miami link building services

Miami Link Building Services

The best link building service is one that aligns with your high-level business goals. SEO link building services often are focused on the technical aspect of link building and not focused on higher-level business goals. In order to separate yourself from the competition, you need a link building company that does just that. Separates you from your competition.

how does the best link building service align with your business goals

How Does the Best Link Building Service Align with Your Business Goals?

SEO With David is a link building company that focuses on separating you from your competition to increase leads, conversions, and revenue. Our link building strategy starts with our ears open to listen. Intentionally listening allows us to learn from our clients who understand their business the best. Our clients explain to us how their business works and how their product/service is created, sold and delivered.

Then we listen to understand who your customer is, what are they interested in, where do they shop, what is their age, gender, where do they live, and where do they spend their attention online. This information is crucial to the success of the link building campaign.

Our Link Building Process

Our seo link building services begin with learning about you and your business. Before we even begin to think about earning links. The most important aspect is figuring out if we are a great fit for each other and setting expectations. 

Step 1 Free Consultation and Discovery Call

Step 1 Free Consultation and Discovery Call

This is why we begin every campaign with a free consultation and discovery call. On the discovery call, we ask you questions like:

  • What could you tell me about the product or service that you sell?


  • What does your ideal customer or client look like?


  • Is your website designed to turn traffic into conversions?


  • Does the content of your website address the keywords you would like to rank for?

  • What is your number 1 challenge in your industry?

Our goal is to provide you value on this call regardless if you decide to work with us. For that reason, we ask this question to see if we could help you solve your number 1 challenge on this call for free.

  • Are you willing to commit at a minimum of 6 months to link building as the results of link building compound over time?

We do not want to waste your time or money as our success depends on yours, so making sure that link building can actually benefit your business is very important to us.

  • What would you like to achieve if we were to work together?

Telling You More About Us

Once we have learned about you we share a little about us and how we work. 

What we do is generate leads that directly lead to sales through SEO. Focusing specifically on one part of the process of SEO which is Links. A link is a highlighted blue text in an article when clicked leads to another article.  Links are arguably the most important factor when it comes to generating organic leads from search engines and growing revenue from organic traffic. 

We generate leads that directly lead to sales by finding where your customer spends their attention online.

Then we either create a piece of content for that website where your customer spends their attention with a link back to your website. Or we create a piece of content that is PR worthy or link worthy which means it’s valuable to the website where your customer spends their attention and we earn a link back to your website. 

Step 2 Next Steps for New Relationships

Step 2 Next Steps for New Relationships

Our goal on this call is to provide you with valuable feedback regardless if you move forward with us or not. From here we move to the next step in our new relationship which is the customized proposal. While listening to you on our call we took notes on what we were hearing and using those notes we customize a proposal tailored to your needs. Then we schedule another time to chat with you and review the proposal together. Once our expectations align we move forward and begin working together.

Step 3 Setting Up for the Campaign

Unlike affordable link building services that are focused on spam tactics which place your online reputation in danger. Our SEO link building services focus on doing real fully customized personable outreach to earn the links. In order to do this, we need to obtain an email address from your company. Preferably an email address in the company owner’s name or another member of the company. This allows us to reach out as an existing member of the company with verifiable social media accounts. 

Real relevant websites such as businesses, blogs, universities, organizations, nonprofits, government web pages, and more are looking for credibility. When we reach out to them as a real human being that actually works at the company this beams credibility. As they will certainly search that person up online.

Obtaining Access to Google Search Console and Analytics

Obtaining access to Google Search Console and Google Analytics allows us to track Key Performance Indicators and focus on improving traffic to the website that converts to sales efficiently. 

Our high-quality backlinks are earned from pages where your customer spends their attention online. Using Google Analytics helps us obtain a deeper understanding of who your customer is and where they spend their attention online.

Content Audit

Content Audit

Implementation of a content audit is necessary to earn external links from other websites back to your content and create internal links too. Similar to other search engines, Google uses internal links to understand your content. As we earn links back to your website from other websites, a solid internal linking strategy will enable those links to benefit the website as a whole.

What does this mean for high-level goals?

What this means is Google will send every web page on your website more traffic and more traffic equals more leads, conversions, and revenue. 

Step 4 Development of Link Building Strategies

Step 4 Development of Link Building Strategies

Our process is fully transparent and customized to your business. This is why through our internal process we develop a document containing our suggested link building strategies to pursue. We share this process directly with you and we love to hear your feedback. Then we allow you to choose which link building strategy you would like us to move forward on.

Unlike other so-called “white hat link building” services that only pay for guest posts doing blogger outreach. Our quality back links are focused on your needs, where your customer spends their attention online and location. Striving to tailor a strategy to fit your business in South Florida.

Step 5 Content Ideation

Step 5 Content Ideation

In short, our content ideation process is where the angle is created to reach out to websites. During this process, we do an extensive Brand Strategy to dive deeper into your audience and product or service.

Then we come up with potential industries or niches that are relevant to your business. Lastly, we qualify our angle for the industries by answering a series of internal questions. 

Content Development Process

Content Development Process

Once we have an angle chosen. Creating a piece of content for the link building strategy we decided to focus on is the next step. Another name for this piece of content is link bait, a Digital PR piece, or a linkable asset. The only time we use these pieces of content is when we are focusing on a link building strategy that makes it necessary. Our other link building strategies involve creating pieces of content for other websites. On the contrary, the linkable asset piece of content will be hosted on your website.

Then we move on to the content development process where we create this piece of content that exists to earn backlinks. These pieces of content often have to be the best version of their kind on the internet. It is very important that we have a mindset of how we could create this content to help someone else. These pieces of content are not sales pages they are editorial pieces designed with a goal in mind which is backlinks.

For example,

If we are creating a Digital PR piece for media outlets how could we help these media outlets get more page views and social shares? This may be one of the questions we ask ourselves while designing this piece of content.

Step 6 Email Sequence Ideation

Step 6 Email Sequence Ideation

Earning high quality backlinks is a labor intensive process where success largely depends on the email. PS a great way to check if link building services are doing great work is there email. 

Excellent link building services will be fully transparent with you every step of the way. These link building services will show you the email sequence they create and you will have access to the email account they send from. 

Whether you are focusing on doing reciprocal links for a building services company or broken links. In order to earn quality back links you need a persuasive email. 

This is where our email template ideation process comes in. During this process, we create a fully custom-tailored email sequence that we design to earn links specifically for your campaign.

Unlike other seo experts that will reuse the same email template and build back links from a list where they have earned them before. Our link building service is completely bespoke. We never reach out to the same websites again. Each time we earn links these are brand new links custom-tailored for your website.

Step 7 Outreach

Step 7 Outreach

Next up is the outreach process. Based on our testing we have narrowed down the best days and times of the week to send out emails. Our customer relationship management software of choice is Buzzstream. Using Buzzstream we schedule out emails and follow-up emails to the prospect.

Do not worry we are not a mass emailing link building service. Unlike other link building services, our link building service focuses on quantity over quality. The maximum amount of emails we send in one day is 50 and we only send emails 3 times a week once to twice a month on average. 

Step 8 Follow Up

Step 8 Follow Up

Once we have earned the links we need to follow up to ensure they go live. On average links take anywhere from 1-3 months to go live. The reason why is because we are reaching out to real businesses, blogs, universities, organizations, and nonprofits that publish the links on their own schedule. Similar to you they are busy and have many priorities. Often linking out to us is near the bottom of the list however in 80% of campaigns we see all of the back links go live. 

On the other hand if the inbound links do not go live in 3 months from us sending over the piece of content then we will replace them with new backlinks for free. 

Link building and SEO is a long term strategy with a minimum commitment of 6 months to begin seeing results.

Step 9 Optimization if Necessary

Step 9 Optimization if Necessary

Every campaign is not always going to be successful on the first try. In about 80% of campaigns, we see success on the first angle to earn the links. On the other hand, when we do not see success on the first angle we will optimize and try again. Link building services that guarantee success every single time is lying to you or paying for links. Link building services that enhance brand recognition while keeping your online reputation safe may not work on the first try. However, these link building services will be worth pay dividends years into the future and you will not have to worry about your website being penalized. 

Once the links are earned. The search engines in most cases Google use their robots on the web to find the links. Each robot finds the links and counts them as a vote in Google’s eyes back to your website. This process in some cases could take anywhere from a week to 3 months or more. For this reason, link building and SEO at the very minimum is a 6-month commitment. No matter if your business is in a more competitive niche like cybersecurity or a less competitive niche SEO and link building takes time. 

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