What is SEO?

Making sure your clients and audience finds you

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of affecting the online discoverability of a website or webpage in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) such as GoogleBing, and Yahoo.


SEO’s Goal

We increase the visibility of your website by addressing how your site interacts with the major search engines (Google accounts for  92.47% of the US search market share). Increased page rankings in search results leads to the real win: the opportunity to convert new clients and customers.



What are Search Engines looking for?

Search engines use algorithms to answer the key question “is your site relevant?”. Formatting your site’s frontend and backend to be friendly to these algorithms is crucial in getting your site in front of the right audience.



Ever Changing

The internet and market are never static. Search engines are always adjusting their algorithms to provide the best search result for their users.  In response, our team continues to educate themselves daily on all the changes in the SEO world and how to best serve our clients.

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What We Do?

Keyword Research

Search Engine Marketing begins with keyword research, which is finding the terms your audience is searching for on the major search engines. Every business desires to reach their target audience. Without implementing the correct Keywords your audience will not be reached. With our company we identify keywords based on search frequency and relevanc

Competetive Analysis

SEO and the internet is a highly competitive market place. Major competition is targeting your keywords and ranking high in the SERPs. Analyzing what your competition is doing and how we will do it better is crucial to outranking them. Do not miss out on these opportunities to overtake your competition on your major keywords. Working with our professional we analyze the competition and develop strategies necessary to outrank them in the SERPs.

Link Building

Building links with relevancy and a high Page Authority/Domain Authority is a complicated process. We employ link building strategies that fit your specific business, capitalizing on those high quality links. Gaining links is a time consuming process that requires lots of patience. However, once implemented link building is highly rewarding.

Onpage Optimization and Content Development

SEO at its core is putting out quality content on a regular basis that fits your audience. Search Engines prioritize indexing web copy that is new and unique. Good Copywriting is written content that puts your audience first and the search engines second. Which means creating web content that puts your audience first and your keywords second. Our copywriters produce high quality professional and unique content with a clear optimized message for users and search engines.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

The most efficient way to distribute your content to new audiences is through press releases. Online PR is an often free service used to gain quality links and drive traffic to your target audience. Announcing new developments and making the most of your PR SEO is where we step in.

Local SEO

Traffic gained through local seo is focused on targeting modified keywords with locations. Focusing on optimizing your local business listings and directories as well as local keywords is key in gaining traffic. Seowithdavid.com will create quality business listings and list your website in all local directories. Our team focuses on naturally implementing local keywords in unique content created specifically for your niche or business. Local Search Marketing specifically targets audiences searching for local businesses and products. Converting on a high percentage of these customers is contingent upon local directories,listings, and local keywords.

Mobile SEO

Google recently released a statement that says, “Mobile Web Pages Index First” which means optimizing for mobile seo is highly important. Mobile SEO focuses predominantly on the speed and functionality of a sites mobile platfor

Global SEO

Global search engine marketing targets international and multilingual markets so that companies can reach audiences beyond their borders. At seowithdavid.com, we assist you in targeting national multilingual audiences through the correct strategies.


Working with us we will target and convert on consumers comparing products online. Through, optimization of key terms and categories consumers will find and buy your products.

Video SEO

Modern search engine optimization includes video and social platforms. Search engine results rank pages higher that provide video that include spoken keywords. We will help you reach a broader audience by optimizing videos for search.

Web Marketing Analytics

SEO With David will set up analytics that tracks our efforts. We provide updated and accurate information so we stay on top of the rankings. During analyzation of all relevant keywords and metrics related to your site we determine which pages are driving the most traffic. Furthermore, we can analyze your site to make necessary changes, such as duplicate content, missing headers, readability issues, and more.


Accountability is very important to our company. We believe in maintaining a high level of integrity for all of our clients. Key Performance Indicators is a detailed report showing the improvement of our SEO efforts.