SEO for Supplement Company [Case Study ] 57% Increase in Revenue for a Supplements Company

The following Nootropics Supplement Company Link Building Case Study outlines the exact processes and strategies we executed to help a Nootropics Supplement Company grow revenue directly from organic clicks by 57% in 4 months.

In the month of July, this Nootropics Supplement Company reached out to SEO With David to begin a link-building campaign with the goal of increasing organic traffic, organic clicks, and organic rankings for in the mind health supplements industry. Leading up to working with us they were receiving approximately 1542.5 clicks per month, average sitewide position rankings of 33.2, and revenue from organic clicks of $2,477.95 a month. Unlike social media marketing SEO increases your organic traffic from Google over time.

The Essentials For White Hat Link Building

Every seo white hat link building campaign our team runs on Google search follows the same process which you can read in detail in our article, “How To Build Links For SEO.”

To no surprise, working with this Nootropics Supplement Company our team followed the same steps when setting up and executing this natural seo link building campaign on Google search.

Domain Hosted Email Address from the Nutrition Company:

Firstly, we created a nutrition company domain hosted email that looked like this Doing so allowed us to use a more personal approach when doing outreach and receive a much higher response rate from the companies we reach out to on Google.

SEO Project Tracker:

Every client we work with is handmade their own seo project tracker in Google Sheets. The seo project tracker gives you live updates on everything that has, is, and will happen for the seo link building campaign.

Next, we worked with the marketing team to get access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console to research quick wins in the impressions and clicks where we may be able to get seo keywords that will directly lead to more leads and sales.

Review the SEO Anchor Text:

Reviewing the seo anchor text allows us to make sure it is diluted and not spammy. Google is not a fan of excessive exact match anchor text. This is why reviewing seo anchor text ratios are important when first starting a seo link building campaign. If needed diluting the anchor with phrase match and branded anchor text works wonders.

SEO Content Audit for the Supplement Brand:

We reviewed this company’s content to find something suitable that we can leverage for links. The best content is typically informational and non-promotional that allows us to help a specific group of people solve a problem. At the time the company had some excellent blog content that we could link out to in addition to the homepage during our link building campaign. We decided to build links to the homepage while utilizing internal linking to benefit the entire website as a whole. Upon reviewing Google Search Console we found targeting the homepage and building authority across the website was the best plan of action for targeting the queries that will lead directly to sales.

Check out how search engine optimization organic rankings site-wide responded to our approach over the next 5 months:


SEO Links Audit for the Supplements Company:

We ran a thorough link audit of the company’s existing links this includes:

  • Checking the quality of the links and eliminating spammy unnatural ones if a manual action penalty has been taken by Google.
  • Anchor text ratio is at a good ratio and not stuffed with spammy unnatural keywords.
  • Check the site traffic of the links, backlinks to the links and relevancy of the links.

Prospecting and Outreach for Natural Products Companies

Now it’s time to build those white hat powerful links that drives targeted organic seo search traffic, organic seo rankings increases brand awareness across the web, and grows revenue from organic seo clicks for natural products companies. Gaining seo links is very challenging for most and for us it is a bit of an art form.

Google Search Operators:

Firstly, we chose specific seo keywords from specific landing pages on the company using the customer profile to figure out where does this Nootropics Supplement company’s customer spend their attention online. Then we plugged these into our Google Search Operators and began the prospecting in the search engine results. Once we had 200 relevant targets based on our criteria and recorded all relevant contact information we moved forward with sending emails for our dietary supplement companies’ clients.

Marketing Outreach To Opportunities Using Personalized Emails:

Secondly, we created personalized initial outreach email templates that can be personalized at scale during the seo campaign.

Follow Up:

Followup is one of the most important pieces of the process that is often overlooked by many. We use Buzzstream to schedule out follow-up emails both personalized and non-personalized to with the goal of earning links via a value exchange. All sent emails opened emails and replied emails were tracked using Buzzstream.

Check out the first sequence that we used for some guest posting we had a 15% reply rate on the first email alone:

What SEO Can Do For Your Business?

Finally, the supplement business results from our search engine optimization work directly lead to organic revenue increases for the supplement business. The supplement company’s revenue experienced a 59.50% increase directly from SEO organic links. From only earning 5 links monthly this is a great short-term increase in organic revenue and traffic from SEO for the business.

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