SEOwithdavid Was Named as a 2020 Top B2B Company in Florida by Clutch

SEO is a complex process that often requires several different specialized teams to think strategically. It often raises eyebrows when they discover that SEOwithdavid is a freelance enterprise. There are definitely a lot of questions about whether this kind of operation can fly.


Now all those questions are quickly answered because SEOwithdavid has just been named as one of the top B2B service providers in Florida by Clutch.

Clutch is an online reviews and ratings platform that uses a unique verification system that allows them to determine the top performers in any given industry. The fact that SEOwithdavid made the 2020 list of top companies in Florida is an achievement that wasn’t expected.


Upon getting the news this is what David himself had to say:

“We are thrilled to be chosen as one of the Top B2B Companies In The United States 2020” — David Freudenberg.

This award proves more than the capabilities of this company. It also provides the added bonus of letting us know exactly how our partners and clients feel towards the quality of the work they’ve been given.

It’s nothing short of exhilarating to read about what our partners thought in reviews like this:

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