How We Increased a National Swim Schools Annual Revenue By an Estimated Average of $1,187,200

Nereids Aquatic Coaching was Looking to Increase Their Authority Across the Web and Sales Exponentially. Learn How We Scaled Their Organic Search Traffic Through White Hat Link Building Leading to an Average Increase of $1,187,200 in Sales a Year.

The following Nereids Aquatic Coaching Link Building Case Study outlines the exact processes and strategies we executed to scale Nereids Aquatic Coaching’s organic search traffic and increase their annual sales by an average of $1,187,200 and how we can do the same for you!

On August 8th, 2019, Nikos Vasilellis, the founder of Nereids Aquatic Coaching, reached out to start a link building campaign to increase organic search traffic and sales exponentially! We started working together on August 19th 2019, here’s what the previous 6 months of clicks and impressions looks like in comparison to the 6 months worked with us:

As we can see previously was receiving 5.06k clicks and 363k impressions before working with us and after working with us they are receiving 11.5k clicks and 763k impressions! Let’s take a look at what their website users looked like in Google Analytics from the 6 months before working with us and the six months afterward:

The blue line is during our six months of working with Nereids Aquatic Coaching, and the orange line is the previous six months worked. Looking at the Users box, we can see a 90.82% increase in users from a previous six month period of 10,148, and after the six months of working with us, this nearly doubled to 19,364! Subtracting 19,364 from 10,148, we get 9,216 new users during the six months and an estimated annual new users of 18,432.

At this point, we know what you are thinking enough with the math already show us how this resulted in a conservative annual estimated increase of $1,187,200 in sales.

Simply bear with us, let’s begin by taking a look at the average websites’ conversion rate of 2.3% according to WordStream data.

We can surmise that the 18,432 new annual users that resulted from our link building campaign converted at 2.3%; we have 424 users that bought annually. Let’s assume they signed up for the least expensive swimming lesson of 30 minutes for $70.

The average adult needs 20 hours of swimming lessons to have necessary swimming skills, which means they would need to take 40 swimming lessons for 30 minutes over the year for $2,800 now if we know that 424 new users purchased swimming lessons from Nereids after working with us. We can conservatively estimate they bought the most affordable swimming lesson package of 30 minutes for $70 and completed 20 hours of swimming lessons to learn necessary swimming skills at $2,800 this means an estimated annual increase of $1,187,200 from $2,800 multiplied by 424 users!

The Essentials For White Hat Link Building

Every white hat link building campaign we run follows the same process, which you can read in detail in our article, “How To Build Links For SEO.”

To no surprise, we followed the same steps when setting up and executing Nereids Aquatic Coaching’s link building campaign.

Domain Hosted Email Address:

Firstly, we created a company domain hosted email that looked like this Doing so allowed us to use a more personal approach when doing outreach and receive a much higher response rate.

Project Tracker:

Every client we work with is handmade their project tracker in Google Sheets. The project tracker gives you live updates on everything that has, is, and will happen for the link building campaign.

Next, we obtain access to Google Analytics and Search Console to examine quick wins in the impressions and clicks where we may be able to exploit some good linkable assets and target the links at the pages with the highest potential for growth.

Review the Anchor Text:

Reviewing the anchor text allows us to make sure it is diluted and not spammy. Prioritizing phrase match and branded anchor text over exact match anchors.

Content Audit:

We reviewed Nereids Aquatic Coaching’s content to find something suitable that we can leverage for links. The best linkable assets can be bridged to neighboring niches that have a large following, and the content is solely educational.

Before we begin every link building campaign, we give each client the project tracker, which provides them with live updates of everything that is happening throughout the entire process here is what it looks like:

Links Audit:

We ran a thorough link audit of Nereids Aquatic Coaching’s existing links this includes:

  • Checking the quality of the links and eliminating spammy unnatural ones if Google has taken a manual action penalty.
  • Anchor text ratio is at a good ratio and not stuffed with spammy unnatural keywords.
  • Check the site traffic of the links, backlinks to the links and relevancy of the links.


5 Link Building Strategies: Every link building campaign begins with the choosing of roughly five link building strategies that we feel apply to the website and niche. For Nereids Aquatic Coaching, we chose Guest Posts, Resource Pages, Infographic, and Expert Roundup.

Once we have the essentials out of the way, we move into prospecting for relevant link targets and outreach.

Prospecting and Outreach

Now its time to build those powerful white-hat links that drive targeted purchasing referral traffic, organic rankings and drastically increases brand awareness. Gaining links is very difficult for most, and for myself, it is a bit of an art form.

Google Search Operators:

Firstly, we chose specific keywords from specific landing pages on Nereids Aquatic Coaching, then we plugged these into our Google Search Operators and began the prospecting. Once we had 200 relevant targets based on our criteria and recorded all relevant contact information, we stopped.

Outreach To Opportunities Using Personalized Emails:

Secondly, we created personalized initial outreach email templates that can be personalized at scale during the campaign.

Follow Up:

Followup is one of the essential pieces of the process that is often overlooked by many. We use Buzzstream to schedule out followup emails, both personalized and non-personalized, to earn links via a value exchange. All sent emails opened emails and replied emails were tracked using Buzzstream.

Check it out the first sequence that we used for guest posting we had a 20% reply rate on the first email:

Earn the Links

Lastly, we earn the links from our manual personalized email outreach and followups. For Nereids, we earned 76 links over six months!

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