing. If you have any questions please contact me any time, thank you, Marc Mailloux, president of the real estate connection group 941-962-0000

“Internet marketing is an ever-changing landscape. And winners and losers are often chosen by their willingness to adapt to the next wave of change. Because of the challenging nature of our industry, I only recommend a few marketers. David is one of the folks at the top of a very short list for me. From working tirelessly for his clients to always staying on top of upcoming industry changes, David is my SEO specialist of choice. If you’re wanting to take the next step and have your brand found online, then David is the way to go.”—