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The Best CBD SEO Agency and CBD SEO Company For CBD Companies is SEO With David

Have you faced steep advertising guidelines that have made it nearly impossible to market and advertise CBD online?

Have you struggled to stand out from the competition and differentiate your brand?

Are you facing payment processing costs that cut into your profit margins?

Suppose you answered yes to any of the questions above. In that case, SEO With David could help you increase your revenue, market share, and profit margins online.

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Why Choose Our Cannabis SEO Services?

Anyone could generate traffic for your CBD company. Still, few can generate traffic that actually converts into new revenue for your company. This makes our CBD SEO services different from the competition because we have a proprietary system that consistently generates new traffic and revenue for your business over time.

what do we do differently

What do we do differently?

Most SEO companies focus on SEO tactics to generate traffic before understanding your business, customer, and high-level business goals. The key is to first understand your business, customer, and high-level business goals, then use this information to generate traffic that converts.

Suppose an SEO company does not understand who your customers are. What makes your business different and valuable to your customers. As well as understanding your high-level business goals, they will not generate traffic that converts into new revenue. 


Think of it this way if you were selling apples, would you approach people who have no interest in apples? No. This is exactly why we start with understanding your customers, business, and high-level business goals first. Understanding your customers allows our company to know where your potential customers spend their attention on search engines so we can generate traffic that converts into new revenue for you.


Understanding what makes your business different and valuable to your potential customers allows us to create content that converts into new revenue. Understanding your business goals allows us to design an SEO strategy that aligns with your goals and meets and exceeds your expectations. 

Which CBD SEO Strategies are Right for Your CBD Marketing?

Our SEO Process

01 Business Research

02 Create the Customer Journey

03 Content Creation

04 Technical Optimization

05 Earn High Quality Votes

We invest hours upon hours learning about your brand, customer, and products or services. Doing so ensures the traffic generated using our CBD seo strategies turns into revenue for your business.

Understanding where your customers are in their journey, from first finding out about CBD to actively searching to buy CBD, enables us to reach your customers with Search using relevant keyword phrases from the moment they have a problem to the moment they purchase your solution.

Creating SEO optimized content that shows up for the terms your ideal customers are searching at each step of their journey. Focusing on creating content for your ideal customers that are ready to buy CBD from your brand.

Speeding up your website, improving the user experience, and the user interface increases conversion rate, organic traffic, and revenue.

Earning more high-quality votes or links is very important. We earn votes or links from websites where your customer spends their attention using our proprietary link-building process.

Other SEO Agencies Processes

Skipping Number 1

Skipping Number 2

03 Content Creation

04 Technical Optimization

05 Earn High Quality Votes

Other SEO Agencies skip the first step of business research and go straight into SEO tactics. The issue with skipping this first step and going straight into SEO tactics is that you generate traffic that does not convert. Suppose an agency does not understand your business, customer, and products or services. In that case, they will not generate traffic that converts into new revenue for your brand.

Other SEO agencies skip step #2, creating the customer journey, and go straight into SEO tactics focused on generating traffic. An agency that skips creating the customer journey does not find the terms your cannabis customer is searching for on Google; they find terms that they think will work for your cannabis customer. What ends up happening is your cannabis traffic goes up, and your cannabis revenue does not go up from the content they create.

Creating SEO-optimized content that is loosely related to your company. Without the prior steps, keyword research content creation is based solely on guesswork.

The technical optimizations are solely focused on SEO. Most SEO agencies do not understand how to improve the conversion rate of CBD companies websites.

90% of SEO agencies “pay for links or votes,” which could get your website permanently banned from Google and erase all organic revenue for your business.

Companies in the CBD Industry That Chose Our SEO


Ananda Hemp


What is Search Engine Optimization in a Cannabis Search Engine?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your cannabis website’s visibility in the organic search results using cannabis search engine marketing on platforms such as Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing. Increasing your cannabis website’s visibility in the organic search results cannot be bought.

Instead, your cannabis website has to earn more traffic and revenue using SEO. Unlike the paid search results, which can be bought to improve your cannabis website’s presence in the organic search results, your cannabis enterprise has to earn visibility.

Why Choose Organic Search Results Over Paid Search Results?

Advertising ingestible CBD is banned from the paid search results (PPC or pay per click ads) on Google for the CBD industry. Even if you could advertise CBD on paid search results (PPC) on Google, not focusing on CBD in the organic search results would severely limit your CBD business growth.


According to a study by GroupM UK and Nielsen, 94% of total search engine traffic goes to organic search results, and only 6% of traffic goes to paid search results (PPC). Even if CBD was able to advertise on the paid search results on Google, not focusing on a CBD organic search presence on Google, you are missing out on over 90% of all search engine traffic for your website. 


The return on investment for paid advertising such as PPC only goes down over time on Google. Contrary to organic Search on Google, where the return on investment only goes up over time.

As your potential customers are exposed to your paid ads over time, they become tired and disinterested in your ads. As potential customers become fatigued, the return on investment goes down. The only way to convert more customers is to spend more on ads to widen your reach and create new ads.


This is inevitably a race to the bottom. The moment your brand stops paying for ads, your traffic and revenue from ads go to zero. Over time, demand for paid advertising increases as new competition enters the market, increasing advertising costs and lowering the return on investment.


Instead of spending more and more money year after year for a lower ROI, invest in your brand’s long-term growth using organic search and cannabis SEO. Once you earn search engine traffic from the organic search results, your website will continue to receive traffic even if you stop investing in SEO services. Search engine traffic from SEO marketing on Google has an infinite ROI because you do not need to keep spending money to acquire customers once your website begins earning traffic.

The only downside of SEO services is that it takes time. At least 6 months to begin seeing fantastic results compared to paid advertising, which typically brings results in the first 3 months.


SEO CBD marketing takes at least 6 months because search engines use search engine crawlers to find your website and confirm any changes have been completed to your website. These crawlers could take months to determine if any changes have been made and analyze whether your website deserves more traffic and revenue from their search engine.


 Here is a visual representation of how cannabis SEO on Google stacks up against paid advertising and how your budget fits in both SEO and paid advertising on Google:

organic seo advantage line graph

Digital Marketing and SEO. What is the Difference?

SEO is digital marketing, but digital marketing is not SEO. The promotion of brands using online-based digital technologies, digital media, and digital platforms to sell products and services is digital marketing. SEO is the process of improving your website’s visibility in the organic search engine results.


Think of digital marketing as all advertising and marketing tactics available online and SEO as one of the digital advertising and marketing tactics which deliver the largest return on investment over time.

Why Does a CBD Company Need SEO?

Since hemp was legalized in 2018 by the Hemp Farm Bill, this has created significant regulation challenges for CBD. The major digital advertising and marketing platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, etc., treat CBD as a drug and do not allow paid advertising of CBD on their platforms.

Since CBD stems from the cannabis plant, the same plant that marijuana stems from, these digital advertising and marketing platforms treat CBD as a drug. The only solution for your CBD brand to grow online is to use SEO.

Choosing a CBD SEO Company Versus Doing SEO Yourself

The difference between hiring a CBD SEO company to do search engine optimization cannabis marketing versus doing SEO yourself is time and money. Even if you hire an in-house team, doing SEO yourself could take years to effectively execute.

SEO is a complex process that requires scientific testing to know exactly what works and does not work online. Once you have tested what works and does not work, executing SEO requires a web developer, conversion rate optimization, content writing, copywriting, digital public relations, marketing strategy, user experience, and user interface.

The average in-house SEO team could cost north of a million dollars a year instead of the average cost of high-quality cannabis seo services that start around $3,500 per month and have the team to execute SEO now instead of years later.

The decision is often a no-brainer for businesses. If you are interested in saving time and money to increase your revenue and market share online with a seo company, reach out for a free consultation.

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