How to Sell CBD on Shopify

How to Sell CBD on Shopify? Step by Step Guide

Expand Your Cannabis Brand by Selling CBD on Shopify

No matter where you are located in the world, if you would like to learn step by step how to sell CBD and hemp on Shopify and set up a successful Shopify CBD store to tap into the CBD market, then this CBD ecommerce Shopify store article is for you to sell cannabidiol and cannabis products. To sell hemp derived CBD products in your CBD store, follow the step-by-step sell instructions below. Learn more about how to sell CBD from our Shopify hemp market selling articles on “How to Sell CBD on Amazon“.

How to Set Up a Shopify CBD Store Step by Step

How to Set Up a Shopify CBD Store Step by Step?

1. Join Shopify CBD Sellers selling CBD products on Shopify by creating an sell CBD on Shopify’s account using the following link: Shopify offers a fourteen-day free trial, so you can get started on Shopify without using a debit or credit card.


  1. When you click the Shopify link above to sell on your store, you will be redirected to a Shopify login screen that looks like this for a Shopify store:
Create an Account for Your CBD Shopify Store

On the Shopify page above, you enter your preferred Shopify email address and password for your new Shopify CBD store where you can sell CBD products like hemp products.

2. Once you enter your preferred Shopify email address and password, Shopify would like to ask you a few questions to create a store that best fits what you want to do when selling CBD online. You will encounter the following questions from Shopify in the industry:

Lets Get Started Page on Shopify

Where Would You Like to Sell on Your Website?

Where Would You Like to Sell on Shopify

Do You Want to Sell CBD Products Through Shopify’s CBD Dropshipping?

Do You Want to Sell CBD Products Through Dropshipping on Shopify

Where Will Your CBD Business Be Located to Sell CBD on Shopify’s Products and Merchants Platform?

You could click Shopify’s drop-down if you are not in the United States and choose another country on Shopify when selling CBD products for sale.

Where Will Your CBD Business Be Located

Once you have completed all the Shopify merchants and products questions, you will be brought to your CBD Shopify dashboard on Shopify.

New CBD Shopify Dashboard

2. Carefully review and submit the Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products.




This CBD attestation form is only for Shopify owners in the United States of America to sell CBD on Shopify. You must be signed in to your CBD Shopify account as the store owner to view this CBD attestation form in Shopify. Suppose you are not the business Shopify development store owner of your CBD Shopify account. In that case, the industry link above will automatically redirect you to the CBD Shopify admin page for your products and CBD on Shopify.

Why Do You Have to Fill Out the CBD Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products on Shopify?

Filling out the CBD form confirms that US-based CBD Shopify owners understand and intend to comply with Shopify’s CBD requirements for selling hemp CBD on Shopify. In layman’s terms, Shopify would like to make sure you understand that you are responsible for the consequences of violating any cannabis laws and that Shopify is not responsible for you being penalized if you violate cannabis laws when you sell products like CBD on their platform. 



Here is an example of the CBD attestation form you must complete to start selling CBD on Shopify.

CBD Attestation First Set of Questions
CBD Attestation Second Set of Questions
CBD Attestation Third Set of Questions

After you have completed the CBD attestation for the sale of hemp and hemp-derived products, you do not have to wait for the approval for all of your CBD industry products. The CBD attestation process is automatically approved, and you can move on to the next steps in creating your CBD Shopify store and all of your Shopify products within the CBD industry.

How to Set Up a Shopify CBD Merchant Account for Selling CBD Shopify Products and Accepting Payments Using Merchants and All Your Business Inventory?

3. Creating Your Shopify CBD Merchant Account to Setup Shopify CBD Payment
Shopify Payments is not available for selling hemp or CBD at this time on Shopify for the CBD industry and their products. Although Shopify has partnerships with many third-party CBD payment gateways integrated with Shopify, which support the sale of hemp and hemp-derived CBD products. 

Remember that third-party CBD payment gateways have CBD policies for merchants similar to Shopify, so you should contact the third-party CBD payment gateway of your choosing to confirm that your CBD business is eligible for their CBD policies for your products in the CBD industry. They take into account many factors when vetting your business for approval for selling and rates, such as:

  • Product type or types that you are selling.
  • Age of the business to sell online.
  • Transaction history to sell and accept a payment.
  • Level of volume to sell and accept a payment.
  • Product mix to sell and accept a payment.
  • Much more to sell and accept payment.

Shopify does not guarantee approval for your business with these third-party payment gateways for your products to customers Shopify. If you are not approved, you could use another third-party payment gateway for your products with your business Shopify. You will have to manually integrate your third-party payment gateway for your products if they are not on the following Shopify development list: 


Can You Use Shopify CBD Payment Processors to Sell CBD?

You can use Shopify’s Point of Sale (POS) systems to sell hemp and hemp-derived CBD in-store or in person, following the same requirements as your CBD Shopify online store. However, you cannot use Shopify Payments even with Shopify CBD hardware that requires Shopify Payments. You must use an external credit card terminal from your preferred third-party gateway off Shopify for your CBD.

Examples of Successful CBD Selling Shopify CBD Stores

Here is what you could visually expect when using Shopify for your business to offer your CBD products for sale on Shopify:

Cannuka is Selling CBD

Cannuka Shopify CBD Store

Sabaidee Has CBD Oil For Sale

Sabaidee Shopify CBD Store

Learn How to Sell Hemp from Rebotanicals

Rebotanicals CBD Shopify Store

How to Sell CBD Products Online Using Shopify?

Now that your CBD store is set up on Shopify for your products on Shopify. You may wonder how you will drive CBD sales for your products to your store and grow your CBD brand on Shopify. Unfortunately, most advertising and marketing tactics online for CBD are banned or strictly prohibited with or without Shopify. The following platforms ban or have strict guidelines for paid advertising of CBD on their platforms:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • DuckDuckGo
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • and many more.

Organic search is one of the only advertising and marketing channels that are not banned or restricted for cannabis products on Shopify. On search engines like Google and Bing, there are paid search results that make up 6% of all clicks, which look like this:

Paid Search Results

Then there are the organic search results which make up 94% of all clicks and over 50% of all traffic on the internet. The organic search results look like this:

organic search results

Suppose you were allowed to advertise cannabis products in the paid search results, which you are not if you sell CBD. The only way to gain exposure is to pay Google for placement in the paid search results for your products on Shopify. Over time advertising costs consistently increase, shrink your profit margin, and increase your costs for acquiring a new customer for your products on Shopify.



On the other hand, the only way to generate CBD revenue and CBD exposure from the organic search results for your cannabis products is to earn CBD placement in the organic search results. The only way to earn CBD placement in the organic search results is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Over time your return on investment increases exponentially for all your CBD, your cost of acquiring a new CBD customer goes way down, and your CBD profit margin increases on all levels.


The only downside to SEO and organic search is that it takes time to generate CBD revenue and CBD traffic. For this reason, only invest in SEO if you already have another revenue stream that allows for long-term CBD investment into SEO.


Here is a visual comparison of SEO versus Paid Advertising:

organic seo advantage line graph

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopify

How Profitable is CBD Dropshipping?

CBD dropshipping has emerged as a lucrative CBD venture for many entrepreneurs. Leveraging Shopify’s platform, businesses can tap into the booming CBD market without the need to maintain CBD inventory and Shopify payment business sell. However, it’s essential to navigate the payment complexities of third-party CBD payment gateways, as Shopify Payments currently doesn’t support hemp or sales for payment as a merchant from customers. By choosing the right payment gateway for you as a merchant and ensuring compliance with their payment policies, businesses can capitalize on the growing demand for CBD products and achieve significant payment profitability.

Do You Need a License to Dropship CBD Products?

Navigating the CBD market on Shopify requires understanding certain payment processor processing regulations and solutions. While Shopify has integrated third-party CBD payment gateways, it’s crucial to ensure your CBD business aligns with their online policies. These gateways often vet businesses based on various online factors, including product type and business age. Before diving into CBD dropshipping, always verify licensing requirements in your jurisdiction to ensure seamless operations. 

Is Selling CBD Products Profitable?

The CBD market’s potential on Shopify is undeniable. While Shopify Payments doesn’t directly support hemp or CBD sales, numerous third-party CBD payment gateways have integrated, reflecting the industry’s growth. These gateways, considering factors like product type and business age, indicate a thriving market. However, ensuring alignment with gateway policies is crucial to tap into this profitability.

Can You Sell CBD on App Store?

While Shopify offers avenues for CBD sales through third-party payment gateways, selling CBD on the App Store presents different challenges. Platforms like Apple’s App Store have their own set of regulations and policies. Before venturing into app-based sales, it’s essential to thoroughly review platform-specific guidelines to ensure compliance and avoid potential pitfalls.

Can You Offer CBD on Shopify?

Yes, you can sell CBD on Shopify, but you must use a third-party payment processor to process payments. You can also use Shopify shipping to ship your CBD products anywhere worldwide, where CBD is legal as long as the applicable carrier allows it. 

Can You Dropship CBD on Shopify?

Yes, Shopify loves CBD drop shippers and supports them when starting a new CBD hemp shop on Shopify.

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