Swimming Pool Advertising Ideas [Case Study]

Pool marketing ideas for swimming pools businesses backed by results

Pool Marketing Ideas for Swimming Pools Businesses Backed By Results

Before you even start coming up with pool digital marketing strategies, you need to set your pool foundation. This means creating a strong pool branding and pool marketing strategy that aligns with your swimming pool maintenance business goals and pool mission. This is where nearly every pool ads and pool marketing agency goes wrong when coming up with pool marketing ideas for their swimming-pool advertisements.


They create pool marketing campaigns without understanding your brand, product or service, and customer. This is why many swimming pool businesses have negative experiences with pool marketing agencies and freelancers.


If you are generating pool traffic, but the pool traffic is not converting into new pool sales for your pool business, then the pool traffic is worthless. One of the main reasons pool traffic does not convert is because you are not generating pool traffic from your ideal customer with the right message while giving them an pool offer they cannot resist. In this article, we show you how to create a branding and pool marketing strategy step by step.

Then how to use this pool branding and pool marketing master plan to develop a pool advertising idea that increases your revenue and market share.


Table of Contents

How Do I Advertise My Business?

How to Get Customers?

What are the Best Ways to Promote/Advertise Swimming Pools?

Which is Right For Your One Service Paid or Earned Media to Reach Your People?

What is an Omnichannel Approach to Service Marketing and Ads? Is it Right For Your Audience, Sales, and Website?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I advertise my pool business

How Do I Advertise My Business?

Whenever our pool team starts a pool marketing SEO campaign for one of our pools clients, the first step is a pool brand strategy and pool customer journey to come up with advertising ideas and marketing for your swimming pool advertising. Creating the pool brand strategy or pool brand development is the long term strategic pool planning to achieve your long term pool goals that ultimately result in your pool customers choosing and preferring your pool brand over competitors.

The pool customer journey or pool buying process is where you define your customer’s behaviours, thoughts, actions, and beliefs as they enter the market for your pool product or service using your marketing.

customer journey for your pool company

The pool brand strategy is crucial for defining your pool audience, their current thoughts and behaviors, why your pool customers should believe you, your pool brand personality, and your desired thoughts and behaviors of your pool customer. The pool customer journey in your marketing is crucial for capturing your pool customers’ attention at each stage of their pool journey, so you are top of mind when they are ready to make a pool purchase.

If you go straight to coming up with pool ideas before creating a pool brand strategy in your marketing, you will not understand which pool ideas are best for achieving your pool goals. On the other hand, if you skip creating the pool customer journey in your marketing, your pool ideas will not resonate with your pool target audience. As a result, you will convert fewer pool customers and incur higher costs for your pool’s ads in your marketing.

how to get pool customers

How to Get Customers?

We have created a brand and pool marketing strategy for your business and website. We are nearly ready to begin coming up with ideas for your website information. Before we create ideas for your pool marketing and website, there are a few more steps in between for your website to market your pool services.

Are you selling b2b, b2c, or both?

  1. Are you selling B2B, B2C, or both?

Understanding your customer is crucial to choosing the best ideas for your pool marketing that most efficiently achieve your business goals on your website. Pool swimming businesses may be selling direct to customers, other businesses, or both on their one website.

You may have multiple different types of customers if you are selling to B2B and B2C for your website. That means you need to create two separate brand strategies and customer journeys for each customer, along with separate marketing materials for each audience on your website.

Is what you are selling an impulse or considered purchase

2. Is what you are selling an impulse or considered purchase?


Defining the type of purchase is very important for success in your marketing and website. An impulse purchase is typically a lower value product or service with a short sales cycle that customers impulsively purchase without much thought.

For instance, pool noodles or a squirt gun could be a customer’s impulsive purchase without much thought on a website. Since pool noodles and squirt guns are low-cost items that will not have a permanent effect on the buyer’s life regardless of whether they purchase them or not.

On the other hand, purchasing the design and development of an in-ground pool and pool installation is a considered purchase.

Your customer will give a long amount of thought and consideration to the process since it costs more money and is a more permanent decision that affects their life long term, which means a longer transaction cycle before making a purchase from pool companies for their pool facility, swim facility, and pool supply.

How long is the sales cycle

3. How long is the transaction cycle?


Defining the length of time that your customer takes from the beginning of their journey to the end is crucial to the success of your marketing and ads campaigns. For instance, you may start an ads campaign that generates lots of quality traffic from your ideal customer, but it is not converting. The reason why is that your customer may not be ready to make a purchase yet from pool companies like yours.

In this case, your service advertising ads should be spent on generating traffic and then capturing that traffic to feed your customers marketing content their way until they are at the purchasing stage of their customer journey. Think of this as getting your traffic to sign up for your email lists, re-targeting ads, Facebook groups, discord chats, and consistent direct mail campaigns for long periods their way.

If you are a pools business, you may sell many different products and services that each have different transaction cycles. Your ads and marketing should be customized depending on the transaction cycle length for each pool product or service that you offer.

Creating your unique selling proposition

4. Creating Your Unique Selling Proposition


Your USP or Unique Selling Proposition is a concept developed by Ted Bates, one of the founders of modern advertising used in pool marketing. The USP is based on an answer to your customer’s unique needs from your competition. To create a strong USP, you need to look at all of your competitors’ USPs and develop something unique that strongly resonates with your customers’ needs. 


Creating a strong unique selling proposition could make your company stand out. Considering the majority of pool constructors provide the same offering. Check out these pool builder USPs from a search for “pool builders in florida” on Google.

the pool building experts in orlando fl

swimming pool contractor remodel specialist serving orlando

have the staycation of your dreams this year

come find your paradise with lucas lagoons

How do these Unique Selling Propositions communicate unique value based on your ideal customers’ needs that no other swim pool constructors claim to provide?

The answer is they do not. There is nothing unique about these USPs. There is a tremendous opportunity for your pool business to stand out and pull customers away from the competition.

What are the Best Ways to Promote/Advertise Swimming Pools?

Marketing Focus Advantages Disadvantages
Short Term – Great for getting your pools business going fast. – Could quickly add up with expensive customer acquisition costs that eat away at your profit over time.
Long Term – May take time to get going. – Could have some of the lowest customer acquisition costs. – Greatest return on investment over time. – Takes time to see results.

Now we are ready to choose the best ways to promote and advertise your pool company to your customers. Choose pool company marketing strategies that efficiently achieve both your short term and long term goals in your pool marketing. Do not make the mistake of strictly focusing on short term pools marketing.

The short term is great for getting your pools business going fast but could quickly add up with expensive customer acquisition costs that eat away at your profit over time. Long term pools marketing strategies may take time to get going, but they could have some of the lowest customer acquisition costs with the greatest return on investment over time. This means less money spent on pools marketing and more profit in your swimming pools company pocket.

Which is right for your swimming pool service paid or earned media

Which is Right For Your One Service Paid or Earned Media to Reach Your People?

Paid media is any marketing that cost money to run. Earned media is any marketing that cannot be bought and is earned for free. Think of paid media. Think of print advertising, radio advertising, billboard advertising, paid social media advertising, pay per click advertising on Google, display ads on websites, and tv advertising.

When you think of earned media, think of free traffic from Google using SEO, free social media traffic to your website, free public relations posts in the news or media, people reviewing your products or services without being paid to do so, and word of mouth marketing. 


Paid media is excellent for the short term because you immediately receive the attention that converts into revenue for your business. Over time marketing costs become more expensive, and what used to work stops working, so you continuously have to spend more money to adjust your marketing.

Earned media is expensive in the short term with little results to show but over time, earned media becomes the most cost-effective form of marketing for your business. Earned media is often the highest converting revenue stream with the greatest ROI over time.

What is an omnichannel approach to pool service marketing

What is an Omnichannel Approach to Service Marketing and Ads? Is it Right For Your Audience, Sales, and Website?

Taking an omnichannel approach to marketing means that your paid, owned, and earned media work together. This may look like creating an advertisement on social media that gets people searching on Google, where your website shows up number 1.

Then these customers convert into new customers for your business instead of using your pools marketing together to bring up the best results. Focusing on one channel would be strictly driving traffic through paid media that convert into new customers for your business. 

We recommend taking an omnichannel approach to achieve your business goals most effectively with the greatest ROI at the lowest cost.

Swimming pool advertising ideas for paid media

Paid Media

Here are some ideas that you could use for your swimming pool business.

Pool service mailers

  1. Service Mailers

When sending direct mail, think about where your customer is in their customer journey. You could segment your list to reach your customer at different stages in their customer journey. 

For instance, if you have pool service leads that booked a call with your pool service business but did not convert. Then these customers may be at the stage where they are considering their options. You could send them personalized direct mail to help them consider choosing your swimming pool business over any others and stay top of mind when they are ready to choose.

digital paid advertising

2. Digital Paid Advertising Using Social Media

Paid adverts on social media is great for capturing your customer’s attention where they spend the most of it. However, your customers may be spending most of their time on social media. It is important to think about where they are in their customer journey and transaction cycle. People use social media mainly for entertainment and to connect with friends, not to buy products or services.


If you target them with a hard sell ad idea about your business that is not native looking to the platform, then you are throwing your money in the trash. When creating a paid social media strategy, use your customer journey. Help your customers realize they have a problem entertainingly.

For instance, you could boost a video post that shows a family getting ready to go into the pool only to find it all nasty with algae due to a leak. However, your pool service business could come to save the day dressed as superheroes cleaning their pool and fixing the leak so the family could enjoy their day.

Then you could offer free a pool checkup or pool cleaning as a call to action so the viewers of your ad could avoid having an algae-filled pool as an offer. 


This works because people on social media want to be entertained, not sold to, and you are providing a no brainer offer for free. The offer gets your ideal customers in the door, and once they are in the door, you could close them on your products or services. 

The downside is that over time, people will grow tired of seeing the same ad, and your costs will increase while your conversions go down. This means you have to continuously spend more to change up and optimize your ads to keep them effective.

Pay per click advertising your swimming pool cleaning business

3. Pay Per Click Advertising Your Swimming Pool Cleaning Business


Pay per click adverts works great for capturing your customer at every stage in their customer journey. Every keyword or search term that your ideal customer searches on Google have different intent which corresponds with their journey.

This means your customer may be searching, “What to do if my pool is leaking?” at this stage in their journey, they are not ready to purchase anything. Your customer intends to search for more information, so tailor your pool marketing to reach them at that stage. Once on your website, you could help move them to the next stage.

Pay per click adverts is very effective for increasing revenue from your ideal customers searching to buy what you are selling now. The only downside is that terms where your ideal customers are ready to buy now tend to be the most competitive and, have a very high cost per click.

This means your profit and ROI go down over time. If your business needs immediate leads and revenue in the short term, start here, but a transition to spending more on an earned media strategy over time to reduce costs and increase ROI.

Pool marketing ideas tips and strategies for earned media

Pool Marketing Ideas, Tips and Strategies for Earned Media…

Here are some marketing ideas and tips for your swimming pool service, pool cleaning business, and swimming pool manufacturers.

  1. How to Get Pool Customers and Pool Service Leads Using SEO

SEO is the only form of marketing that increases your ROI over time while lowering your customer acquisition costs. No matter where your customer is in their customer journey, you could reach them on Google Search for free. 

The majority of people searching on Google choose to click the organic results over paid because they trust results that cannot be bought.

Check out the data for the keyword “pool builder near me” in the United States:

Pool builder near me

There are 702 clicks a month 49% (344 clicks) of those are organic in comparison to only 9% (63 clicks)  that go to paid and then 33% (232 clicks) result in no click at all. If you are a pool business owner or marketer who only spends on paid search you are missing out big time investing in SEO. The no clicks are opportunity for your business to improve your meta titles and descriptions to increase the desire for the searcher to click your result.

Master search marketing to increase your revenue and market share

Master Search Marketing to Increase Your Revenue and Market Share

The downside of SEO is that it takes a long time to master search marketing and generate results since Google’s algorithm has over 1,000 ranking factors which make it challenging to know what works and what does not work, which is why you should hire an SEO agency or content marketing master that constantly tests to know what works and does not work on Google. 

The other issue is that many SEO agencies and freelancers are over-focused on the technical side of SEO. They ignore your business goals, brand, and marketing master plan, which is why many businesses generate SEO traffic that does not convert into revenue. Choose an SEO agency or freelancer that takes the time to understand your business goals, brand, and marketing master plan before optimizing your SEO.

If you want to take your business market share to the next level while lowering your customer acquisition costs and increasing revenue, reach out for a free consultation.

2. How to Grow a Service Business Using Public Relations

Public relations is a long term strategy that works best for communicating your brand positively to your ideal customers. You could organize a food drive in your local community sponsored by your brand.

how to grow a pool service business using public relations

You could sponsor a local high school swim team to provide them jerseys with your swimming pool cleaning business logo on them. Over time your business will begin to be recognized within the local community in a positive light, and people will want to support a company that helps them. 

Keep in mind your ideal customer and choose a public relations strategy that aligns with where your customer spends their attention.

Organic social media marketing

3. Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing is similar to SEO in that it takes time to experience fantastic results for your pool maintenance swimming business. The difference is the users’ intent when marketing social media compared to Google Search and the reach you have on each platform. Organic SEO online marketing service provides a large amount of visibility to your brand, with around 80% to 90% of all clicks going to organic compared to paid advertising. On the other hand, most social media platforms have a puny 2% to 5% organic reach for your business compared to a 95% to 98% paid reach using social adverts.

organic reach on social media is declining

That does not mean your swimming pools business should give up on creating social media content in your pool service marketing master plan. The best platforms to spend your attention on social media are evergreen and up and coming.

For instance, YouTube is both a search engine and a social media. The organic reach on YouTube is very high. Your pool service company ideal customers use YouTube to be entertained and learn more about products and services that solve their problems. YouTube is an example of an evergreen platform that is here to stay with a strong organic reach that you could take advantage of to enhance your reputation social-media marketing and increase marketing business transactions without using content marketing ads. 


On the other hand, TikTok is an excellent example of an up and coming platform with a strong organic reach. Since TikTok wants to pull users away from other platforms, they provide a very strong organic reach to content creators so that they will use their platform over the other platforms. However, TikTok is mainly an entertainment platform, so you need to create entertaining content and fit the platform natively. 


Using the marketing strategies laid out in this article, we worked with Nereids Aquatic Coaching in Australia on an SEO link building campaign and created $3.6 million in lifetime value revenue increases over 2.5 years of working together. 


I hope you got value out of this article! If you have any questions about the ideas mentioned here or need help, book a call below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Advertise My Swimming Pool?

When considering adverts for your swimming pool, it’s essential to understand where your customers spend most of their time. Many are active on social media, primarily for entertainment and connecting with friends. Instead of a direct pitch, craft a story that resonates. Imagine showcasing a video where a family is excited for a pool day, only to discover it’s overrun with algae. Enter your pool service, dressed as superheroes, swiftly cleaning and fixing the pool. This not only entertains but subtly introduces your services. Conclude with an enticing offer, like a free pool checkup, to draw potential customers in. Remember, the key is to entertain first, then introduce your service.

Note: Continuously refreshing your advertisements is crucial. Over time, the same ad might lose its charm, leading to increased costs and decreased conversions. Always strive to keep your content fresh and engaging.

What is the Pool Strategy in Marketing?

In pool marketing, understanding your customer’s journey is paramount. Most customers engage with social media for leisure, not direct purchasing. Thus, a successful pool strategy involves crafting native-looking content that entertains first. For instance, a video of a family’s pool day ruined by algae, saved by your service, can subtly promote your offerings. This approach not only captivates but also resonates, turning viewers into potential clients.

Remember, the essence of the pool strategy is to entertain, then subtly introduce your services, ensuring your content remains fresh and engaging.

How Can I Make My Pool More Interesting?

To make your pool more captivating, think entertainment. People flock to social media for leisure, so your pool content should resonate with this intent. Imagine a video where a family eagerly anticipates a pool day, only to find it filled with algae. Your pool service, portrayed as superheroes, swoops in, turning the day around. This engaging narrative not only entertains but also subtly highlights your service’s value.

Engaging content is the key. By blending entertainment with subtle promotion, you can make your pool stand out, ensuring it remains a topic of interest and conversation.

How Profitable is the Pool Business?

The pool business can be highly profitable, especially when leveraging the right marketing strategies. As seen in our case study, using entertaining content on platforms like social media can capture customers’ attention effectively. By offering enticing deals, like free pool checkups, businesses can draw potential clients in. Once they’re engaged, converting them to paying customers becomes more straightforward.

However, it’s crucial to keep content fresh. Over-reliance on a single ad can lead to diminishing returns. By continuously optimizing and updating your marketing approach, the pool business can maintain its profitability and thrive.

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