White Hat Link Building at Scale

Receive 10 Links or More Guaranteed

If you are frustrated with so-called “Link Builders” who are all talk and no action then fret no more because I have the transparency and results for you.

How David Builds High-Quality Relevant Links With Search Traffic

Have You Been Conned By “SEOs” Who Said They Were Working but Have Nothing To Show?


When working with a client I give them the Project Tracker Sheet which is a google sheet that gives you live updates of everything that I am doing. Furthermore, every time a link is live or agreed you will see it in real time show up in the sheet.

Have You Outsourced Link Building to People Overseas and Not Gotten The Results You Expected?


The truth about SEO is that it is not something we can do for $500 or less a month, real link building takes hard work and skill. Which, at $500 a month or less this is something that is not possible to obtain.

What happens is these “link builders” will run PBNs, Web 2.0s, spam blog comments, and directories all of which are likely to get you a manual action penalty from Google and no traffic. If you want real relevant high-quality links that give you referral traffic than you need a link builder who does not take shortcuts and has a proven process that brings results every time. 

Have You Been Burned By a “Link Builder” Who said they were building links but when you asked them how they could not tell you?

Fortunately for you, I am probably the most transparent SEO and link builder you will ever meet. My entire process of how I build links, how I work with a client, and what you can expect is outlined in detail on my website. When you work with me you will know exactly the types of links I am building and all the steps involved in building the links.

Link Guarantee

When you work with me there is a link guarantee of at least 10 quality relevant links with search traffic every month. If I go over 10 links in one month which I often do I will not charge you for any extra. 

Consultation Guarantee


Personally, I do not believe in meetings as I see them as a large waste of time. This is why when you request a consultation with me I guarantee I will bring valuable information to you when we meet. If you do not receive anything of value when talking with me then I will personally pay you $50 for your time. 


What David’s Past and Present Clients Have To Say?

“I Was Extremely Happy With David’s Efforts”

Spencer Mecham

Founder, Buildapreneur

“To whom it may concern, David is in charge of my Real Estate Connection Groups meet up announcements and because of Davids efforts in online marketing, our attendance at the meetings have never been better. At one meeting David was in charge of online marketing and the attendance was upward of 50 people for a meeting I gave in Sarasota in September 2018. Yesterday at the real estate connection groups meeting the meeting the attendance was upwards of 50 people near 100, we usually only have 30 to 35 people that attend before David got involved with our marketing I attribute the record amount to David and his good computer skills and hard work. David is very skilled in Marketing. If you have any questions please contact me any time, thank you, Marc Mailloux, president of the real estate connection group 941-962-0000

Marc Mailloux

Founder, Real Estate Connection Group

“Internet marketing is an ever-changing landscape. And winners and losers are often chosen by their willingness to adapt to the next wave of change. Because of the challenging nature of our industry, I only recommend a few marketers. David is one of the folks at the top of a very short list for me. From working tirelessly for his clients to always staying on top of upcoming industry changes, David is my SEO specialist of choice. If you’re wanting to take the next step and have your brand found online, then David is the way to go.”—

Daniel Campana

Founder, White Rabbit Creative Group

What Sets Us Apart


  1. No PBNs or Black Hat Links
    Every link we build is from 100% authentic email outreach to real relevant sites with site traffic. Our link building efforts are genuine white hat so they will never put your site at risk for a Google manual action webspam penalty or ban. We work with the editors and webmasters of these relevant sites to offer them a value exchange for a link such as a piece of content, tool, guest post, and many more.
  2. Every Link Is Contextual Which Google Loves 
    Google gives more value to contextual links or links in the content rather than in the footer, sidebar, or embedded in code. All of the links that we build are strictly contextual and if possible with the anchor text you desire. These links look natural to Google and are given high value.
  3. No Paid Links Unless Asked By Client
    As an SEO we know firsthand that paid links have a short life span and its only a matter of time until Google figures out a way to crack down on them hard just like what happened in the Google Panda Update of 2011. For this reason, we focus strictly on building links at no extra charge to you, like Eric Ward says, “Would you want this link if everyone can have it?”
  4. We Can Build Links at Scale
    No matter if you want 10 links a month or if you want to scale up to 50 or more we can get the job done for you. Our bare minimum is a link guaranty of at least 10 relevant links with site traffic every month but we have built upwards of 50 links for clients in the past and can do it again at will.
  5. No Content Farms
    A content farm is a website that contains a high quantity of generic content that is of low quality or aggregated from other sites. These type of sites sole purpose are to accept guest post or generate paid links. We know all of the signs to look for in a content farm and will never build links for our clients from these spammy sites.

Our Link Building Strategies


Blogger Outreach

  • White Hat Authoritative Links From Relevant Blogs
    Blogger outreach is essential in just about every link building strategy under the sun. We use Google Search Operators to find 200 targets of high-quality relevant blogs and reach out to them to offer a value exchange for a link.
  • No Work From You Necessary
    Email outreach is tiresome and building quality personalized emails at scale that converts is something most people struggle with. That is why we send all the emails for you, we create unique personalized email templates at scale for our targets, and then we schedule out 3-5 followup emails via Buzzstream to ensure they convert.
  • Quality Relationships That Last
    Our blogger outreach services are not only about earning the link but building a long-lasting relationship with the bloggers, influential branders, and businesses in your niche.
  • Grow Your Organic Rankings and Referral Traffic
    Our outreach efforts will result in contextual links that grow your rankings and drive targeted referral traffic to your site.

Guest Posting

  • Improve Your Organic Rankings 
    Our guest post campaigns only target high-quality real relevant sites with search traffic so every contextual link built will benefit your organic rankings.
  • Tap Into a New Audience
    The blogs we reach out to are highly relevant to your site so every guest post taps into a new audience that will click our links and begin following your site.
  • Increase Your Revenue
    Our guest posts are only posted on relevant blogs with an audience that needs what you are selling.
  • Become a Well Known Brand
    Having your brand mentioned on hundreds of websites across the web through guest posting puts you in front of new audiences and makes your brand a household name.

Creating High Quality Linkable Content

  • Create The High-Quality Piece of Content
    During this process, we first have to create the best version of a piece of content on the internet that has an audience with a large following.
  • Find Content That Is Related With Lots of Links
    Next, we find all of the pieces of content that were once the best versions of our piece of content with lots of links pointing to them.
  • Find Relevant Resource Pages
    Then, we prospect for websites that have resource pages and blog posts linking out to the highest quality articles related to our piece of content.
  • Bask In The Link Juice at Scale
    Lastly, we send outreach emails, putting our piece of content in front of them, send the followup emails, and then bask in hundreds of high-quality links as a result. 

These are only a small sample size of the 20+ link building strategies that we use to build high-quality relevant backlinks at scale.



If you have reached this point it means you now understand exactly how I build links and how you could do it on your own. 

So, if you would like to do this time consuming and complicated process on your own all the power to you I wish you great success. On the other hand, if you understand the power of delegation and how paying someone else to do time-consuming work is going to make you more money then here are my services.

$2000 per month: For this price, I will target 200 link targets and I guarantee at least 10 agreed or place links per month this is an ongoing process and a monthly service. There is no timeline that my work will be done because link building is an ongoing process, not a one time service. 

Hourly Rate: $300 an hour consulting base only

On average outreach typically takes 10 hours a week which can be time-consuming. At this price, I provide excellent value to you for the amount of work I will put in during this outreach.

As a freelance link builder, I only have a limited amount of space for clients and I tend to cap off around 5-7 at a time. However, at this moment I have space for 2 more clients! So, click the button and fill out the form now before it is too late.

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