Can You Sell CBD on Amazon?

Selling CBD on Amazon

how to sell cbd on amazon

All listings and products on Amazon must comply with all laws and regulations, including Federal and State laws. Amazon prohibits the listing and sale of ingestible hemp products that contain CBD and other cannabinoids, including lozenges, e-liquids, sprays, and oils. Retailers are technically not allowed to sell CBD oil on Amazon.

If you create a brands listing for ingestible hemp products selling CBD on Amazon and other cannabinoids, your brands listing will be removed, and your brands account may be permanently suspended.

The only ingestible hemp products that are allowed to be listed and sold on Amazon are products that contain cold-pressed hemp seed oil from the Cannabis sativa plant and that do not contain CBD, THC, or any cannabinoids.

All products derived from cold-press hemp seed oil which do not contain CBD, THC, or any cannabinoids must be compliant with Amazon policy; the ingredients must be attributed correctly and be described appropriately. It does not matter if you are a hemp doctor or commission a third-party lab these are the unfortunate rules that were not set by our Ecommerce SEO Agency. Learn more about how to sell CBD from our articles on “Can You Sell CBD on Etsy?

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How to sell in the Amazon CBD Market

Understanding Amazon’s Policy on Selling CBD Products and CBD Sales for Their Platform

As it stands, understanding Amazon’s policy on selling CBD products can be a bit tricky for CBD vendors and media partners for your CBD shop. Technically, pet CBD and CBD sales product companies are not allowed to sell CBD gummies on Amazon or any other products containing cannabidiol (CBD). The reasoning’s quite simple: Amazon’s policy views CBD, a component highly prevalent in marijuana, as a controlled substance. This particular product policy doesn’t look at whether the CBD is derived from hemp (which is legal at the federal level for Oil and more) or marijuana (which isn’t).

One key product attribute that differentiates hemp and CBD from marijuana is the THC level. THC is the psychoactive compound that makes one feel ‘high’. However, Amazon’s product policy doesn’t differentiate based on THC levels—it sees all CBD as a controlled substance. The product policy might seem stringent, but it’s essential for Amazon to adhere to federal laws and avoid potential legal complications. It means that despite numerous potential CBD product health benefits and a booming market, selling cannabidiol on Amazon is a no-go you will get caught if you try.

What’s interesting is that some products labeled as ‘hemp’ are sold on Amazon. However, third-party labs have tested these products and found them to contain negligible or no CBD content. So technically, Amazon remains within their guideline boundaries, as they only sell ‘hemp’ not high in CBD. Therefore, while you may see some products that seem to sell CBD on Amazon, you cannot advertise or market them as such. Even if the product contains legal, non-psychoactive, low-THC CBD, the platform’s CBD product guidelines impedes you from selling them.

Overall, Amazon’s CBD product guidelines, stringent as it might seem, keeps the company highly controlled, within legal boundaries. Unfortunately for folks in the burgeoning CBD industry, this means that for now, one of the largest and most accessible marketplaces remains off-limits for their products.



How to Advertise in the Amazon CBD Market? Does CBD pass their guidelines?


According to the Listing Guidelines for CBD and Hemp Products in the United Kingdom:

To advertise these products, you must meet all of the requirements below and listed on Amazon’s Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, and Dietary Supplements Seller Guideline Page.


  • Products must clearly state in the Ingredients field that they contain only hemp seed oil.


  • Hemp gummies and other similar hemp products, including those containing only hemp seed oil, are prohibited by Amazon guidelines.


  • Products may not include prohibited health or medicinal claims. See the Prohibited Product Claims page for further information.


  • Products will also be removed if there is any indication on the listing that the product contains an extract of the hemp plant other than the seeds. This includes misleading marketing claims such as:


  • Full or Broad Spectrum claims


  • % strength claims (where it is not clear what ingredient the % refers to)


  • Claims relating to CO2 and other extraction methods of cannabinoids


  • References to CB1 and CB2 receptors


If you do not meet these requirements, your listing will be removed.


We could not find listing guidelines for the United States on Amazons website, but we recommend following the listing guidelines above. Hemp seed oil can be sold on Amazon in the United States as long as it does not contain CBD, THC, or any cannabinoids.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD on Amazon

Navigating Through Amazon’s Policies on CBD Sale and Brands Sellers

Navigating through Amazons policies on the sale of CBD products could be challenging. Before creating a merchant account, you need to ensure you understand the risks involved. On Amazon, selling items such as CBD oils is typically not allowed. The sale of these items poses significant risks to sellers. Amazon has strict regulations around the sale of CBD products – a fact often misunderstood by sellers. If you’re thinking about selling on Amazon, you can potentially jeopardize your account.

Despite the challenges, some sellers manage to have CBD products available for purchase on their amazon shop. This is strolling a very fine line though – as Amazon does not officially sanction the sale of these CBD items, and if found out, the seller’s account may be suspended or terminated. This puts the merchant at risk, a risk that you should carefully consider before choosing to attempt to sell CBD on Amazon.

Do remember, the rules are ambiguous, and some sellers navigate through it somehow. You’ll find CBD items on the platform, but these SKUs are often listed in a way that avoids directly mentioning CBD. However, this does not nullify the risk involved. It’s quite a fine line, and it leaves your account at risk of being suspended. Therefore, you can market CBD on Amazon but with a high level of risk involved.

If you wish to buy CBD products, make sure to verify the authenticity of the product. Check the reviews and ratings, as they could provide great insights into the product’s quality. Despite the restrictions, you can buy CBD on Amazon. However, do proceed with caution to avoid any fraudulent sku’s. Understanding Amazons policies thoroughly is crucial before venturing into the CBD sale on this platform.

How to Sell CBD Products on Amazon


If you’ve ever considered selling CBD products on Amazon, you may have wondered, “Could I market CBD on Amazon?” and “Do you know the ins and outs of this business?” With CBD’s growing popularity, many companies are interested in offering CBD oil, CBD products, or even hemp oil through the giant e-commerce platform that Amazon is. However, they must adhere to a specific floor plan and strategize their approach.

One crucial thing they need to understand is Amazons guidelines on CBD. Amazon strictly prohibits the sale of CBD listed on its website. This rule might seem like a major setback for those ambitious to market CBD, but, indeed, they could tactfully navigate around this issue. Wondering how they do this? This strategy involves the term “hemp oil,” to be more precise.

Companies have found a loophole within Amazons CBD rules by advertising using “hemp oil” instead of “CBD oil”. It’s a clever plan that allows them to continue marketing while staying within the confines of Amazons guidelines. The company carefully lists sku’s infused with CBD as containing hemp oil, maintaining the emphasis on the non-CBD ingredient. This marketing strategy works because, while many customers might want CBD, there are also potential buyers looking for hemp oil. This alternate names technique is how the marketing of CBD on Amazon typically works.

In conclusion, while it might seem strange that you can market CBD through Amazon by renaming it as hemp oil, this route offers a promising potential revenue stream. However, while companies could advertise this way, these businesses must also remain mindful of Amazons continuously evolving policies to ensure they stay in compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD on Amazon

How Amazon Stopped Selling CBD Oil?

Amazon has never allowed CBD oil to be on their website and does not currently manufacture any CBD products for sale on their website.

Are CBD Products Available on Amazon?

No CBD Products are not available on Amazon.

Why No CBD Gummies on Amazon?

CBD gummies are not allowed on Amazon but these plants are derived from the cannabis plant and marijuana is also derived from the cannabis plant. Even though these are technically two different types of cannabis plants the hemp plant and marijuana plant since that is a schedule 1 controlled substance they don’t allow the offering of CBD on their website.

Can I Sell CBD on Etsy?

No you cannot list CBD for market on Etsy but there is something else you can do which we wrote about here.

How Profitable is a CBD Online Store?

Data demonstrates that the CBD industry is averaging net profit margins of over 40% marketing CBD oil which is very profitable considering the average business’s net profit margin is about 20%.

How Do I Become a CBD Seller?

You become a CBD oil seller by following the rules, regulations, and laws laid out Federally and Statewide when marketing. If you are interested in becoming a CBD seller on Amazon, the answer is you do not since CBD is prohibited from being for market on Amazon. This includes CBD oil.

Can I Advertise CBD on Amazon?

Since CBD stems from Cannabis, a federally illegal controlled substance, the market of CBD products or any CBD oil containing cannabinoids on Amazon is prohibited.

Is Selling Any Kind of CBD Oil Possible on Amazon?

Several CBD businesses are asking, “Could you advertise CBD products on Amazon?” about CBD oil Amazon:

cbd sellercentral on amazon

cbd sellercentral on amazon

cbd sellercentral on amazon

The only exception to the rule is a private pilot invite-only that Amazon set up with select CBD businesses to advertise CBD on Amazon as a test. All other sellers are not allowed to advertise CBD on Amazon, which means marketing CBD oil is impossible unless you would like to get banned from marketing on Amazon.

Can You Buy CBD Oil on Amazon?

You may be able to buy CBD oil on Amazon since Amazon has a private invite-only program with select CBD sellers to advertise CBD on Amazon. However, I have yet to find CBD oil on Amazon.

Is Buying CBD Oil Wholesale on Amazon Possible?

Since CBD is considered a drug on Amazon, buying CBD wholesale on Amazon is unlikely. 


Some CBD wholesalers may be in the private invite-only program that Amazon set up with select CBD businesses for marketing. Still, I am yet to be able to buy CBD products wholesale on Amazon.

Can I Sell Hemp Gummies on Amazon?

You could advertise hemp gummies, hemp oil, and a hemp oil extract on Amazon as long as the product only contains cold-pressed hemp-seed oil, which does not contain CBD, THC, or any other cannabinoids.


Hopefully, as more and more scientific research is completed about cannabinoids, marketing cannabidiol on Amazon will be allowed in the future. For now, the advertisement story continues.

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